Announcements for August 26

  1. Ash Rizk was in attendance today and was presented his Blue Badge by Pres. Rosie.
  2.  Social Event: Del Mar Race Train. Mike Ojeda announced the date to be September 3, 2016. We’ll take the train from Anaheim to Del Mar for the races, drinks and betting. Only 6 people have signed up so far. Please contact Mike if you can attend.
  3. Bob Novell brought his friend Hamlet to the meeting. Hamlet is a Rotarian from Uganda and he and Bob were instrumental in starting a college there in 2004. In September of last year it was accredited as a university. Hamlet and his wife are here to promote a children’s center in Uganda.


Paul Kalemkiarian Jr.- *Wine of the Month Club*

The Original Wine of the Month Club is the oldest and most imitated monthly wine service in America. Having been founded on the values of quality and customer service, the Wine of the Month Club has been referred to as the “Nordstoms” of the wine club industry. Paul tastes over 400 wines a month to select the two values he sends. “You never pay for a wine you do not like at the Wine of the Month Club”.

The Wine of the Month Club has over 1,200 videos on YouTube, very entertaining and wine-educational.


ANNOUNCEMENTS for August 19, 2016, by Dave Freeman

1.  Pat Dolphin is circulating the Rotary T-Shirt sign up. Please designate your preference in size and quantity.

2. Club Service: your service is requested. Please indicate the areas where you can help.

3.  Mexican Orphanage: Dick Martinez and crew are going to replace the overhead lighting. They could use gifts of hot dogs and  toys for the kids and wire cutters and strippers.  Swati passed the hat and collected a nice sum for the worthwhile event.

4.  Casino Night: Save the date for next year’s event – April 22, 2017.

5. Social Event: Del Mar Race Train. Mike Ojeda announced the  date to be September 3, 2016. We’ll take the train from Anaheim to Del Mar for the races, drinks and betting.

6.  Operation Chromite: A group of Rotarians went to see the movie about the major battle of the Korean War,  that Imy Dulake’s son was involved with and acted in.  The profits donated to Arcadia Rotary  Foundation totalled $322. Thank you Imy !


Fine Master Bob Harbicht called on his first “victim” Frank Perini and asked him if he was aware of a Veterans Memorial that is being built in San Dimas, CA where he Frank is being recognized as a World War II veteran; later Frank asked “how do you know?” then Bob reminded us that “he knows everything”. He continued and informed Frank that he can’t fine him for that…BUT he did say he would fine him $50 for his barbershop being recognized as a Landmark in the City Chambers office.

The second person to “walk to plank” was our gracious host for our annual Monday Night Football events Paul Kalemkiarian, however Paul argued that it wasn’t fair to fine a “Blue Badge Guest”…Bob disagreed in laughter adding that the only reason he was in attendance is because he was our speaker. Soon there after he added that because of his father’s 90th birthday bash he was left without the Tom Crosby scotch, but will re-stock in time for this year’s Monday Night Football event. He was in fact NOT exempt from a fine for being a “Blue Badge Guest” and will have to pay $50 cash (not worth of wine).

Jim Helms was asked to stand up next for the 2nd week in a row and was asked if his it was a mere coincidence that a couple of days after being fined by Bob his licence plates finally arrived to his home after 14 months of waiting; Jim answered that he knows that Bob’s influence probably played a roll in that…Bob agreed and fined him $25 for the favor.

Next, it was the “Ernie Show” where Bob asked Ernie Jensen about his current remodeling ventures in both Big Bear, CA and Hawaii. Included in those ventures is that MOST of the glass for the projects are being provided by…Ernie Aragon. However, when Bob discovered that only most, and not all of his glass needs were being met by Ernie Aragon…Bob rolled over the whole fine of $100 to only Ernie Jensen.

Finally it was Ken Chan’s turn to stand up and explain what he was doing at the Queen Mary two weeks ago. Ken said that he was in a model train event where he didn’t buy, but he did sell. Although Ken quickly said that all the proceeds were already spent by his wife, Bob added that he probably still had enough to pay $50.

ANNOUNCEMENTS for August 12, 2016 Meeting by Ashley Smith

1.) Tony Parrille introduced Lori Phillipi who was absent during the installation dinner, but acknowledged her at the Ernest E. Jensen Service to the Youth Award. Lori was unable to attend the installation dinner, but her mother, Peggy Allison, former Rotarian, was able to accept it on her behalf.

2.) Pat Dolphin passed around the Roster Updates-LAST CALL to make any changes for the new year.

Also, President Rosie has given a thumbs up to Rotary T-Shirts. A sign-up sheet was passed around to get sizes. (Will be passed around at the next meeting, also).

3.) John Wilson announced the event Rotary @ the Races on September 3rd. They plan to take the train from Anaheim to Del Mar, they need at least 20 participants to get the group discount.

4.) John Wilson announced Imy’s son, Sean Dulake’s new movie has been released. There will be a group going to see the film at the Laemmle Theatre in Pasadena on Wednesday 08/17. The film is titled “Operation Chromite”. Anyone is welcome.

5.) John Wilson announced that Post Alarm is hosting a Golf Tournament on October 3rd to benefit the Boys and Girls Club. See John for sign-up details.

6.) Glenn Oyoung was absent during the installation dinner, so being his first meeting back, he received his John R. Fee New Member Award.


District Governor’s Visit – Luciano (Lu) de Sylva

To be the DG of our 60+ club District you have to not only have been deeply enmeshed in Rotary but also demonstrate a commitment to service, to leadership and to be worthy of the position. Lu meets these criteria and shared his vision for the District over the next year.

He joined in 1983 and has been President of the Walnut Valley Club THREE times… that speaks volumes right there!!! In his career he has had several successful businesses and ended up in education.

He describes a “Rotary Moment” when he was on a Rotoplast trip in Sonora, Mexico and a child was too sick to have the cleft palate procedure.  Without a word, Rotarians stepped up to provide funds for a two week stay for the mother and child in a hotel, food and transportation… and later the procedure was performed and successful.

DG Lu sees the District’s role to assist, support and strengthen the clubs.

He also has the duty of passing on the vision from RI:

  1. MEMBERSHIP remains a perennial concern.  Membership has held at 1.2 million worldwide but in the U.S. numbers are down.  Our district is increasing but our own club is down from 100 to 87. GOAL – to return our club to 100 this year.
  2. CELEBRATE 100 years of Rotary Foundation – established at the 8th RI convention, June 1917 in Atlanta. The Paul Harris Fellow donations allow members to initiate project ideas, work with others and make changes happen with projects all over the world.
  3. POLIO PLUS is a “10 year project” in its 30th year.  This year is expected to be the final year with zero new cases.  3 more years are needed “Polio-Free” for it to be considered eradicated.

In the District arena Lu’s vision includes:

  1. MEMBERSHIP – increase 4%.
  2. YOUTH – increase RYLA and TLC participation. Strengthen and involve Interact and Rotaract programs.
  3. DISTRICT CONFERENCE in Palm Springs: 5-19-17 to 5-21-17.  Include an Interact conference.
  4. DG PROJECT is the support of Flying Doctor’s of Mercy.  They fly cardiologists into rural Mexico to do life saving heart surgeries on kids.  To serve the patients the clinic needs  better water and power.  Our Membership contributed $2000 to the project.
  5. RI PRESIDENT VISIT – For sure December 30, 2016 associated with the Rotary Parade Float and possibly a second date for a Foundation Dinner.

Lu reminded us service and helping others has been shown in numerous studies to improve happiness… which is why Rotarians tend to be a happy bunch.

The Greatest Rotary Club in the World!