Announcements – September 26, 2014

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Arcadia Rotary’s annual Monday Night Football event – one of the most anticipated and enjoyed events of the year – will be held on Monday, October 6th at the home of Paul and Sandra Kalemkiarian at 1827 Rodeo Rd., Arcadia.  Food, snacks, drinks … and football pools will be provided.  $25 per person includes dinner, snacks, beverages, and dessert.  Please bring prospective members to this fun event.  Please contact Bob Harbicht if you need more information.

Please join Arcadia Rotary for a fantastic tailgate party at the L.A. Coliseum before the Saturday, October 4th football game between USC and Arizona State.  The cost is $65 per person (which includes the game ticket price and $20 for parking).  Please contact Bruce McCallum if you need more information.

Please consider contributing to our Arcadia Rotary history project. We are requesting long-time Arcadia Rotarians to provide their past recollections of Arcadia Rotary by filling out distributed questionnaires.  So far John Fee and Bob Harbicht have graciously contributed their memories. Please contact Dan Place for more information.

Recollections by Jack Lamb

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We’ve asked some of the senior members of the Arcadia Rotary to recall some of their memories of the club’s early days. This is the third in the series of these recollections. It’s from Jack Lamb, who joined the Altadena Rotary Club in 1955 and transferred to the Arcadia Club in 1957. He’s had perfect attendance in both the Altadena Club and the Arcadia Club, a total of 59 years.

Share some of your early memories of the club.

When I joined the Arcadia Club Don Camphouse was the president. We met Friday noon at Eaton’s Restaurant, which is now Coco’s at the corner of Michillinda and Colorado. Women were not permitted to join Rotary when I first became a member. Since that time Rotary International has modified their constitution permitting female members. This change resulted from a suit brought by a former member of our club, Sanford Smith. Our club has had several lady presidents since the change.

Your most memorable highlights from your years in the club.

I was privileged to serve president in 1971-1972. The club had our luncheons at the Ramada Inn located at Huntington Drive and Colorado. We had a Rotary Baseball Team, which included Frank Perini and myself. We lost to our to our sponsored Pony league team. Club membership reached 132. Among the new members inducted my year was Dr. Brian Cogbill.

What projects, both local and international, were emphasized in the early days of the club?

We have always emphasized community projects such as the Peacock Fountain at the county park and the patio at the Chamber of Commerce, both before my time. Probably the important early function of the club was the support of the effort to bring the Methodist Hospital from Los Angeles to Arcadia and the continued support of all Hospital expansions since.

Compare and contrast the club of the past to the present day club. Was there a difference in time, place and manner in which the meetings were conducted? What fund raising methods were used?

The Club has always met at noon on Fridays. The location of the meetings has changed many times over the years, Eaton’s, The Ramada Inn, the Arcadia Women’s Club, a hotel in Monrovia, etc. Fund raising seems to settle into either a “Casino Night” motif or a $10,000 club raffle with auction items.

4. Please add anything else that from your experience you think would be of interest to club members.

In my opinion, the greatest accomplishment of Rotary International, with the support of individual clubs such as ours, is the virtual elimination of Polio world wide, Rotary’s Polio-Plus program.

P.S. I am often asked, what we might do to increase attendance at luncheon meetings? I seriously think we should consider changing the day of the week that we meet. Three day weekends are becoming more common as is the trend toward a four day work week. Just a thought.

Jason Moss, Building Community, Enhancing Jewish Life

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Our speaker on September 19, was the Executive Director of the Jewish Federation serving the San Gabriel & Pomona valleys.  Jason studied at Cal State Northridge, earning a BA in Religious Studies then earning a Master of Social Work from USC and finally a Master of Arts in Jewish Communal Service from Hebrew Union College.

The Jewish Federation provides support programs for the Jewish community and serves as a “Jewish Voice” on issues we face in society and internationally. We have all seen news regarding the recent Hamas attacks on Israel, a country roughly 85 miles wide and 290 miles long.  Jason showed us a video by Dennis Preager entitled “The Middle East Problem”.  The video illustrated some of the conflicts between Israel and the neighboring countries of Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Syria. Israel has come under attack on many occasions, essentially defending their right to exist as an independent state.  The bordering “Islamic” nations are not willing to acknowledge and or accept and support that Israel should have the right to exist, some openly vowing to destroy Israel.

Jason summarized some of the recent rocket attacks by Hamas launching as many as 80 rockets a day from the Palestine and the Gaza Strip into Israel.  Israel recently discovered 30+ secret underground tunnels from Palestine into Israel being used to smuggle terrorists into Israel.  These tunnels have mostly been destroyed to prevent further attacks on Israel.  Tom Crosby asked who provides the rockets to Hamas?  Jason believes that much of this weaponry comes from Egypt and is smuggled in to the terrorist organizations.  Jason explained that the Fatah organization is the former Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and is a more moderate group, not to be confused with Hamas which is his opinion is clearly a outright terrorist organization with the destruction of Israel as their goal.

What is the outlook for peace in the middle east, not very optimistic.

September 19, 2014 Announcements

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A. Scheduled Events

1. September 20, 2013, 9 am to 1 pm: weeding and learning the art of sheet mulching at the Arboretum area near the Bamboo Room. Volunteers needed. Contact Richard Schulhof for more information.

2a. September 22, 2014: Taste of Arcadia at the Arboretum. Contact Bruce McCallum for tickets.  Cost $50 per ticket ($10 to Arcadia Rotary for each ticket sold.)

2b. Security Volunteers needed for above event. Contact Aaron Rose and Bruce Snell to sign up.

3. September 28, 2014, 5:30 p.m. Arcadia Museum Foundation’s third annual Barbecue Fundraiser. Cost $90 per person. Dinner provided by Jake’s Barbeque and entertainment by the “Late Bloomers.” Contact: Jim Helms.

4. September 29, 2014, Post Alarm Systems Golf Tournament at the Glendora Country Club. Proceeds to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of the Foothills. Contact Rob Post or John Wilson if you can participate.

5. October 4, 2014, Tailgate Party at the Coliseum, before the game between USC and Arizona State. Cost is $65 per person (which includes ticket price and $20 for parking). Contact Bruce McCallum.

6. October 6. 2014, Monday Night Football at the home of Paul Kalemkiarian. A catered dinner will be served. There will also be an opportunity to participate in George Fasching’s football pool. Cost is $25 per person (Rotarians and guests). No charge for prospective Rotarians. Contact Bob Harbicht or Paul Kalemkiarian.

B. Ongoing Events

1. Arcadia Rotary history project. We are requesting long-time Arcadia Rotarians to provide their past recollections of Arcadia Rotary, by filling out distributed questionnaires. So far John Fee and Bob Harbicht have contributed their memories. Contact Dan Place.

2. Food Drive for Tijuana and Cabo. Donations are being sought with the goal of reaching $1,000.
Contact Dick Martinez.

C. Awards

1. Paul Harris plus two pin (with two sapphires) awarded to Mimi Hennessy by Gil Stromsoe.

2. Teacher of the Month Award (corresponding to Foothill Middle School’s Teacher of the Year) awarded to Michael Despard, a physical education teacher at Foothill Middle School, by Ben Acker, principal of Foothill Middle School and David Vannasdall, Arcadia’s Superintendant of Public Instruction. Among other contributions, Mr. Despard set up several hundred chrome books and teacher work stations.

Arcadia Rotary’s memories of the past as recalled by Bob Harbicht

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We’ve asked some of the senior members of the Arcadia Rotary to recall some of their memories of the club’s early days. This is the second in the series of these recollections. It’s from Bob Harbicht, who has been a club member since 1982. If you have memories you would like to share, forward them to Dan Place ( and we’ll get them published.

Share some of your early memories of the club.

I joined the club in 1982. Ernie Gekas was President and my sponsors were Lyle Cunningham and Chris MacGuire. I recognized right off that this club was different, in that it was a lot of fun. Ernie got George Fasching up to fine him for a message he had on his message board taking General Telephone to task for some very poor service he received. As George expounded on the poor service General Telephone provided, Bill Killeen called out, “I think Faschings should change its name to General Car Wash.” This was my kind of group.

Your most memorable highlights from your years in the club.

Our President in 1993-94 was Paul Lambert. Until then, every President had been his own finemaster. Before his year started Paul came to me and said, “I’m really not a very funny guy. How about if you did the fines and recognitions during my year?” I agreed and had a lot of fun in this role, and the members seemed to enjoy it also. Since then, I have been finemaster for several Presidents and have thoroughly enjoyed it each time.

I’ve also enjoyed authoring and directing the Presidents’ demotions. I’ve done about ten of these and, although it’s a lot of work, It’s also a lot of fun.

What projects, both local and international, we emphasized in the early days of the club.

One of the club’s major accomplishments, in my book, was the building of the dining hall at Camp Trask, the Boy Scout camp in the hills above Monrovia. Arcadia Rotary had completed a number of projects at the camp, including the administration building, the lake, a BB gun rifle range, and others, most under the leadership of Nick Pokrajac and Paul Minoian. But the dining hall was truly a major undertaking, a 2,000 square foot building including kitchen, shower room, and restrooms.

I remember when Nick, Jeff Johns, Jim Kuhn and I went up there the first day and started to lay out the site of the building in the mud. Nick was using a sextant (or whatever the tool is called for leveling building sites) and I was holding the stick he was sighting in on. Jim & Jeff were putting sticks in the ground at the proper places under Nick’s direction. When we finished, I was feeling pretty proud of myself in my newfound role as building contractor when Nick informed me that the pole I was holding for him to sight in on was generally referred to as the “idiot stick.”

We worked on that building for months and months of Saturdays (and maybe a few Sundays) and it really brought the club together. Lots of people that I thought I knew from our weekly meeting, I really got to know when we were swinging a hammer together. When we were doing the framing, a cute, tiny Chinese gal, who was manager of a bank and whose name I unfortunately can’t recall, was holding a huge nail gun. She had it cradled in her arms because it was nearly as big as she was. When we got a section of wall framing laid out we told her to go ahead and shoot the nails in. She bent down, barely able to hold the nail gun, and bam, bam, fired the nails through the studs. When she stood back up and cradled the gun in her arms again, she looked at me and said with a look of accomplishment in her eyes, “I got to have one of these!”

Compare and contrast the club of the past to the present day club

Our club has a unique “personality,” which it has had since I joined 32 years ago and retains to this day. Somehow we maintain an irreverent, fun-loving club, but accomplish great things. I can’t count the times I’ve heard a speaker preface his/her remarks with a statement like, “I’ve never seen a club like this; you guys have fun!”

Take a look at the photos in the High Gear each week and you see genuine smiles on everyone’s face. That’s because we are all having a good time and truly like our fellow Arcadia Rotarians and being with them.

Anything else you think would be if interest to club members

• During the year-plus we worked building Fort Rotary at the Scout reservation, Bob Novell provided lunch nearly every Saturday. No good deed goes unpunished! He was constantly ribbed about his baloney sandwiches (they weren’t baloney) and the general poor quality of the lunches (they weren’t poor quality).
• The time some gal carrying a baby wrapped in blankets barged into the Rotary meeting and demanded to know where Rudy Serar was. When the President pointed Rudy out she cried, “There’s your daddy.”
• District Governor John Fee (from our club) holding his District Conference in Kuaii because of some loophole in the Rotary rules of how far from your district the district conference could be held. It was the first one I ever attended.
• Four of us pouring a concrete slab behind a house where an iron lung patient lived, on which a backup generator would be installed so the iron lung would continue to work in case of a power outage. Something that hardly anyone knew about, including many of our club members. But the iron lung patient did!
• Mike Real and Tom Crosby acting as foremen for all us unskilled workers as we built the dining hall and Fort Rotary at the Boy Scout camp.
• Bob Kratt’s Craft Talk. Bob was the first of three speakers scheduled that day and told us he was not good at speaking before a group. He then proceeded to relate his life history, running right through everyone else’s time. At about 25 minutes after 1:00, he said, “Well, to make a long story short . . .” and everyone fell out of their chairs laughing. By the end of the half hour Bob was only up to about 1953. For years after, whenever there were a few extra minutes in a meeting, someone would call out, “Maybe Bob Kratt could finish his Craft Talk.”
• Back in 1985 our program one week was a foot phrenologist, a woman who spoke with a very strong German accent. The High Gear report that week was written in broken English with a strong German accent (“It is not generally knowed dat der feeten is de termination of der nerves, such becoming apparent as soon as taken offen der shoes und walkin around naked on der sharp rocken”).
• When Rotary was opened to women members, two of our first three had the same name, Laura Christiansen. One Laura Christiansen was to marry, become Laura Freedman, and lead our club as our first female President.
• Our first woman member, Phyllis Tompkins, was very arty, something that our formerly all-male club was not used to. Phyllis passed around a sign-up sheet for an event with helium balloons attached to it with a ribbon. Someone cut the ribbon as a protest. It wasn’t hard to identify the culprit; the balloons were floating against the ceiling right over Jeff Johns’ head.
• When Bob Daggett was being recognized for his anniversary and was asked “how many years.” His answer, “This wife, or in total?” When I was President I announced from the podium that he had a phone call. I told him I thought it was his ex-wife as the caller was identified as “plaintiff.”
• The fantastic vacation the McCallums, Jensens, Swenssons and Harbichts had at a lighthouse in Connecticut that we purchased in a Rotary auction. Nicest place I ever stayed!
• Whenever David Hu was called on, the room erupting in calls of “Who? Who? Who?”
• The fly fishing trip I took with Doug Aaseby, Butch Chinn, and Jeff Johns where we floated down the Deschutes River in Oregon for three days. One of the boats sank on the third day, leading Butch Chinn to tell anyone who would listen how I saved his life by inviting him to ride in the other boat with me that day.

I could go on and on, but this is probably already longer than most people want to read. Suffice it to say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every one of the 32 years I’ve been in the Arcadia Rotary Club.

Announcements for Sep. 12, 2014

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Member Updates

  1. A card for Ashley Andrews was circulated around the room. Her father is battling cancer and is the reason we haven’t seen her for awhile. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ashley and her family.


  1. Aaron Rose asked for security volunteers for the Taste of Arcadia, to be held on Sep. 22 at the Arboretum. he needs 6 more volunteers to help, and the reward for your service is a free admission to the event. Contact Aaron if you can help.
  2. There will be a workshop at the Arboretum on Sep. 20, from 9 to 1 PM. We will be weeding an area near the Bamboo Room and will learn how to sheet mulch. Contact Richard Schulhof for more information.
  3. The Museum Foundation is having its third annual Barbecue Fundraiser at the Arcadia Museum Education Center on Sunday, Sep. 28 at 5:30 PM. According to Jim Helms, dinner will be provided by Jake’s Barbecue and entertainment provided by “The Late Bloomers”. Cost is $90 per person and reservations are required. Don’t miss this important fund raiser for the museum foundation which includes several rotarians on its board.
  4. Bob Harbicht told us to mark our calendars for Oct. 6, the Monday Night Football party at Paul Kalemkiarian’s home. A catered dinner will be served and you will have an opportunity to participate in George Fasching’s football pool. You won’t want to miss this very popular event!
  5. The Post Alarm Systems Golf Tournament will be held on Sep. 29 at the Glendora Country Club. Proceeds benefit the Boys and Girls Club of the Foothills. Contact Rob Post or John Wilson if you can play. They are hoping for at least 2 foursomes from our club.
  6. Bruce McCallum reminded us of the tailgate party at the Coleseum on Sat. Oct. 4, before the game between USC and Arizona State. Cost is $65 per person which includes your ticket, and $20 for parking. Contact Bruce if you would like to go.
  7. Jim Rider told us of a Rotary scholarship that was obtained by a member of our Interact Club. A year and a half ago, Andrew Wong became a member, and has now gained admittance to U. of California Berkeley. He applied and received a $5,000 scholarship from the Rotary Foundation. Jim reminded us that Rotary is a great source of scholarship money for those in need of financial assistance.
  8. Gil Stromsoe awarded several Paul Harris Foundation pins and certificates to the following members: Ramon Oseguera received his pin and has contributed $200 toward a second pin. Tim Vickery received a ruby pin for Paul Harris plus 8, or $9,000 in total contributions. Yvonne Flint also received a ruby pin for Paul Harris plus 6, or $7,000 in contributions, and Frank Griffith got a sapphire pin recognizing Paul Harris plus 4, or $5,000. Contributions add up fairly fast since your first $200 is matched by Rotary, and the last $200 is also matched.

Craft Talks by Rick Mc Kenzie and Phil Wood

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Another couple of great craft talks today from two new members. First up was Rick Mc Kenzie who was born in Kansas City, MO., and raised in Pasadena. Rick got in to the termite and pesticide industry early in life, right out of high school. Rick has worked in the industry since 1972.   He founded Great Western Termite Control in 1980, and has three children, Robert and Michael, and a daughter Jennifer. Rick and his wife Catherine have enjoyed Arcadia High School football for many years since their son was captain of the team when he was playing.

His company, Great Western Termite Control fumigates homes and can use the Orange Oil treatment when local attention is needed although ceilings cannot be treated with orange oil due to stains that would appear there after use. For 100% effectiveness, tenting the house and fumigation is recommended. That method is guaranteed for two years and typically the household will go on a maintenance agreement where it will be inspected monthly. All termite/pest control companies must be licensed, first to treat for ants, roaches, flees and rodents. Then a license for the inspection of homes is needed and finally an operators license is needed. The fumigation process takes three days starting with the tent over the house, the fans circulating an inert gas. Second day the fans are removed and then the tent is taken off. By noon the third day the owner can occupy if the inspection find five parts per million or less of fumigation gas. Rick says mission tile roofs and Cal Shakes (cement) are the hardest to protect from damage when installing the tenting for fumigation.

Bed bugs can be detected by locating blood spots on white sheets, under mattresses or on picture frames. Fumigation is typically necessary. Thanks Rick for an informative talk.

Phil Wood may ware a red badge but he has been with our club in the past, for ten years until 2009 when some changes occurred. He is now back and as always welcomed with open arms. In case you did’nt know, Phil is in his 19th year as the Senior Pastor of The Church of The Good Shepard. It is a United Methodist Church, which is an offshoot of the Church of England. Phil is in his 43rd year in ministry and is still spreading the “good word”. He is the coordinator of the Arcadia Ecumenical Council and gave us a little background information on the Methodist Church. It was founded by, Charles Wesley, on 12/24/1784 close to our United States inception. Methodists at that time were the largest body of Christians here.  The religion embraces both liturgical and evangelical elements, offers sacraments such as Holy Communion, Matrimony, etc., and shares belief in such thing as Unity, Liberty, Charity. Phil’s junior year at Cal State Fullerton was a turning point in his life. That year he visited Bolivia and upon his return decided his future was to serve the Lord. He attended the University of Denver and was ordained a minister for the church. By 1974 his bishop sent him to Oxnard, then Chula Vista. He moved to Monterey Park in 1980 and eventually to The Church of The Good Shepard. Phil lives his life for the same reasons he joined Rotary, because he sincerely believes in the four way test. Thanks Phil for sharing your journey.


(Pat Dolphin)


Arcadia Rotary’s Past As Recalled By John Fee

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We’ve asked some of the senior members of the Arcadia Rotary to recall some of their memories of the club’s early days. This is the first in the series of these recollections. It’s from John Fee, who has been a club member since 1975.

1. Share some of your early memories of the club.

“I have been in the club 39 years. During the early years, the club meeting location seemed to move around a lot. It started at a motel (SE corner of Huntington Dr. and Colorado Place) for about three years. Then we moved to the Women’s Club for a year or two. Next, back to the motel. Then to what is now the Marriott Hotel (in Monrovia !!!). This is where we were during my year as President (1984-85). About a year later, we moved to the Embassy Suites, and we’ve been anchored there ever since.”

2. Your most memorable highlights from your years in the club.

“To me, the most memorable highlights were the experiences I had during the years I was President (1984-85) and District Governor (1986-87).”

3. What projects, both local and international, were emphasized in the early days of the club?

“During my early Rotary years, the Arcadia club was very active in community projects (e.g.: school buildings, Camp Trask, playground improvements, etc.). There was virtually no international activity. This changed in the early 1980’s when Orla Pederson and Dick Martinez initiated the annual projects in Mexico.”

4. Compare and contrast the club of the past to the present day club.

“During my Rotary years, the Arcadia club was always a Friday noon club. The general format of the meetings is still the same (eat—business meeting—the program—out by 1:30 p.m.). Forty years ago, we were a big club (approx. 150 members). It was always well respected and a “fun” club. The current club (approx.. 100 members) has much more active meetings.
During the early 1980’s, Rotary had a new idea for a fund raiser—a “Concert in the Park” at the Arboretum. George Fasching was the spark-plug and chairman of this project. Since this had never been done before, it required a lot of publicity. George even hired an airplane to fly over the community dragging a banner promoting the event. It didn’t work out very well. The first year, we lost about $10,000. The second year we made about $8,000. And the third year we just broke even. It was not worth the effort required; so we abandoned the project. The Arboretum was very pleased with the number of visitors it produced, so they took it over and contracted with Victor Vener to continue the venue.”

5. Anything else that from your experience you think would be of interest to club members.

“During the early years, Rotary was an all-male organization. This changed in 1987 when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that because of the Unruh Act in California, Rotary was a “business” club—not a “social” club. Therefore in California women must be allowed to join. A year later, Rotary International made it optional for each Rotary club to invite women members. In my view, I think this was a big improvement in Rotary.”

Announcements for 09/05/2014

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1.  Matt Weaver is hosting a Game Night and barbecue at his home for all members on 09/18/2014.  There will be a sign up sheet at the club meeting.

2.  Bruce McCallum announced that there will be a tailgate party on 10/04/2014 before the USC – Arizona State football game to be held at the Collesium..  The cost is $65/person and parking is $20..   Contact Bruce for tickets and more information.

3.  John Murphy announced that the club has updated its  Membership brochure.  John recommends that each member put Membership brochures in their place of businesswill to attract potential new members.  Contact John and he will provide you with several Membership brochures  and a plastic stand to hold them.  Members should also hand out the Membership brochure to friends and clients to interest them in joining Arcadia Rotary.

4.  Bob Harbicht told everyone to put 10/06/2014 on their calendar for the club’s annual Monday Night Football Party at Paul  Kalemkiarian’s home  .    Food will be catered and will  include tri- tip and barbecued chicken. This is always a great event..

5.  Bruce McCallum announced that Taste of Arcadia will be held at the Arboretum on Monday 09/22/2014.  You can get tickets from Bruce for $50/ticket and the club will receive $10 for each ticket sold. 

6.  The District Governor is having  a Rotary Training Back to Basics seminar on Saturday 09/20/2014 at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga.  Contact Rose Mares or Eric Rail for more information.

7.  Gil Stromsoe, who is the club’s Foundation chairman,  presented Sylvia Ramos with her 1st Paul Harris Fellow pin.   Gil encouraged all members to become a  Paul Harris Fellow by contributing $1,000 to the Rotary International Foundation, which can be paid over a period of time.   Gil announced that there is currently an incentive program for each member to become  a 1st time Paul Harris Fellow, as follows:   after you  have contributed the first $200 there will be a matching grant of $200, , for a total paid of $400, leaving a balance owing of $600.  After you have contributed the next $400 the remaining balance of $200 will be paid by matching grant.   Gil announced that Sylvia Ramos  used this incentive program and she wrote a check to the Rotary International Foundation for $600 and the remaining $400 was paid with matching grants.    Gil also gave a pin to Bob Harbicht for becoming a Paul Harris Fellow + 5  (for total contribution of $6,000),, and   Gil gave a pin to  Rosie Mares and Dirk Hudson for each of them becoming a Paul Harris Fellow + 1 (for total contributions of $2,000  each).  Congratulations to Sylvia, Bob, Rosie and Dirk for their generous contributions to the Rotary International Foundation.

8.   Brent Forsee, who is the new principal at Arcadia High School and one of Arcadia Rotary’s newest members, presented the District Teacher of the Year Award,  which is given annually by the Arcadia Rotary Club, to Patrick Tierney, who is a Spanish Language and Literature Teacher at Arcadia High School.  Mr. Tierney graduated from University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in Spanish and English, and he has  an M.A. in Spanish  and Portugese from the University of Pennsylvania, and an M.A. in Latin Literature from Colorado College.   He has been teaching for 38 years , first as a college professor and then as a high school teacher,  and for the past 27 years he has been teachinga  in the Arcadia. School District.   Congratulations to Mr. Tierney for your outstanding leadership in teaching our children..

Announcements – Upcoming Events

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John Murphy announced new Membership brochures have been re-designed to attract interest in Rotary in general and our club specifically.  “Designer” brochure holders sponsored by Brian Hall’s Foothill Federal Credit Unition are available for your business or businesses you frequent.

Oct 6 Monday Night football: Paul K’s.  This year the event will be catered with Tri-tip, BBQ chicken, and of course wines.  There will be a selection of single malt Scotch’s to taste.  For those who don’t care for the football – come anyway and bring your partner!  Its a social highlight of the year.   Thanks again to Paul and his family for letting us take over his home for the night.

Mon Sept 22: Taste of Arcadia $50, Rotary gets $10 of tickets sold by us.

Oct 4: USC AZ State at the Coliseum organized by Bruce McCallum. Please let him know if you are interested so he can arrange for tickets.

Recognitions – August 29, 2014

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Finemaster George Fasching began with two announcements:

  • Chicken would be back for lunch next Friday, and
  • Dr. Chang’s full body checkup for $25 would be available on Friday, the 13th of March, including full bar and background music.

Jim Rider’s daughter Megan just launched the website for her jewelry and interior design business. Unfortunately for Jim, this didn’t escape the notice of our alert Finemaster who thought it looked a lot like advertising. Proud dad Jim was fined $70.

A photo taken during her recent trip to Maine to visit her parents was enough evidence to earn Yvonne Flint a fine. In consideration of her past years of service as club treasurer, the fine was only $15. She is pretty sure that her name is on a list somewhere to be enlisted again like ex- and current treasurer Ed Beranek was, so the fine may not be such a bargain.

The recent performance of “The Wizard of Oz” at the Taylor Performing Arts Center was an occasion for John Wilson to be photographed in attendance. As a qualified expert now, John was quizzed on the identities of three Rotarians pictured in a throw-back photo of three Oz characters. They were Bob Daggett as the Cowardly Lion, Allen Yack as the Scarecrow, and Finemaster George Fasching as the Tin Man. John only recognized George and was fined $50.

Three new puppies are part of John Murphy’s family and were shown in a photo with his granddaughter. Per John, the new arrivals are named Harley, Hatfield and O’Reilly and are keeping the house hopping. His good news was recognized with a fine of $34.

Announcements for August 29, 2014

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1.  Boy Scouts are doing their Annual Sports Breakfast at the Annandale Country Club at 7 AM on Sept. 9, 2014. Pat Haden, former USC star, NFL quarterback, and current athletic director at USC will speak.

2.  Taste of Arcadia, needs security  guards for the September 22, 2014 event. Talk to Aaron Rose.

3.  The Arcadia Museum/ Education Center  is doing their Annual Fund Raising BBQ at 5:30 PM , September 28, 2014.Talk with Steve Pelletier.

4.  Membership: Get the brochures and a neat holder for them from Frank Griffith, John Murphy, or Brian Hall.   Bring a potential member to lunch.

5.  Rotary Foundation Board: Mike Real let us know the foundation is refurbishing the Arcadia High baseball diamond to the tune of $10,000, with money we have donated to the Foundation. These tax deductible donations are earmarked for use on Arcadia projects such as this. Paul Johenk foundation donations are included.=