August 21-Programs Report: Arcadia—Before the Big Mac

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Submitted by: Teri Muse
Gene Glasgo, longtime Arcadia resident, Arcadia Historical Society Member and City Clerk, treated Rotarians to a glimpse back in time to the popular eateries then and now. He started off his presentation by going over the history of McDonalds and Arcadia. In 1937, Dick and Maurice McDonald opened Air Dome hot dog stand in Arcadia. In 1940, the McDonald brothers moved to San Bernardino and opened McDonald’s. In 1955, Ray Croc opens the first McDonald’s franchise in Illionis. In 1961, Croc bought out the McDonald brother’s for $2.7 million and began the nationwide expansion. In 1962 a McDonald’s opens on Foothill Blvd.  Gene said his Dad knew Ray Croc and Mr. Croc had given them an opportunity to buy a franchise, but they declined and the rest is history.
Let’s see if you remember the popular eateries from then and now:
Before& Now
Bob’s Beef Burger w/cigarette machine outside!/Starbucks
Henry’s Drive In /Citizen’s Business Bank
George’s Wood Pit BBQ w/pink pit on spit /Young Dong
The Embers/ Burned Down then became Liquor Store
Thrifty’s Soda Fountain/ Century 21
Pie King/ Chef’s Coffee Shop
Baron’s Pharmacy /Waltrip’s Music
There are several eateries that have been in Arcadia for many, many years including: Taco Lita, Taco Treat, Rod’s and Pellegrino’s Italian Restaurant. Gene treated us to old pictures from these restaurants and we all laughed at the hair styles, clothes and prices of food back then.
Gene also surprised Frank Perini when he talked about visiting Frank’s Barber Shop when he was 12 years old, taking a picture with Santa and Frank giving him a beautifully wrapped gift. He was so upset when he got home to unwrap it and find it was a potato! Frank clarified the story by saying the kids were offered a box of Cracker Jacks from Santa or the wrapped gift, which unbeknownst to the children had a potato in it. Guess Frank was trying to teach the kids a lesson which did not go over well with Gene!

Announcements – August 14, 2015

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Eric Barter announced that our friend and fellow member Jim Rider is back in the hospital. Please keep Jim in your thoughts and prayers.

President Mike Hoey announced the upcoming District 5300 “Rotary Back to Basics” Seminars

Whether you’re new or seasoned Rotarian, it’s time to get back to basics and refresh our knowledge on the most important aspects of Rotary. Get ready to have another successful year in Rotary as you join fellow D5300 Rotarians for a FREE training.

There will be breakout seminars with the latest information on:
Foundation – Steven Solomon, a Rotary beneficiary and now staff member of The Rotary Foundation, will share an introduction to The Rotary Foundation Resource Guide. As a Rotary Scholar in Durban, South Africa, Steven is living proof that giving to our Annual Fund products universal prosperity. Learn more about his experience and the return on our foundation investment during this dynamic presentation.
Public Image – Do you know how to promote your club events and announcements to the public? Join this breakout session to get information on how to utilize new Rotary marketing resources, public relations, social media and marketing to promote your club.
Membership – Missed the recent membership training? Make sure you attend this seminar! You will learn new ways to strengthen our District and our Clubs though attracting new members and engage existing members to improve retention. A trainer from the Zone Membership Committee will bring to you the New Focus Presentation – teaching our club members to use consistent and aligned messaging in both their ask and answer to the question “What is Rotary” and creating immediate action plan to improve member retention.

Saturday, September 19, 2015
Registration begins at 8 a.m.
Seminars run from 9 a.m. – Noon
Chaffey College, Health Science Building Campus Map – Parking Lot Location
5885 Haven Ave.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737

President Mike also announced that Jim Pontello has been approved as our new Environmental Director.  Congratulations Jim!

Gil Stromsoe awarded Keith Brown with his one ruby pin in recognition of his contributions to the Rotary Foundation representing Paul Harris plus 5.  Congratulations Keith!  Gil also announced that it has been one full year without a single case of polio in Africa!

Finally, President Mike congratulated our own “Rotary Superstar”, Bob Harbicht on being named Arcadia Rotary’s “Rotarian of the Month” for all he does for the club.  Congratulations Bob!

War through the eyes of an eighteen year old

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George Sanders was our guest speaker Friday and we could immediately understand why Tom Brokaw calls them “The Greatest Generation”. To clarify, Brokaw was referring to the World War II combat veterans who fought the worst battles imaginable. George Sanders is that kind of person. He was born in Hungary by an American mother and Hungarian father. His father owned a gentlemen’s farm but passed away when George was ten years old. At that time the government would not recognize his mother as a citizen being American, and confiscated all properties and assets. His mother returned to the states and George followed by age fourteen with his two sisters. He settled in Elmhurst, Long Island but found it awkward due to the language barrier; he did not speak a word of English. During high school he vowed he would learn English before graduation. When he did graduate he and a buddy joined the Air Force and he went off to Florida for basic training while his friend could only qualify for the Coast Guard. After basic training George was sent to Ft. Scott to become a B-26 gunner, that plane was known as the flying coffin since not many returned from missions. After gunner training and brief conversations with officers he was shipped to Camp Richie (Baltimore) where he had a staff car waiting for him to arrive. Wondering what was going on, he was taken to military intelligence training where for seven days a week he trained in a camp that was split half German, half English. There were secret classifications such as Photo, Interrogation, and Intelligence.   Photo analysis was done looking at 3D enhanced aerial photos to determine if enemy tanks or troops were hiding in forests or under trees. The Interrogation classification taught him that PFC’s knew little or nothing about troop movements, the Sergeants or above knew considerably more. By May of 1944 he was assigned to the 1st Division for the invasion of Normandy. He was quickly transferred to the 101st Airborne Unit where he learned to jump from C-47 planes on his first day of training and by the third day he had a full field pack with rifle and ammo. On the day of the Normandy invasion there were three waves of jumpers, first the infantry, a second wave, then a group to secure the rear concrete bunker emplacements. Air support helped push the Germans back but it was very slow going and many Americans perished. By December 16th General Eisenhower gave orders to rest and recoup due to heavy fog, snow and weather. The Battle of the Bulge (German Offensive) was launched between December 16th and January 25th through the densely forested Ardennes region of Wallonia in Belgium, France and Luxemburg on the western front and caught the American forces by surprise. George said the forest was so dense you could not move. They were out numbered nine divisions (Germans) to five for the U.S. General Taylor took over command and held on in Bastogne and defeated the Germans when general Patton arrived. After the Germans surrendered George was assigned to Operation Magic Carpet, which was to repatriate three million soldiers back to the U.S. We also had 1.5 million German prisoners who had to be sent back to Germany. This took over six months to complete with the help of four hundred troop ships, and eighteen hospital ships. Now we know why they are referred to as the Greatest generation, the American soldiers who served helped save the free world. Thank you George, for your service and dedication to freedom.


(Pat Dolphin)

Gold Line Update

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Sylvia Bertran from the Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority gave an update on the project. The Gold Line from Pasadena to Azusa broke ground on June 26, 2010, and is funded by Los Angeles County Measure R, which is a half cent sales tax. This means local money is funding the project. The first contract was awarded in June 2010, to Skanska, USA, to design and build the Gold Line Bridge across the 210 Freeway in Arcadia. The project was completed in December 2012. A second contract was awarded to Foothill Transit Constructors – A Kiewit Parsons Joint Venture to design and build the Pasadena to Azusa “alignment” (including the stations, track, crossings, bridges, etc.) The last contract was awarded to Webcor Builders for design and construction of parking facilities at the Gold Line stations, as well as enhancements at and around the stations to improve connectivity for train riders arriving by bus, foot or on bicycle.

The Foothill Gold Line from Pasadena to Azusa is an 11.5-mile extension of the Gold Line that will add six stations, one each in Arcadia, Monrovia, Duarte, and Irwindale and two in Azusa. Parking is planned at each station. Construction of the track, crossings, bridges, stations, utilities, systems, parking, light rail maintenance and operations facility will be complete in September 2015. Next month when construction is complete, the Authority will turn the line over to Metro for testing. Metro estimates that the system will be operational in spring of 2016. Future plans are for the Gold Line to continue 12 miles east from Azusa to Montclair. Funding is currently being sought for this segment.

The Arcadia Gold Line Station dedication ceremony will be held at 10: 00 AM on Saturday, August 22. The public is invited to join in the celebration as Arcadia, Construction Authority and Metro officials dedicate the facility.

Announcements 08/07/2015 by Pat Barnes

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1. Eric Barter announced that the American Cancer Society Relay for Life at the Santa Anita Racetrack, held on Saturday 08/01/2015, was a huge success with many Arcadia Rotarians and friends attending. Eric said that 50 hot pastrami sandwiches were sold at Arcadia Rotary Club’s booth. Yvonne Flint announced that so far Arcadia Rotary Club has raised $2,434.00, including pledges. If anyone else is interested in donating to this worthy cause, contact Yvonne and give her your check payable to “American Cancer Society” which is tax deductible. Congratulations to everyone who volunteered to make this event a huge success.

Recognitions – July 31, 2015

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Finemaster Glenn O’Young started with a couple of ad libs that he picked up from the announcements. (I think he’s getting the hang of this pretty quickly!)  First up was Richard Schulhof who made an announcement about the Arboretum’s water conservation programs.  Glenn thought perhaps he’d misunderstood when Richard said the program taught people to grow “weed.”  Richard was quick to clarify that he meant “weeds,” but that didn’t save him from a fine of $25

Bruce McCallum was sporting a tall, felt, very fancy hat given to him by the Special Olympics team from Kyrgyzstan.  Bruce was recognized for his stellar leadership in Arcadia’s role as a Host Town for the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles.  His fine of $100 will be reduced to $50 if he would wear the hat to every Rotary meeting.  Bob Harbicht, Jim Pontello, and Howell Tyson were also recognized for $25 each for their help as Rotary volunteers for Arcadia’s Special Olympics Host Town events.

Arcadia Rotary’s Beach Day at Huntington Beach was a rousing success.  Joining in the fun were Bob Harbicht, Mike Real, Tony Parrille, Mike Hoey, Aaron Rose, and Lucia Bernal along with their families.  It was a great day of Rotary fellowship and Mike Real was fined $50 for planning the event.

A follow-up recognition for Mike Real was for his 1963 Bel Air station wagon that was spotted at Carcadia.  Mike shared that his grandfather had purchased the car new and Mike has been working to get it into cherry condition.  All that hard work earned Mike a recognition of $75.

Another car and another recognition for Bob Harbicht.  His sporty red convertible was spotted parking in the Mayor Pro Tem parking spot in the City Hall parking lot.  Finemaster Glenn wondered whether Bob had any future plans to declare, which Bob denied.  Claiming to be deputized by the Police Department, Glenn levied a parking fine on Bob for $25.

announcements 07/31/2015 by Pat Barnes

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1. The American Cancer Relay for Life to fight cancer will be held on Saturday 08/01/2015 Santa Anita Race Track from 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We will have a booth selling hot pastrami sandwiches for $25 donation. Wear your Rotary shirt and hat. Yvonne Flint announced that the club has already raised $1,730 on line which will be in addition to the donations collected from the sale of the pastrami sandwiches. You can still donate on line or by sign up sheet passed around at the meeting. Make your checks out to “American Cancer Society”.

2. Richard Schulhof introduced 2 interns from the Boys and Girls Club who are working at the Arboretum this summer. Richard praised them for the great work they are doing.

3. Mike Real announced that the club’s social committee is planning a day trip to visit wineries in Santa Barbara in February 2016. Mike also announced that the beach party to Huntington State Beach the prior Sunday was a huge success.

4. Bruce McCallum thanked all of the club members who volunteered to host Trinidad and Tobago and Kyrgyz Republic prior to the opening of the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles. He especially thanked Denise Weaver for lining up the volunteers and Sandra Caldero who was photographer.

5. Mike Real announced that Arcadia Rotary’s exchange student is arriving 08/21/2015 and will be here for the next school year.

Arcadia Rotary History

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We’ve asked some of the senior members of the Arcadia Rotary to recall some of their memories of the club’s early days. Here are some recollections from Frank Perini who has been a club member since 1959.

When I joined Rotary we had our meetings at Charlie Eaton’s Restaurant, which was located on the corner of Michillinda and Colorado in Pasadena. It is now a Coco’s Restaurant. There were about 60 members. The installation of officers and demotion was held at the same time. My 1st president was named John Bryant and he was demoted during installation and they made him carry as many watermelons as he could.

Most of the members were over 60 years old. The club was often called “The Old Men’s Club”. I was the youngest member by 25 years, as well as the first Mexican in the club. Because of my nationality and my young age I was not accepted too well. I asked the president if I could be the greeter at the door for only 2 months. I ended up being at the door for 5 years. To this day, we still have a greeter at the door.

Two members at the time were volunteers at the Methodist Hospital. They did meals on wheels. The bylaws at the time were that there could only be one member of each profession: one lawyer, one doctor and so on. For the first 10 years in the club, we all wore ties; it was not required but we all still dressed up.

Way back, I was one of the board of directors and part of my assignment, as well as that of two other members, was to try and get eight thousand dollars out of Los Angeles County to place a water fountain in the park that is located on the corner of Santa Anita and Huntington Drive. Finally we were able to get the money from them, and Rotary put in another five thousand
dollars. So today, we have a fountain.

There was a lot to be done in the city. We built the youth huts in some of the grammar schools, as well as the little league baseball fields. We also worked on the Rotary Memorial behind the Chamber of Commerce building. We hauled tons and tons of rock from lrwindale guarry. I put in 105 hours of labor. The memorial is still being used by youth today. We also built the first building at Camp Trask, which is now being used as the administration building.

We fought to keep the ladies out of Rotary. We took it to the State Supreme Court, and we lost. A lawyer from our club took the case.

The club started taking photos 54 years ago. A member of the club by the name of George Tyror was the club photographer using Polaroid Film. Sixteen years later he passed away. lt was then that I was assigned to become the photographer of the club. For better than 44 years I have taken thousands of photos for the club. I put together a photo album for each president, placing over a thousand prints in each book. The system changed when Brad Miller became president. He stopped the photo prints and went to electronic photography. There was no club within the club. Today we have the lce Breakers.

Rotary also bought a mobile home and we built 4 rooms inside. When we finished it was moved to Tijuana for the orphans. There was one room for dental, another room for medical, and a room for x-rays. Doctors from Rotary go twice a year to this location and help the orphans with their medical problems. We built wooden benches for the memorial behind the Chamber of Commerce building. We also built a barbecue grill on a trailer. We could put over 200 wieners on the grill, and we also moved this trailer to Tijuana for the orphans.

Program Highlights for July 31, 2015

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Boy Scout council coordinator Jack McRae recognized Rotarian past president, Imy Dulake for her tremendous contributions to the community she works in, the Arcadia Rotary and everyone around her. Imy was recently honored as Citizen of the Year by the Lucky Baldwin District of the San Gabriel Valley Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Imy, pictured above, was highlighted in a video with Jack McRae noting that Imy is extremely generous with her time and financial resources.  In the video Imy recalled her childhood as being very difficult after her father died when she was 6 years old.  This resulted in Imy, her mother and two sisters being left homeless in South Korea, just following the war.  Subsequently Imy was sponsored to Temple City where she went to school.  Imy later met and married Rick her husband of 32 years.  Among many well deserved recognitions, Imy has earned the recognition of being in the top 1% of agents with Coldwell Banker internationally for many years.  Imy and Rick have two children Sean an Eagle Scout and Michelle a scout Gold Award recipient.  The Arcadia Rotarians gave Imy a wonderful round of applause, as we are proud of her and value her membership in the Arcadia Rotary Club.


Our second speaker today was our own Criminal Defense Attorney Richard “Rich” Hutton.  Rich described growing up in the San Gabriel Valley, where his father owned a machine shop making equipment for NASA.  The plan was for Rich to become an engineer and while Rich loved math and science he did not have the passion for machine work and engineering.  While attending UCLA Rich was asked to observe a trial.  During the trial Rich was convinced that he could defend the case better than the defense attorney representing the individual on trial.  His second thought was surprise that people actually got paid to argue a case.  This was the beginning of his passion for criminal defense and law.

Working though college in a law firm, Rich became adept at serving court subpoena’s with creativity, noting that there could be an element of danger involved, at times requiring careful judgment.  Rich studied diligently with the goal of being admitted to Law School at UCLA which surprisingly happened.  Following graduation from law school, rich worked in the district attorneys office and ultimately opened his own law firm in 1997 specializing in defending Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases.

Rich described several cases involving famous individuals including work on a case that required Rich & wife Gayla to attend a dinner with Walter Mathau and company, where Gayla had all the fun smoking and drinking, while Rich was stuck taking care of business at the other end of the table with their boring wives.  On a more sober note, Rich also described a case where his difficult but wise counsel to the defendant was to not testify on her own behalf, despite being totally innocent of the charges.  The defendant heeded Rich’s counsel and they prevailed in the case, however, not without emotional suffering.

Rich closed by noting his gratitude to ex-Arcadia Rotarian and brother in law Allen Yak who invited him to join the Arcadia Rotary where Rich has made many wonderful friends.  Rich noted that his business has not slowed, although he may be looking forward to that at some time in the future and thanked all the Arcadia Rotarians for the wonderful club we have.

announcements 07/24/2015 by Pat Barnes

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1. Mike Real announced that the Arcadia Rotary Beach Party is set for Saturday 07/25/2015, at Huntington State Beach – Brookhurst Entrance, 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., bring your chairs, umbrellas, surfing lessons to be given by Mike Real & Matt Weaver, BBQ.

2. Eric Barter announced that the Relay for Life to fight cancer will be held on Saturday 08/01/2015 Santa Anita Race Track, cost is a donation of $25 payable to American Cancer Society and for that you will receive a pastrami sandwich.  A sign up sheet is being passed around at the club meeting or you can sign up on line. Eric announced that to date over $1,000 has been donated online. This is a great cause that needs every member’s monetary support.

3. Bob Harbicht announced that for the past 3 days the city of Arcadia has hosted, and Arcadia Rotary is one of the sponsors, for approximately 88 athletes and coaches from Trinidad and Tabago & the Kyrgyz Republic (part of the old Soviet Union) who are in town to compete in the 2015 Special Olympics World Games to be held in Los Angeles over the next 2 weeks.  Part of their activities included a picnic at Wilderness Park with hot dogs cooked on George Fasching’s hot dog machine, tours of the Arcadia Police Department. the Arboretum and Westfield Mall, dinner and a DJ at Matt Denny’s Restaurant, and the finale was attending the Concert in the Park on the lawn of City Hall and the Police Department with a Chinese buffet dinner put on the the Chinese Association and they danced all night to music from a Trinidad steel band.

District Governor Randy Pote

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Our own Rotary Superstar Ray Bushnell introduced the 2015/16 District Governor Randy Pote.  Randy introduced his assistant Richard Reed from the North Las Vegas Rotary Club.  DG Randy noted that his father authored a book of invocations used by rotary clubs.  Randy began his rotary life in Inglewood, moving to North Las Vegas, Centennial Rotary in Colorado where he served as President in 2010/11 and now back to California.

Vocationally, Randy has started several fundraising businesses, R&M Fundraising, Fundraising by Randy, as will as involvement in sales and management.

Randy noted that this years rotary theme, as coined by RI President Ravi Ravindran, is “Be a Gift to the World”.  Encouraged by the RI President to continue moving forward even when its 2 steps forward and 1 backward.  While there are challenges facing Rotary today, it is critically important to get the word out about what good work Rotarians are doing in our communities and around the world.  Randy encouraged all Rotarians to be a gift to the world, our community and to our local clubs.

Randy left us with 2 quotes, authors unknown; The sun comes out every day and while there may be clouds it is our choice to fly in the clouds or above the clouds where the sun shines.  A second quote given at a commencement speech was “I regret most when facing suffering that I responded with sensibility, reserve and caution”.

Randy noted that the Arcadia Rotary Club has always made him feel welcome.  Randy noted 3 important opportunities; District Conference August 16, RI Presidents visit January 2, and a May 2016 local conference opportunity, all very helpful for Rotarians.  Randy highlighted the new 36 word “Rotary Elevator Speech” essentially as Rotary as a Leadership Organization made up of local professionals meeting regularly as friends improving their communities while having fun.

Randy thanked the Arcadia club for the wonderful greeting, respect and noted that Mike Hoey is beginning a great year for the club.  Randy complemented the club for preparing and showing leadership.  Randy was presented a engraved magnum of wine and then recognized Ray Bushnell and Mike Real with the District 5300 Superstar Recognition pins.

Recognitions – July 17, 2015

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Bob Harbicht, Past Finemaster, filled in for Glenn Oyoung and began his recognitions with George Fasching.  George and his famous Hot Dog Cart provided lunch for Special Olympians in Wilderness Park recently.  For his exemplary community service, George was fined $75.

Both Jim Pontello and prospective member Harry Agajanian were recognized next with a Rotary quiz.  They correctly answered that Cecil B. Demille was a director, Warren G. Harding was President of the United States, Guglielmo Marconi invented wireless telegraph, and Orville Wright invented the airplane.  What did these men all have in common?  They were all Rotarians.  Jim was fined $50 for the correct answers with Harry’s fine being deferred until he becomes a member of Arcadia Rotary.

We were happy to welcome Jim Rider back after his recent hospital visits, but he complained that while on restricted diet, he was shown commercials for Domino’s Pizza on the Methodist Hospital’s television.  Jay Harvill was called to task to answer for the hospital’s alleged cruelty, but he logically answered that the commercials were aired to generate repeat business for the hospital.  Jay was fined $50 until …

Continuing his discussion with Jim Rider, Past Finemaster Bob inquired about the prime seat that Jim had for the Fourth of July fireworks across the San Gabriel Valley.  Jim was able to watch the fireworks shows from Monrovia, Azusa, and Irwindale from his fifth floor corner suite at Methodist Hospital.  As recognition for this privilege, Jay’s fine of $50 was transferred to Jim.

John Davis and his family enjoyed a two-week vacation to Alaska.  He described the wonderful time he and his wife with their two children had on both land and sea.  He confessed to bringing back some Canadian dollars, so he was fined $75 US dollars in recognition.