Police K9 Dog Program

The Arcadia Police Foundation (APF) is a non-profit community organization. APF was established in 2015 for the purpose of supporting the Arcadia Police Department (APD) by raising funds to support the programs, projects, and activities of the Department that are not funded in full through the city budget. Two Arcadia Rotarians, TG Metzger and Glenn Oyoung, are board members of the APD.
The first project the APF tackled was to create and maintain an Arcadia Police K9 unit. Josh Faulks is Arcadia’s K9 police officer dog handler. He met Zoli, a Solvakia-born 18-month-old German shepherd-Belgian Malinois mix, and trained for six weeks with him at a facility in Moorpark. The training period with Zoli was the hardest physical thing Josh had ever encountered. Zoli is cross-trained to both apprehend suspects and sniff out drugs. Josh and Zoli are currently working 12 hour shifts Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights. Jeff and Zoli train at least 8 hours weekly.
The foundation is working to fund another K9 for the Arcadia Police Department. The cost for a new dog including the purchase price , the training, special equipment for the dog and the vehicle in which he rides. and veterinary fees cost add up to total of approximately $50,000. The APF is seeking tax-deductible donations to fund a second K9.

Announcements for January 13, 2017

Member Updates (per President Rosie Mares)
1. Frank Perini is in the hospital (possible flu or pneumonia);
2. Frank Hall is undergoing knee surgery;
3. Sam Falzone is in the hospital with pacemaker issues;
4. John Davis is resigning from Rotary.

Future Events
1. 01/21/2017 – Saturday, Joint project with Tijuana Rotary Club’s Dia de Los Reyes. The project provides entertainment, lunch, a blanket and toy to each of 400 Downs Syndrome children in Tijuana, Mexico. Also Arcadia Rotary Foundation purchased 22 wheelchairs to take down to Tijuana for distribution to recipients selected by Tijuana Rotary.(per Director: Dick Martinez )
2. 02/24/2017 – DARK at Embassy Evening Event for Speech & Music Location: Holly Avenue School. Teacher Mini Grants and Student Mini Grants winner’s will be presented at this meeting. (per Director: Ken Chan [who also announced that his email was recently hacked; so don’t open any email messages purporting to be from him].)
3. 03/03/2017 – DARK at Embassy Day at the Races Location: Santa Anita Park (per President Rosie Mares)
4. 04/22/2017 – Casino Night on a Saturday Location: Arcadia Community Center (per Director: Jim Pontello)
5. 04/28/2017 – DARK at Embassy Arbor Day Location: Arboretum (per Director: Jim Pontello)

Certificates Awarded (by President Rosie Mares)
1. Dave McMonigle received a Paul Johenk fellowship certificate;
2. Tim Vickery received both a Paul Johenk fellowship certificate and Hudson Procter fellowhip;
3. Butch Chinn received both a Paul Johenk fellowship certificate and Hudson Procter fellowship.

Recognitions – January 6, 2017

Finemaster Brad Miller began the New Year by recognizing George Fasching with thanks for his efforts in getting the windmill at the corner of Huntington and Santa Anita up and running again.  Brad questioned whether there is a budget shortage since some of the light bulbs need to be replaced.  George assured us that he will be looking into it and thus avoided a fine for his recognition.

The four Red Badgers in attendance – Francine Chiu, Ashley Smith, Hsiao Chen, and Larry Callaham – were called on to answer questions about the recent Rose Parade.  None of them knew the theme for the Rose Parade (Echoes of Success).  Ashley was pardoned from the fine by knowing the float theme for Rotary International’s float (Doing Good in the World).  Although none of the Red Badgers knew which prize the Rotary International float won, Ray Bushnell shared that the float had won the Princess Trophy.  Since Ray was instrumental in helping raise the funds for the float, all of which were raised without funds from Rotary International, he wasn’t fined for helping the Red Badgers.

This week’s version of “Rat on a Rotarian” began with TG Metzger.  He avoided a fine by ratting on Ernie Aragon “just to pick on him.”  Ernie ratted on himself first by bragging that he and his wife are expecting their 16th grandchild.  He then avoided a fine by ratting on Terry Earll.  Terry has just returned from a trip to Las Vegas.  His trip to Vegas at New Year’s avoided top rates by staying at the Marriot Suites, but that didn’t save him a fine; he was recognized for $25.

90 Minutes That Can Change A Child’s Life

Programs Report for January 6, 2017

Former District Governor Roger Schulte who is the District 5300 leader for the 2017 Rotoplast Mission to Lima, Peru showed us how 90 minutes can forever change the life of a child with cleft lip or palette. The pictures in his presentation from his past mission to Retalhuleu, Guatemala were worth a thousand words as we saw how these children and their families were suffering from this birth defect. Lips turned inside out with teeth sticking out in all directions showed how cleft palette and lip can effect a child’s ability to swallow, nurse as an infant, hear and speak.

Roger explained how Rotary has been conducting these missions for over 24 years, visiting 26 countries and serving over 17,000 children. Over a two- week period a team of 25, including medical and non-medical volunteers serve in capacities from registration, medical assessment, supply chain, pre and post op to photo journalist work with the local Rotary clubs in these countries to serve as many children as possible. Some people travel up to 14 hours just to get to the location of the Rotoplast project in hopes of receiving this life-changing operation.

Each Rotoplast can cost over $90,000 which are mainly funded thru individual donations. Money is the most crucial thing needed to continue these missions. If you would like to donate or are interested in volunteering go to the Rotoplast website at www.rotoplast.org.

Announcements for meeting on 01/06/2017 by Pat Barnes

  1.  Happy Birthday President Rosie on 01/07/2017.
  2.  Reminder that the Board meeting will be held on Wednesday 01/11/2017 at Matt Denney’s at 5:30  p.m.
  3. Dick Martinez announced that the Tijuana Rotary Club has invited our club to attend their annual “3 King’s Day” party to be given by them for 300-350 Down Syndrome kids which will  be held on Saturday 01/21/2017.  If anyone is interested in attending contact Dick for more information.
  4. The club will be dark at the Embassy Suites on Friday 02/24/2017 as the meeting will be a dinner meeting held at 5:30 p.m. at Holly Avenue School.  At that meeting there will be the 4-Way Speech Contest, the Dan Stover Music Contest and Mini-Grants.  Sign-up sheets will be passed around in a few weeks to find out who will be attending,
  5.  Arcadia Day at the Races will be on Friday 03/03/2017 at Santa Anita Race Track.  We will be dark that day at Embassy Suites.
  6.  Casino Night, the club’s  annual fundraiser,  will be held on Saturday 04/22/2017.
  7.  The club meeting on Friday 04/28/2017 will be at the Arboretum in honor of Arbor Day.  We will be dark that day at Embassy Suites.
  8.  Mike Real announced that District 5300’s annual RYLA weekend for high school juniors will be held on the weekend of 04/28 through 04/30/2017.  They need people to sign up as Facilitators for the weekend which can be members and non-members.  Contact Mike for more information.
  9.   Jim Helms announced at the meeting that 01/06/2017 is the 12th Day of Christmas (the Epiphany) which in the son is “12 Drummers Drumming” .

ANNOUNCEMENTS for 12.16.16 by Ashley Smith

1.) Superintendent of Arcadia USD, Jeff Wilson thanked the Arcadia Rotary for the continuing support of the Community and Schools. He brought up Travis Long, Principal of Longley Way Elementary School. He introduced the Teacher of the Month and Teacher of the Year, 5th Grade Teacher, Andrea Fruits.

2.) Thank you to our fabulous Piano Player, David.

3.) Thank you to our wonderful staff who help serve our Club every week.

4.) Mike Hoey announced who is up for election for 2017-Youth Services: Larry Callaham, Kathy Ellison and Glen O’Young.  For 2017 Board, John Wilson. Nominations still being accepted.

5.) New Member Induction-Gina Kim. WELCOME to Arcadia Rotary!

The Greatest Rotary Club in the World!