Flying Doctors of Mercy

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Our speakers today were Dr. Tim Murphy and Dr. Jon Tyrell representing the Flying Doctor’s of mercy.  The doctors work through an organization called Liga International, primarily in Sinaloa Mexico.  On the first Friday of each month several doctors, along with nurses and supplies fly down to Sinaloa and perform medical procedures in a small clinic.  Their services are in many cases the only medical attention that the village has access to.  If a person breaks a leg or arm or gets a hernia they are then unable to work or worse.

The clinic recently received a Laparoscopic Tower, enabling them to perform laparoscopic procedures.  This equipment requires, lighting, suction devices, scopes and other specialized equipment.  Most of the surgeries are smaller procedures, as the patients must be able to walk home to recover, there is no facility for overnight recovery and ongoing follow up.  However, in some cases the doctors have been able to treat very serious situations like a very large tumor on a child’s jaw and a small girl with six toes making her unable to wear shoes.

The clinic could use support towards purchase of a portable ultra sound machine, approximate cost $30,000.  Seeing the poverty and medical difficulties is heart wrenching and reminds us how fortunate we are here in the USA.  One quote/observation “We came down to fix you, but you fixed us”.

Photos for 2015-03-2

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Water Project Thailand

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Our own Matt Weaver shared his trips to the Myanmar area where he has, for the past twenty years, spearheaded his own water project to the most remote villages in the area. His current project takes him somewhere between Myanmar, Laos and Thailand along the Burma Road. It’s not easy to trek through the mud, jungles and primitive environments, then, organize volunteers and teams to assemble water tanks, piping, and charcoal filters to purify, but Matt finds a way. He depends on friends such as Michael Mann, a missionary working in Thailand over forty years, who specializes in agricultural development. Michael works with the poorest of the poor through the organization he founded, I.T.D.P., Integrated Tribal Development Program, and has become good friends with Matt over time. Matt also takes volunteers to the area from family, church, and friends, even our own Rotarians, Rosie Mares and Bob Harbicht. Once they arrive on site, all volunteers eat, sleep, and work along side local villagers. Matt says after the first few days there he and his friends don’t even notice the variety of bugs crawling in their food. The locals typically grow or kill their food since they are “hunters and gatherers” by nature.


Early on, the Weavers formed a 5013-C Non Profit Organization as a vehicle to help fund these water projects through donations. The typical cost to construct a water resource supply system is about $12,000 when all the elements are considered:

  1. Construct village water supply system
  2. Construct latrines for the village
  3. Gardens or fishponds for village
  4. Training: Hygiene, sanitation, watershed management

(posted from ITDP website)


Since these villages usually have no running water, the source is found and a gravity fed pipe system is laid back to the village and filtered through charcoal filters, which need to be changed regularly by the villagers. Squat toilets are built, and most recently a medical clinic building from bricks which were formed from a mold and dried in the sun. Through Matt’s good work many small villages now have running water and are learning how to take better care of their families. With the help from other missionary groups villagers are trained to grow Arabica Coffee Beans, which are then sold to Starbucks. I’ll always remember the “teach a man to fish” parable.


Many thanks Matt, to you and your family for helping people live better lives.


(Pat Dolphin)

Arcadia Rotary History

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Here are some more memories of Arcadia Rotary Club history from Ernie Jensen who was the 1990-91 Club President and 1996-97 District Governor.

After “winning” a silent auction raffle, at the Rotary Fundraiser, the prize that Gail bought me was a stress test by Dr. Scott Nelson at the Fortenace Physical Therapy building. They told me that they would go to 80% of my maximum heart rate, to see how well I worked under stress. The ramp got higher, and went faster and faster, and faster. I kept up, running until I felt light headed, when they finally slowed the machine down. Wow, they said 120% of normal maximum and you still kept it up. Great and they were trying to kill me!

Gail, Joel, and I have been to many International Rotary Conventions, around the world. Our club pays for or underwrites the trip for incoming Presidents. I recommend that every member plan on going to a Convention at least once while a Rotarian. You will understand more that Rotary is truly International, not just Arcadia, or just California, but International.
One experience that I recall is when the Convention was in our District-Las Vegas. I was asked to come to the Convention….I said why?…because it probably will never be in our district again….sooo…..because our district was in charge…..sooo….so we need you to help. Now that was a good reason! I made reservations at Caesar’s Palace, & told Gail I was going to Las Vegas to help out at a Rotary International Convention, she could stay home, or come and stay at the Hotel if she wanted…..What! Going by yourself to Las Vegas…I don’t think so!
When we got to Las Vegas, Gail asked what we were doing for dinner, and maybe I should invite some Arcadia Rotarians. I made reservations for 8, and then called some Arcadia Rotarians. Nobody was in their rooms- middle of the day in Las Vegas…don’t know what they were doing. Close to the reservation time I started getting calls, 8, 10, 12, 14, 1, 18, 20 wow, everybody wanted to get together.
That same Convention, I volunteered to be a host for “Home Hospitality”. I was given this paper, with the name of my Rotarian to host. Jean Pierre Battlo, from Andorra (Were is that?) on the form “speaks” French, Spanish (English box not checked). I called, his wife answered, and she spoke no English. I found out when he was returning (in Spanish). We took them out to dinner with a number of Arcadia Rotarians, and then to Siegfried & Roy (language not necessary). We made friends, and later had 2 of his nieces, and a son of his best friend come to stay with us for a few months each. After the Nice Rotary International Convention, we spent 3 days in Toulouse, France, Andorra, and Mont-Louis where he had a “summer house”. Ask me about his summerhouse. Later on our way home we spent the day in Paris, and had dinner with his sister and a wealthy American at the oldest Restaurant in Paris. I even remember the wealthy Americans name….Bill Gates.

Announcements 04/10/2015 by Pat Barnes

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1.  Aaron Rose gave a power point presentation on the Temple City Interact Club which we sponsor.  It now has approximately 25 members and is active in many projects.

2.  Eszylfie Taylor is taking the place of Phil Wood in lining up club members to be greeters,  give the invocation and make introductions at each club meeting while Phil is on leave of absence.  He passed around a clip board for signups at the meeting and asked every member to participate.

3.  Dick Martinez gave a power point presentation on the Rotary Amigos work project held at an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico, the weekend of January 25, 2015.  Club members who participated were Dick Martinez, Tom Crosby, Mike Real, Andy Bundesmann, Rosie Mares and her mother, and former member Al Leghab and his wife.  Members of the Tijuana Rotary Club, together with members of the Rotaract Club sponsored by them at a local college, also participated.   Arcadia Rotary presented the orphanage with a check for $350.00 to purchase clothes and other necessities for the orphanage.  Dick hopes that more members of Arcadia Rotary will participate next year,  and Rosie recommended that more wives, mothers and other females participate to interact and act as role models for the kids.  Congratulations to Dick for keeping Rotary Amigos alive for the past 38 years.

4.  A reminder that Casino Night is coming up next Saturday April 18, 2015,  at 6:00 p.m. to be held at the Arcadia Community Center.  This is our club’s big fundraiser for the year and the club needs every member to participate in order to raise enough money to fund the club’s projects for the year.

5.   The club’s annual Salute to Seniors will be on Tuesday 05/12/2015 to be held at the Arcadia Community Center at noon.  Members are needed to help set up beforehand,  serve food at the event,  and cleanup afterwards.

6.  A reminder that the club’s meeting on 04/24/2015 will be held at the Arboretum and not at Embassy Suites.


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Dan Ausman was first up. After some small talk Dan was reminded that he has been a Arcadia Rotarian for almost three years. Finemaster George asked if red was Dan’s favorite color since he is still a red badger!! Dan seemed to think he only had to attend a board meeting to graduate to blue badge. It’s not too soon, Dan, $78.00

Then Jim Helms explained why he was honored at Rose Hills networking breakfast. George felt he was selected for the obvious reason. $4.00

After a long discussion about Dave Freeman’s upcoming vacation, he was finally asked why, in recent presentation photo to Frank Perini by Frank Griffith. Frank was shown as “Griff Swenson” by Dave in the High Gear sub-title. Dave explained it away as a senior moment.

Proposed New Member

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We are delighted to be proposing a new member by the name of Francine Chiu.  Francine is being sponsored by Aaron Rose and Imy Dulake.  Francine is President of the Arcadia Chinese Association, a non-profit service organization. Francine resides in San Gabriel, born in Taiwan, educated in the U.S.  When not leading the Arcadia Chinese Association, Francine loves to travel, exercise and enjoys doing flower arrangement.  If you have comments or questions regarding this proposed new member, please call me, Brian Hall at 626-688-1751 or email to

Proposed New Member

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Attention Arcadia Rotarian’s.  In case you missed it, Bruno Esquivel has applied to join the Arcadia Rotary Club. Bruno is a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones in Arcadia. Bruno and wife Doris of almost 4 years is being proposed by Chris Haddow & Gil Stromsoe. Bruno resides in Sierra Madre and will be classified under Wealth Management. Inquiries, please call Brian Hall at 445-0950 x6200.

Teacher Minigrants 2015

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Arcadia Rotary has been doing Mini-Grants since 1989. To date we have awarded 400 grants totaling over $100,000. This year the awards totaled $3500, 12 grants out of a total of 27 applicants.

The Principal of 1st Ave Middle school, Tom Bruce, introduced three of the recipients. He explained how education has changed so much with the integration of technology early -kids able to go on the net at kindergarten level. The three awardees are each designated “Site technology coaches” – tech savvy teachers that can help others integrate more technology into their teaching methods.

The first teacher Courtney Miller teaches 6th grade. Her project “Young Scientist Become Publishers” allowed the kids to print magazines about science topics in a format they created for themselves. The format was taken from a magazine application that is provided by Google for Educators. The finished magazine layout was sent to a service “Blurb” that printed the magazines. Ms. Miller explained the kids, in small groups, did all the work with little supervision. It took a week to complete the booklets that were then printed and displayed at the open house. They sold the booklets and made $1000 which was used to buy a 3d printer. The cost of the magazines ($4 each plus shipping) was provided for by the Arcadia Rotary Mini-Grant.

Alejandra (Alex) Worozaken from Holly Avenue elementary teaches curriculum that covers body systems including comparing and contrasting the frog to human anatomy and physiology. Her mini-grant provided 28 bullfrogs for dissection for 120 students. Using small groups every student was able to be involved.  A goal is to introduce them to science and inspire some to more science oriented careers.

Antoine Le’s project for the Rancho Learning Center, Arcadia’s alternative/extension program allowed the purchase of two 3d printers. The “Rancho Extension School” is for “at risk”students. Many have lost all hope and have no dreams. The 3d printer teaches kids to envision their project and allows them to see it created. When asked “what can be printed?” Antoine explained when they study the civil war they can print a civil war era bullet, something that might better capture the attention of these youth.

All the teachers were appreciative of the mini-grant but also mentioned the ongoing support of Rotary and the blessing of being able to teach in the Arcadia Unified School District.

ANNOUNCEMENTS for April 3,2015

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1.  Salute to Senior Citizens will be held at the Community Center on Tuesday, May 12, 2015, from 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM. We still need 12 Rotarians to help out dressing tables, serving lunch and light kitchen help.  Clean up will be brief.  The Arcadia High Dancers will perform.

2.  Frank Hall, Frank Perini and Jack Lamb were all recognized last Saturday night at the District 5300 Foundation dinner held at the Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas.  RI Director, Steve Snyder, and District 5300 Governor, Larry Scaggs, honored these three Rotarians for the tens of thousands of hours they have given doing Rotary Service for over fifty years each! (160 years total?).  Griff Sorenson presented the awards to Frank, Frank and Jack at our luncheon meeting.

3.  Casino Night in Arcadia is coming April 18, 2015, 6:00 – 10:00 PM, at the Community Center.  There will be the usual casino games, drinks, great dinner by the Derby and fun. Be sure to RSVP to Eic Rail.

4.  Our own former member Nikki, now married, with her husband Chad, let us know about the program they are helping along here in Arcadia: Arcadia YoungLife, where young folks can have a place to hang out and talk in a good environment, in a home (Chad and Nikki”s), or to have people to do things with, such as going to the beach.  There will be a fundraiser dinner at Brookside Country Club on April 13, 2015, to raise money and to recognize those who have given of their time and efforts for this worthwhile program.

5.  The 2015 Distinguished Citizen of the Year Award honoring Imy Dulake and Steve Baker will be presented by the Lucky Baldwin District of the San Gabriel Valley Council Boy Scouts of America on Wednesday, May 27, 2015, at the Courtyard By Marriott, Monrovia.  Jack McRae is the Lucky Baldwin District Chairman and Chair of the 2015 Distinguished Citizen Award Dinner.

6.  As Arcadia Rotary Foundation donated $10,000 to the renovation project for the Arcadia High baseball field, President Mike Ojeda, was the honoree to throw out the first pitch. He did such a great job, even avoiding injury, he/we were awarded a framed jersey!

7.  ARCADIA MINI-GRANTS:  These teachers who received mini-grants all spoke enthusiastically about their projects and students, and made it clear why they were honored.

Courtney Miller teaches 6th grade at First Ave Middle School. Her young Scientists program published a professional quality magazine using Chromebooks.

Alex Warsakian (sp), PhD,  teaches elementary students at Holly Ave School, including Latino Literacy. A “pet” project of hers, which we helped enable, is the Bullfrog Dissection class, where students are able to compare its anatomy to a human’s.

Antoine Lee teaches at Rancho Learning Center. His techo- savy knowledge allows him to connect with the young folks in unique ways,  such as the 3 D Printers we funded. These printers allow the at-risk students to get their minds re- enthused under the direction of this interested leader.


Recognitions – March 27, 2015

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John Murphy filled in for George as Finemaster this week.  His role in new member orientations inspired him to invite all the Icebreakers to participate in a quiz based on the orientation packet they received.  Participants Ken Chan, Swati Puri, Ramon Oseguera, Eszylfie Taylor, Dan Place, Glenn Oyoung, and Jim Pontello were to be fined $10 each for each answer the group missed.

They correctly identified the founder of Rotary (Paul Harris), where Rotary was founded (Chicago), when Arcadia Rotary was founded (1927), the current RI President (Gary Huang), District 5300’s current Governor (Larry Skaggs).  However, they missed the year Rotary was founded (1905), where the first luncheon meeting took place (Oakland), Paul Harris’ middle name (Percy), how much Arcadia Rotarians have donated to The Rotary Foundation (over $750,000).  When they missed an Avenue of Service and one part of the 4-Way Test, John waived all their fines and fined himself $25 for his poor training at the orientation meetings.

Arcadia Youth Basketball

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Landis Richardson is the Director of the Arcadia Youth Basketball Association. The program began in 1997, and for the past 18 years has maintained the mission to provide a safe, supportive, recreational basketball program for boys and girls living in the city of Arcadia, who currently attend grade school levels 3 through 8.
The program is designed to:
Develop an understanding of and appreciation for sports education.
Enhance each player’s individual skills within the game of basketball.
Promote sportsmanship and teamwork while also acknowledging each individual’s contribution to their team.
Provide a competitive environment for league & tournament play.
Build lasting bonds between the players, parents and coaches.
Provide opportunities to meet high school and college coaches, learn new techniques and skills, encourage player-parent mentorship, and to promote the spirit of community!
Have a little fun!!!
Games are played at the Arcadia High School Gym. The Arcadia Youth Basketball Association has serviced over 200 athletes every season for the last 3 years. Future plans look forward to adding an all girls league and extending the playing season. The league relies on community support to provide young athletes the great opportunity to succeed in the game of basketball.