Membership In Gear

by Brad Miller – Membership Development

There are three keys to bringing a new member into our Rotary club – Ask, ask, ask.  When new members are queried why it took them so long to find Rotary they often say “I was not asked!”   To make it easy for our members I have developed scripts to help.

Simple Script: “Come and join me for lunch on Friday”. If declined, find out when they can join you and follow up.

Intellectual Script: “I think you would enjoy our speaker next week on (blank), come and have lunch with me” (make sure you know what the speaker is about)

Sneaky Script: “We haven’t had lunch for so long, let’s do it Friday and I’ll pick you up -its on me.”

You can adapt these scripts to your business. As an example the Fasching script: “Come by and get a carwash at 11.55 on Friday. I’ll be in my office” or the Chang script “After I’ve checked your skin for pre-cancerous lesions at noon on Friady why don’t you join me for lunch just before the meeting starts – we’ll be the last to arrive”

You get the idea. Invite a friend to Rotary. ASK, ASK, ASK. 

New Zealand Matching Grant APPROVED!

by Brad Miller, MG #68082 Chair

First, the GOOD NEWS – Rotary Foundation has approved the Matching Grant to create a Vocational Carving Center for the Maoris in Hokianga in the North Island of New Zealand.  The announcement was received this week and clubs on both sides of the Pacific Ocean are submitting their pledged funds together with their District matching funds.  Once submitted the Rotary Foundation (TRF) can wire all the monies to New Zealand into a special account has been set up solely for the purpose of managing the $NZD22,667 for the equipment and materials.

The NOT SO GOOD NEWS – Local clubs had been refurbishing the barn that will house the equipment and training classes, at their own expense.  The first phase was $NZ6000 of materials to repair the barn roof and insulate with 5 local Rotarians as the labor.These are NOT matching grant funds.

A huge storm blew much of the roof off the partly repaired building and it has to be redone. The storm blew the corrugated iron so far the pieces could not be found on the property.  For any members who have thought about contributing to this project (and obtaining more Paul Harris credit)… now would be a good time!  The exchange rate has improved greatly to over $NZ1.60 per U.S. dollar. Contributions of any size would help.

A second phase also budgeted for materials at $NZ6000 to provide drainage, a concrete walkway, electrical, float the concrete floor and paint is on hold.

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