Announcements for July 22

  1. On Thursday July 28 we will have a social meeting at the Sena Restaurant, starting at 5:30. Cost is $10 for appetizers, and drinks are extra. Spouses and friends are welcome, according to John Wilson, our Social Chair. The restaurant is in Monrovia right across the street from the Krikorian Movie Theater on Myrtle Ave.
  2. Member update: The club was sad to hear of the passing of Mike Hoey’s mother last week. A sympathy card was circulated for the members to sign.
  3. Frank Griffith is updating the club roster for this year and needs any corrections in your information. Please email him, or make your changes to the roster that has been circulating at the meetings.
  4. Gil Stromsoe told us of a $3,000 scholarship to be awarded to a worthy recipient by the District Foundation. The club decided to submit an application for Hanna Lee, a senior at Arcadia H.S. She has been very active in the Interact Club, editor of the school paper, team captain of the Science Bowl, Class President, and has a 4.0 G.P.A. She plans on attending Yale and will major in International Relations.
  5. Rotary Amigos will go to Mexico on Aug. 27 and 28. We will work at an all boys orphanage near Tecate. For more details, please contact Dick Martinez.
  6. Pres. Rosie had the honor of inducting a new member. She is Swati Puri, classification Marketing: Consulting. Her sponsors are Ken Mallory and Brian Hall. Since she was a member previously and is now returning to the club, she was presented with a Blue Badge. Welcome back, Swati!

Rotary International Convention 2016

Goyang Kintex, Korea the site of the 2016 Rotary International Convention.

President Rosie Mares, Imy & Rick Dulake attended and gave a rousing overview of the events, activities, performances and presentations.  Outgoing RI President Ravi Ravindran gave an opening address, encouraging Rotarians to plan for a life of 100 years but live every day like it is your last day and to:

  • Join Leaders
  • Share Ideas
  • Take Action

Attendance was over 50,000 with Japan bringing over 7,000 Rotarians and the U.S. bringing over 2,500 Rotarians.  There were Ti QuanDo demonstrations, dancers, singers and Korean dancers weaving ribbon around a flag pole.

Rosie and Imy encouraged Arcadia Rotarians to sign up to attend the 2017 RI Convention in Atlanta Georgia, where rotary will be


  • 2017 RI Convention, Atlanta Georgia

Link at:

Imy proceded to quiz Rotarians on the following:

  1. The year Rotary was established? 1905
  2. Number of Rotarians world wide? 2,000,000
  3. Number of countries Rotary is in? 200
  4. Year of the first woman in Rotary? 1987
  5. Number of clubs? 45,000
  6. Location of the 2017 RI Convention? Atlanta

Korea had great food, great Rotarians, great bus rides and great traffic!  The closing performance was by PSY, singing Gangham Style! Rosie & Imy invite us all to join them in 2017.



ANNOUNCEMENTS for July 15, 2016 by Ashley Smith

1.) Bob Harbicht named the Sergeant at Arms for the 2016-2017 Year

2.) Resignation of Dave Freeman as VP. Due to personal reasons, Dave Freeman has had to resign as VP, but still remains an active member.

3.) The club Nominated Pat Dolphin as VP for 2016-2017.

4.) With 38 Years of participation in the Rose Parade, the Rose Float Committee is now accepting donations to help with this years new float. Approximate cost is $250,000. Anything with help and is greatly appreciated. The committee plans to have a site meeting at the float location, they will give more details at the following meetings.

*The Arcadia High School Marching Band will also be in the January 1, 2017 Rose Parade.*

5.) Rotary Amigos event put on by Dick Martinez. Scheduled for August 27, 2016 at Rancho Nazareth Orphanage, Tecate, Mexico. Still needing volunteers to help with construction and coordinate events for the kids. See Dick for more details.

6.) Social Event put on by John Wilson and fellow Rotarians on Thursday, July 28th at 5:30PM at Bella Sera located at 422 S. Myrtle Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016. See John for more information.

The Fascinating World of High Profile Litigation

The Fascinating World of High Profile Litigation

Presented By: Jim Hanrahan

The first program of President Rosie Mares’ new year started off with a twist.  Retired Attorney Jim Hanrahan, who was a law partner with Jim Helms, gave us a look into how lawsuits can take unusual twists and turns, particularly in the world of high profile litigation.

Jim started off with the 1963 Baldwin Hills Dam Case that resulted in the City of LA paying millions of dollars in damages for the dam breaking and killing 5 people and destroying 277 homes.  However, the City of LA turned around and sued the oil company for drilling that compromised the dam.  He then turned to the Hoffy Hot Dog case where laminated beams broke from ceiling hitting the fire sprinklers and flooding the building.  Hoffy sued for $500,000.  Jim’s clients offered $125,000. Hoffy chose to go to trial and the jury decided to award Hoffy only $100,000.

We also learned about the biggest banana case in which a vending machine worker claimed he slipped on a banana in the lunchroom of the Federal Reserve Bank.  The worker sued for $350,000 but Jim’s private investigator filmed the “injured” worked doing mechanical work.  After all the legal wrangling, the worker only ended up with $35,000.

Jim also did work with many famous people like Lee Marvin, Dionne Warwick and the infamous Moe the Chimp from West Covina who bit off a woman’s finger.  Before Jim could tell us about the automobile cases he has handled, Rosie gave him the hook and led him off the stage.  It was clear Jim had lots more cases to cover.  I sense another Arcadia Rotary Club speaking engagement in Jim’s future.

ANNOUNCEMENTS for July 8, 2016, by Dave Freeman

  1.  Bruce and Joanne McMcallum are leaving us!  Bruce mentioned something and Imy sold his house before he could blink, and they are off to the beach. We will miss them, their long-time service, and infectious smiles.
  2.  Rotary Amigos are off to Tijuana, on August 27, 2016, and the 28th, if you care to stay overnight and enjoy the food, drink and camaraderie, after doing good deeds.
  3. Board of Directors Meeting is July 13, 2016. Look for details in the email.
  4.  Rosie’s Gavel made an historic round the world trip before floating back to the waiting ( and anxious ) hands of our new president.
  5.  Roster changes, additions and deletions: Please be sure to review your current entries, and make the appropriate changes or mark OK, on the rosters that are being circulated.  If you have no photo in the Roster, Get Frank or Sandra to take your photo, or submit one you like.
  6.  Boys and Girls Clubs: Alan Whitman (sp), co-founder of a well known company, and mentioned in Barons magazine will be the speaker Thursday, July 14, 2016.   Their is no cost (but bring your checkbooks and credit cards for donations for the great purpose).  Check with John Wilson for details.


John Murphy

Without missing a beat, Fine Master Harbicht resumed his duties like it was yesterday. First up was Red Badger Francine Chiu who is the clubs new New Member Development Director. Then Imy Dulake was called up. The connection? Seems Imy sold Bruce Mccallum’s home and they are soon moving away. Francine looses a member before she even gets started with her duties. $50.00 to Imy for creating this problem.

Don Milefchik moved to Royal Oaks and has missed lots of meetings. For this he was fined $50.00 but will given a $5.00 credit for each of the next 10 consecutive meetings he attends. Where did this rule come from?

Mike Real’s niece will soon be married in their backyard. Despite explaining that it’s not their wedding, Mike was hit for $100.00 because he didn’t insist on using Dolphin Party Rentals.

The ink hadn’t dried on her Membership Application before Mr. Harbicht fined Kathy Ellis $25.00 for having a place at Big Bear and $25.00 for not inviting he and Patsy on her boat for July 4th. (Harbichit’s also have a place there)

Keith Brown was let off with no fine because his Balboa Island house, which is 2′ above sea level, will soon be gone if Mr. Harbicht’s calculations are correct.

Victor Delos Santos was hit for $50.00 simple because he was named “top dentist” by some (?) publication.

In three weeks, Aaron Rose will be installed a president of the Arcadia Chinese Association. You read it correctly. $50.00 Aaron.

The Greatest Rotary Club in the World!