Announcements for July 18, 2014

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Member Update

  1. Services for Roger Gewecke will be held on Saturday, July 26, at 11 AM, at Holy Angels Church in Arcadia.
  2. Art Killian is suffering from pneumonia and is at Arcadia Methodist Hospital. According to Ken Mallory, Art is on oxygen and is recuperating.
  3. The club expressed it’s deepest sympathy to Jim Pontello who’s wife Norma passed away recently.


  1. Eric Barter said the District Governor’s visit would be on Aug. 26. Larrgy Skaggs, the new D.G., will be here for our board meeting starting at 10:45 and ending at 11:45. There will be a dinner that night and details will be provided later.
  2. Mimi Hennessy is trying to finish up her two water projects. If you pledged money to the projects, please give Mimi your check or send it to the club. They should be made out to Rotary International.

Club Assembly – Opportunities for Involvement

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The directors of each avenue of service and committee chairs presented a summary of their plans for the Rotary year.

Arcadia Rotary Foundation’s chair, Yvonne Flint reported on donations from funds within the foundation:

The Johenk Fund can be used for any charitable purpose inside Arcadia:

  • $1,000 to the Arcadia Historical Society
  • $1,000 to the Arcadia Performing Arts Center
  • $3,600 to AUSD for teacher mini-grants
  • $10,000 for Arcadia’s expenses as a Special Olympics Host City

The McBane Fund can be used for charitable causes, medical work in Mexico, needy students including small grants for glasses or hearing.

  • $4,000 to the Wheelchair Foundation for wheelchairs in Mexico

The Walter Fund provides two $1,000 college scholarships to Arcadia high school seniors each year.

Club Service – Erich Rail (club meetings, socials and events).

  • New Treasurer Ed Beranek takes over from Roger Grant
  • Secretary Jack Lamb and Club Administrator Sandra Caldero
  • Programs – Dave McMonigle
  • Social – Chris Haddow
  • Fundraisers – Mike Real and Jim Rider
  • Membership Development – Brian Hall
  • Public Image – Andrea Bundesmann
  • Communications – Website, High Gear support and e-mail.
  • High Gear Coordination – Dirk Hudson

Environment – Richard Shulhof (environmental projects and awareness – several Arboretum projects are in process).

Sargent-at-Arms – George Fasching

Vocational – John Davis

International – Ashley Andrews. Also, Dick Martinez and Tom Crosby: they are surveying potential projects in Tijuana and Ensenada.

Community Service – Daniel Johannes

New Generations (Youth) – John Wilson

GET INVOLVED!! The leadership team of President Mike Ojeda, President-Elect Mike Hoey, Vice-President Rosie Mares and Past-President Mimi Hennessy ask that you look at areas of interest and sign up on the flyers on each table. Let them know how you would like to participate in the coming Rotary year.

Recognitions – July 11, 2014

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It’s a new Rotary year and a new Fine Master, George Fasching, took over. It’s been 11 years since George was in charge of recognitions, so look out, Arcadia Rotary!

Chris Haddow was first up on George’s list. With no vacations lately or planned and everything going well at the bank, what could it be? Chris is this year’s Social Chair and also on the Food Service committee. George proposed an addition to Rotary’s 4-Way Test, a Fifth test: Will it build strong bones eating chicken forty Fridays a year? Chris’ reply raised his fine from $35 to $70.

President-Elect Mike Hoey has been in the optometry business for 30 years, 13 of those years in Arcadia. As one of Mike’s patients, George received a letter last month noting that his last appointment had been in 2002 … oops! The letter continued to state, “At this time in your life, as with other things, expect your vision to go down.” Unable to explain what else might be going down or to justify the letter’s use of the word “spectacles,” which George maintains he hasn’t heard since his grandparents were alive, Mike was fined $40.

Finally it was Andy Bundesmann’s turn. Also with no vacation planned, just lots of work, Andy is the Administrator of a veterinarian hospital. Per George, she “runs the joint.” She agreed with George that pets cannot talk but he apparently found some of her patients whose faces he was able to read. A sweet-faced dog reported that Andy had taken him to the Derby where he enjoyed drinking beer out of a dish on the floor, while an unhappy cat maintained that Andy promised it wouldn’t hurt but she lied. Andy was fined $50 for being unable to dispute George’s translations.

Announcements for July 11, 2014

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Member Updates

1. Roger Gewecke passed away on June 30, 2014. Memorial Services will be on Saturday, July 26, 2014, at 11 a.m. at Holy Angels Church in Arcadia.
2. Art Killian has pneumonia and for the last few days has been at Methodist Hospital in Arcadia.
3. Ashley Andrews couldn’t be here due to her father having become seriously ill.


1. The H.T. Michler Award for 2014 was presented to Bob Harbicht by Jim Rider (last year’s recipient). Present at the ceremony was Bob’s wife Patsy and a grandson Robert (who is about to enter Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo).

General Announcements

1. The Rev. Phil Wood is distributing a sign-up sheet for volunteers to lead the club in invocations for the next few meetings.
2. Andy Bundesmann stated that volunteers are needed to help in a BBQ next Thursday (July 17) for Arcadia High School football. A sign-up sheet is being distributed.


1. John Wilson introduced his young guest, Margaret Sandoval, a member of the Boys and Girls Club of the Foothills. Margaret described her life from early childhood to the present. At age two she was living in a trashy home surrounded by empty beer cans and cigarette butts. A shooting took place and social services took her away from her biological parents. She was then taken in by another family who raised her lovingly. She joined a summer program with the Boys and Girls Club of the Foothills. Unfortunately Margaret’s sister Rosie went back to their biological parents causing Margaret great distress. After counseling, Margaret returned to the Boys and Girls Club as a volunteer. Margaret became a top student at Monrovia High School and is about to enter Azusa Pacific University.

88th Annual Installation of Officers & Directors

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By Ashley A. Andrews, Esq.

On Saturday, June 28th, 2014 approximately 140 Arcadia Rotarians gathered at our local, historical gem (the Santa Anita Racetrack) to celebrate the end of now Past-President Mimi Hennessy’s reign and the beginning of current President Mike Ojeda’s usurpation of the throne. Congratulations to him – he has now acquired another full time job.

President Ojeda was sworn in by Mike Real, who apparently has a certain fascination with jumping out of perfectly good airplanes with Jay Harvill – both men having yet to be formally diagnosed with some sort of mental illness for this feat.  Mr. Real sternly instructed President Ojeda to “proudly wear the tattoo of Rotary.” I am not really a fan of “ink,” so I will not throw my hat in the ring for president any time soon; but, I gladly participated in the obligatory line-up of incoming Officers and Directors. We also received instructions: “do everything that President Ojeda tells us to do.” A dangerously broad statement,indeed;I assume this is solely in the context of Rotary tasks  because members, who have not already, are likely not interested in employing one of our criminal defense attorneys ( Rich Hutton or Mark Khalaf) or our bail bondsman (Eric Barter) any time soon. While “your momma does want you home,” Eric Barter, my momma generally does not envision this mandate as one requiring posting bail.

Following the swearing in and obligatory line-up, Ms. Hennessy gave an eloquent and instructive speech. I only heard parts of it because I was distracted by the constant flow of pictures of Rotarians (mostly President Ojeda for the first 30 minutes of the evening) on the twenty or so televisions peppering the room; but, knowing Mimi, it was full of profound and wise words.  I did hear the part about the “lead goose going back into the flock”; so, Ms. Hennessy, you have served well and deserve a much needed break from breaking wind.

Last year’s Board members were also given accolades and asked to rise and receive acknowledgement and/or assignation attempts depending on how well they did or did not do in their respective capacities this past year. Some of our amazing and selfless members like Aaron Rose and Daniel Johannes received awards for their incredible service and dedication to the Club – we should all be in awe of these two guys as they manage full time jobs, family and some how to keep their wives relatively happy. These are two truly extraordinary men and our Club is so lucky to have them – without these two our meetings would be without Powerpoint and, perhaps, any new members under the age of 80. From those of us who enjoy eating solid food at lunch, we commend you.

A number of  Past-Presidents provided words of wisdom for our incoming President. Most compelling were the words from Bob Novell who instructed President Ojeda to “make it your best year; you don’t want to get to the end of it and say ‘ I wish I would have done’…..” What’s wrong with next year, Mr. Novell? Do you know something we do not know? Are you plotting?

Finally, President Ojeda took control of the microphone as the Club’s 88th President. 88th! This is outstanding and really should instill pride in our members because for 88 years we have been tolerating substandard food and weekly meetings when we would rather be doing something else, anything else, and songs not even campers would dare to sing anymore (or even our public schools) to unselfishly come together for the good of the community,  the nation and the world. This year’s theme is “back to the basics.” It will be interesting to see how this plays out – but, a big focus will be on membership. So, here’s a tip to all of you on the fence about joining Rotary – 140 people of all ages gave up their Saturday night to get together at the Santa Anita Racetrack where we were served “food” of questionable origin, forced to wear formal attire when it was close to 100 degrees outside, and seated somewhere between a cafeteria line and betting windows to rally behind our outgoing and incoming Presidents. Like the Who’s in Whoville holding hands and singing when the Grinch stole Christmas – there is something special in Rotarians that brings us all together and keeps up coming back despite less than ideal circumstances and choice of venue. Each member has something to contribute, something to give, some way to serve – as my paternal Grandmother always said “the only thing that fulfills you in life is volunteering.” Rotary is a living, breathing embodiment of her words. And, I regret not being more assertive with trying to take the centerpiece home because I do not think anyone claimed it and the staff probably just threw it away.

Demotion – President Mimi’s era comes to an end

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Past President Matt Weaver, chair of the Demotion Committee Brian Cogbill M.C. the eagerly awaited demotion. For the membership, the demotion is looked forward to as a fun meeting.  For the Presdient perhaps not as eagerly but still as a signal of the end of their Rotary year. Brian dressed up in a suit proved to the membership that he took his responsibility seriously. With gavel in hand he eventually hushed Mimi into demotion submission.
Brian invited Bob Harbicht up to reprise his demotion role explaining to us more of Mimi’s personal history that we knew little of (read: “none and mostly made-up!”). As always, the membership enjoyed his creative humor.

Outgoing ASUD Director, Joel Shawn and incoming Director David Vanasdall took over the demotion to explain that close examination of the records showed the Mimi never really graduated high school despite her higher credentials. They felt it appropriate after thorough examination to re-graduate her with a G.E.D. Mimi dressed in cap and gown received her recognition and was blessed her with a bottle of Hennessy cognac.

Announcements for Instalation on 06/28/2014

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The following Officers and Director of Arcadia Rotary Club for 2014 – 2015 were insalled at the Installation Dinner held on June 28, 2014:

President – MIKE OJEDA                                      

President Elect – MIKE HOEY                           

Past President – MIMI HENNESSY                 

Vice President – ROSIE MARES                       

Secretary – JACK LAMB    

Club Service Director – ERICH RAIL

Environmental Director – RICHARD SCHULHOF

Vocational Director – JOHN DAVIS

Internation Director – ASHLEY ANDREWS

Community Service Director – DANIEL YOHANNES

New Generations Director – JOHN WILSON

Membership Development Director – BRIAN HALL

Public Image Director ANDY BUNDESMANN

Seargeant at Arms – GEORGE FASCHING

Arcadia Rotary Photos for 20-June-14

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Announcements for June 20, 2014

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  1. Rev. Phil Wood circulated a sign up sheet for various tasks, including Invocation, Flag Salute, Introductions,  and Greeters. Phil, taking over from Pat Barnes, encouraged everyone to take part in these weekly tasks, and offered help for anyone interested in giving an invocation.
  2. Mike Hoey announced a social event for all who are interested in club service. It will be on Tues., June 24th, at 6 PM. The location is the Zapata Viva restaurant across from Foothill Fed. Credit Union on 1st Ave. Food and refreshments will be served.
  3. The committee organizing the Installation Dinner needs your dinner selections and table requests. The event will be held at the Santa Anita Race Track on June 28th at 7 PM at the Club House. don’t get there too early, races will be running.  The Philharmonic is doing a concert on the infield, we can open the doors after the installation and enjoy the sounds.
  4. Taste of Arcadia: September 27, 2014. $5 of the $50 admission will go to Arcadia Rotary purposes.  Check with Bruce McCallum.

Calling all members who contribute to Club Service, past and future, let’s celebrate the end and the beginning!

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Tuesday June 24th – 6:00pm
Zapata Vive’ – 101 S. First Street, Arcadia (626) 254-9111
Refreshments will be served.
First twenty to RSVP receive a free drink!

Fines for June 13

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It was finemaster Bob’s last opportunity to extract money from our wallets, so he made the best of it.

First up was Howell Tyson, who was dinged for $50 for his failure to name the first member listed in our Rotary roster (Ashley Andrews).  Andy Bundesmann was called on after she was heard mumbling something, and lo and behold she correctly identified Ashley.  Seeking to trip her up, Bob asked who was last and she correctly answered Daniel Yohannes.  A wag from the audience called out, “Who’s in the middle?”  Dumbfounded at her knowledge of the roster, the finemaster told her there would be no fine. However, she was assessed $50 anyway when she failed to name the state where the first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise was opened (not Kentucky, Andy, Utah!).

Imy Dulake was next on the hot seat.  She not only sold a house for Jack McRae, but also sold him his new house.  Jack had brought in the two “Sold” signs as proof. Imy sells so many houses she had trouble remembering the details of these month-ago transactions.  However the finemaster figured she still had some of the commissions left and sold the “Sold” signs back to her for $50.

John Davis gracefully accepted a $50 fine for not knowing what state television was invented in.  Somehow Ernie Aragon became involved in this conversation and was also unable to name the correct state.  When informed it was in Idaho, by a 14 year-old named Philo Farnsworth, Ernie allowed as how he had known Philo’s nephew from motorcycle racing circles. Not knowing the state was one thing, not knowing the state when he had personally known the nephew was quite another, and Ernie was recognized for $75.

Our esteemed secretary Jack Lamb, a man of letters it would be assumed, was asked what letters of the alphabet wouldn’t be used if you spelled all the states.  Being unable to come up with the correct answer (Q), Jack’s wallet was lightened by $50 for Rotary charities.

There may have been other fines as they were flowing thick and fast, but neither the finemaster nor your reporter was able to keep up with the final tally.

Let’s give Bob a well deserved THANK YOU for the work he has done this year as Finemaster!

Hollywood at the Arboretum by Vince Foley

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Tony Parrille introduced our speaker for today, Mr. Vince Foley, a resident of Arcadia. He is retired and his career was with the Department of Water and Power. Mr. Foley has been involved with community organizations and was named Citizen of the Year in 2010.

Huel Howser, who made arrangements with the CEO of the Arcadia Arboretum to come and interview him, and, of course, film the beautiful Arboretum for his Television show.  The day that this was to happen, the CEO could not appear, and he asked Vince to fill in for him. Since that time, Vince Foley has introduced various slide and power point presentations to many audiences over the years. And, today, that is what he is doing for our Rotary Club.

The Los Angeles County Arboretum is a 127-acre botanical garden and historical site with plants from around the world. Baldwin Lake is a four-acre body of water located within the heart of the Arboretum’s Historical Section and surrounded by the Tropical Forest.

In 1839 Hugo Reid applied for title to 13,319 acres of land and became the first private land owner. In 1875, “Lucky” Baldwin purchased for $200,000 the 8,500 acres of the Rancho Santa Anita that still remained intact. In 1885, Lucky built “Baldwin’s Belvedere” situated near the lake. Today, this house is known as the Queen Anne Cottage.

Baldwin died in 1909, and the size of the property decreased to 3,500 acres. There was only 1,300 acres remaining when in 1947 the property was sold to a real estate syndicate, Rancho Santa Anita Inc., which was headed by Harry Chandler of the Los Angeles Times.

However, movies were starting to be filmed in 1936 with Johnny Weissmuller starring in Tarzan Escapes. Besides Tarzan films, other jungle adventures were being filmed here, such as Safari, starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. In this movie a paddlewheel boat was sunk in Baldwin Lake.

The same year the road pictures with Bing Crosby were filmed at the Arboretum. There were seven road pictures, total, and also starring with Bing was Dorothy Lamour.

In the 40’s there were other island adventure romances, including Moon Over Burma, 1940 and Typhoon also in the same year. In 1946 Cary Grant and Claude Rains starred with Ingrid Bergman in Notorious. A movie that is still remembered.

Tarzan movies became outmoded as Johnny Weissmuller decided to hang up his loincloth and become Jungle Jim.

B-1 horror movies became a hit in the 50’s. The movies Cyclops and the Attack of the Giant Leeches were hits. Between 1960 and 70 TV serials became most popular such as Marathon Man 1976 starring Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier, and also MacArthur 1977 starring Gregory Peck. Made for TV mini- series, the most notable being Roots: The Next Generations (1979), a popular saga highlighting Alex Haley’s family.

Since 1950, television has recognized the Arboretum as a prime location for many productions. Ramar of the Jungle, ran for several seasons with 52 episodes. Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, 26 episodes and also Sea Hunt starring Lloyd Bridges.

During the 60’s many popular shows included Lassie, Daniel Boone, Green Hornet and Mission Impossible. In the 1970’s popular shows were, The Immortal, Longstreet, The Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman, Love Boat, Fantasy Island. Fantasy Island ran 157 episodes.

1980’s brought us Dallas, Hart to Hart, Knots Landing, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, and Remington Steele. In 1989, Murder She Wrote starring Angela Lansbury, and lasted many years. 1990 gave us new stories. Homicide, being one, starring a newcomer, George Clooney.

Top movies were also made at the Arboretum. “Dave” with Kevin Kline and Susan Sarandon starring. A White House was even created for this movie. Also, the movie “The Flockers” was recently filmed on the grounds of the Arboretum.

Yes, many movies, television, commercials were all filmed at the Arcadia Arboretum. We residents hardly knew that all these famous people, at one time or another, were in our midst.

We thank Vince Foley for the fine program that took us back in time and down memory lane for many.


(Phyllis Corliss)