PROGRAM for June 23, 2017 by ASmith

Rotarian Play titled, “Demotion Time!”

Tony Parrille played the part of Rosie.

We had a visit from the Ghost of Rotary Past-Mike Real- who wanted to show actor Rosie how Rotary began. We had visits from Rotary Moses-Frank Hall who shared the 4-Way Test; Greeks-Jim Rider, Imy Dulake and Dick Martinez who explained the rules of Rotary; Romans-Dick Martinez, Jim Rider, Ernie Jensen and Frank Hall who told stories of the past presidents and member duties. Extras for the scenes include: Matt Weaver, Brad Miller, Mimi Hennessey and Mike Ojeda. Thank you for all your funny commentary and rotary wisdom.

Thank You President Rosie for your time, and many contributions you make to Rotary and Welcome to the Past President’s Club!

Thank you Mimi Hennessey for putting the skit together for our President and fellow Rotarians.



Announcements – 06/16/2017 by PAT BARNES

  1. The club’s last board meeting for the club year will be on Wednesday, 06/21/2017 at the office of Francine Chiu, 1045 W. Huntington Drive, Ste. 200, Arcadia (corner of Huntington Drive and Sunset).  It will be a joint meeting of the old board and the new board.
  2.  Rotary Partners has a social for the start of the new Rotary Year.  Come to the Arboretum Saturday 07/08/2017 to hear Grammy award winner Le Ann Rimes.  Gates open at 5:00 p.m. and the concert begins at 6:30 p.m.  The cost is $10/person for sitting on the lawn.  Bring your blanket, chairs, food and beverage, and plan on having a great time with other Rotarians and friends.
  3.  The demotion of current President Rosie Mares will be at the club meeting on Friday 06/23/17.
  4. The Installation Banquet for incoming President  Tony Parrille  will be held on Friday 06/30/2017 at San Gabriel Country Club.  We will be dark at the Embassy Suites on that date.
  5. SAVE THE DATE:  Friday 10/27/2017 for the club’s 90th anniversary celebration.


June 16, 2017 Program Report
by Waste Management Student Intern Keanny Jimenez

The 2017 RYLA students did the honors of running our club meeting for the day. RYLA is a camp for teenagers to learn leadership skills and grow as a person. The camp provided activities and guest speakers that help with leadership skills. Some activities included using fake money to purchase supplies to devise a way for an egg dropped from a two-story building and not crack when it hit the concrete floor. Another example was building a firetruck from Lego’s with one person looking at the firetruck and then describing it to the other camper so they could build it sight unseen. This activity helped them keep calm under stress and frustration.
However, they didn’t only have activities they also had guest speakers and comedians. Kathy was one of the comedians who was also deaf but kept everyone rolling around in laughter. Her jokes soon turned into a motivational speech. Kathy oozed with confidence and wanted the rest of the teenagers to radiate from that. Another speaker was “Bruce Almighty” whose theme was the decisions we make affect us. He had lost his daughter in a car accident and described how the decisions we make can affect not only us but our families.
The students from Arcadia High School had strong feelings about the camp. Many were nervous on the first day, not knowing what to expect of this camp. They soon realized the camp was filled with charismatic and welcoming people. They made friends from different places and created strong bonds with them. The camp challenged them into breaking out of their comfort zone by talking about stereotypes, race unfairness, and other kinds of problems. They were surrounded by mature and understanding young adults which helped them open emotionally and mentally. RYLA helped empower and accept their vulnerabilities and view that as an advantage instead of an obstacle.

Recognitions for June 16, 2017

The fine-master for this meeting was RYLA’s Brandon Georgian:

1. Bob Harbicht was not present, but nevertheless was recognized for wearing shorts in a recent photo, as well as for a recent trip to Holland. His aggregate punishment for both was a $ 25 fine.

2. Mike Ojeda was recognized for his daughter’s graduation from St. Lucy’s. His penalty was $17.24 (thereby compelling him to check his obscure coin collection).

3. John Wilson was recognized for allowing a photo to escape showing him out in public with his hair cut short. This cost him $22.34 (resulting in additional metal hitting the ground).

4. Swati Puri was recognized in a separate part of the meeting for the related facts (a) that she was recently married, and (b) that as a result she was moving to Seattle to be with her new husband,  (c) requiring her to leave Arcadia Rotary (no longer within range of a practical commute). This mixture of events and related sentiments neutralized any potential fine.

Craft Talks

Larry Callaham grew up in the San Gabriel Valley. After graduating from San Gabriel High School he attended Cal State L.A. majoring in Music Education with a minor in English. The summer after finishing college, he went on a cultural exchange trip to Japan. That was an eye opening, life changing adventure. He knew he wanted to teach and spent a final year getting his credential.

Larry went to work at Rosemead High School in 1970 as a music teacher. Music is different from other subjects as there is no set curriculum. Instead, skills are taught and appreciation is learned through performances such as concerts, festivals, chorus tours and Broadway Shows. All this means extra practice, and it is not unusual for a Music Teacher to put in 14-hour days. As a husband and a father of three young children, Larry decided to step aside from the performing arts and teach English full time so he could devote more time to his family.

In the early 90’s Larry had the opportunity to open a new school: South El Monte High School. It was created as a Career Path School connecting what students learn to what they will do for the rest of their lives. Five years later he was back at Rosemead High as a Guidance Counselor. He eventually became Principal at Rosemead and is very proud of his accomplishments in that position. Larry retired in 1990 and now devotes his time to hiking, gardening, music and travel. He works with the School Accreditation Commission, is a docent at the Huntington Library, and is the new Vocational Service Coordinator for the Arcadia Rotary Club.

Swati Puri began her craft talk informing us that she will be moving shortly to Seattle, Washington, to be with her new husband of 6 months. She is sorry to be leaving, but has enjoyed her time with the club. Swati is the Senior Director and Regional Consultant for Business Network International. She used the talk to tell us about her Indian Wedding. They had a wedding at a temple in Walnut but returned to India for the traditional 10-day ceremony. Initially her arms and legs were decorated with very ornate patterns using henna paste, which could be removed later. This process took 4 hours. On the third day of festival there were performances and singing and dancing. The dancing went on until two A.M. On the fourth day a yellow paste was applied to her body. This is an old tradition, used many years before current lotions and creams were available, to make the skin and body beautiful. Next was the bangle ceremony. Bangles are put on the wrist by aunts and uncles and are worn for 6 months to show you are a newly wed. On her wedding day Swati wore a traditional outfit with a long shirt and pants. At the ceremony they were blessed by the “Teachings of God” and took four vows to serve God. Swati wore another outfit at the reception and again they danced until dawn. It was quite an event.

Rotary Announcements for June 9, 2017

Member Updates:

Ernie Jensen’s son Eric passed away from a respiratory ailment. (per Matt Weaver)

Donald Milefchikc is in Arcadia Methodist Hospital, recovering from pneumonia and hopes to be out in near future. (per Dan Place)

Coming Events

Arcadia Rotary’s last Board meeting for the club year will be on 06/21/2017 and will be a joint meeting of the old board and the new board. It will take place at the offices of Francine Chiu, 1045 W. Huntington Drive, Ste. 200, Arcadia (corner of Huntington and Sunset). (per Dr. Michael Hoey and Francine Chiu)

The Installation Banquet for the Club Year 2017-2018 will be on 06/30/2017 and will take place at the San Gabriel Country Club. Sign up to attend and to indicate seating preferences. (per Mike Real)

The Greatest Rotary Club in the World!