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Rotary - 10/24/14


Recognitions for October 24th

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Recognitions for October 24


Sergeant at Arms, George Fasching had some time for fun and to help keep the club treasury in good stead.

Sam Falzone was first up, reported that he and the family are well, George recalled receiving a one dollar tip from Sam as a newspaper delivery boy. The High Gear fact checking team is working on the timeline. Sam was a home builder, reported that he was pretty happy to have worked when he did.

$47 fine.


Next up was Club Secretary Jack Lamb. When quizzed about vacation, Jack said his whole life is a vacation! Great attitude. Jack retired from the mortuary business in 1999. Jack has served as Club Secretary for several years, Thanks for all your support!! $32 fine


Eszylfie Taylor was up next – has taken some business trips – not clear on vacation. Apparently in an effort to supplement income Eszylfie is marketing a line of his own bubbleheads. $28 Fine


Craft Talk – Glenn Oyoung

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New Arcadia Rotary member Glenn Oyoung presented an overview of his personal and professional background. Originally hailing from the Midwest
(Missouri to be precise) he shared pictures that revealed an early love of cars. His other loves include his wife Jennifer who is an Arcadian native and his two young daughters. Glenn’s family settled down in Cerritos after their move to the Golden State. He is a graduate of Whitney High School and a “double-Bruin” who earned his undergraduate degree in International Economics and his MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurial Studies at UCLA (Go

On the professional front, Glenn is a former management consultant at Arthur Andersen Business Consulting who later decided to pursue his goal of owning his own business. His company Turn3 Creative focuses on the creation of licensed merchandise for clients including automotive companies and consumer brands such as BMW and Gulf amongst others. Glenn also provides marketing services including brand management, product development, and public relations on a consulting basis to clients in the Southland including Toyota.

His most recent local project is the launch of an idea to highlight local businesses and promote shopping in Arcadia, Visit Arcadia – a mobile app available in the iTunes and Google Play stores as well as a website That tool launches this week right in time for the Breeder’s Cup festivities.

In a slide representative of his light-hearted presentation, Glenn cited his last job – Mike Hoey’s stunt double for “when things get dangerous for Mike at Arcadia Rotary.”

Andy McCue – Walter O’Malley and the Dodgers move to Los Angeles

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Author Andy McCue walked us (pun intended) through the history of what happened in Brooklyn and Los Angeles resulting in the Brooklyn Dodgers move to Los Angeles. Andy has been researching for twenty years and produced a book: Mover and Shaker: Walter O’Malley, the Dodgers, and Baseball’s Westward Expansion.

O’Malley was a dynamic bankruptcy attorney, during the depression, when he was really needed! He knew what he knew, and what he did not. He was renowned for hiring those that knew the game then leaving them alone to manage.

Though he ended up owning the Dodgers he did not bring big money to the ownership initially. He gradually bought out partners and  increased his equity up until the 1970’s.

O’Malley wanted to build a new stadium for the Brooklyn Dodgers but was thwarted by the guru of infrastructure, Robert Moses who was responsible for 13 bridges, miles of roads, and many buildings. Moses was not interested in a stadium on the terms that O’malley wanted. O’malley felt moving away may have been the only option.

Meanwhile Los Angeles had been looking for more professional sports since the ‘30’s, more seriously since after WWII. In the 50’s the only professional team, the Rams had 6 home games, USC was bigger than that. And there had not been a stadium built for 40 years. And those that had been built were leased out by the cities that built them… and they all looked similar.

In the summer of 1957 O’malley’s idea to move became concrete when an agreement was reached with the Mayor Los Angeles, Norris Paulson to move the Dodgers. The City had to provide the land and Chavez Ravine was chozen decimating the community of 3000 residents who fought it all the way to the Supreme Court.

The move was so popular to the people that the arrival of the team was televised for two hours. But there were also detractors. Many Dodger supports on the East Coast were incredulous that a move could occur. One councilman in Los Angeles, John Holland, opposed the proposal and voted “no” on all decisions related to the stadium. It was expected to be built by 1960, but the delays totaled two years to open in 1962.

Announcements – October 24

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Jim Kuhn”s Memorial Service will be held at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, October 29, at the Church of the Good Shepard on the corner of Holly Avenue and Duarte Road in Arcadia.

Jack McRae boy”s, Ayden, Nathan and Andrew, announced that the Boy Scouts are selling pop corn as a fund raising project. See Jack if you would like to make a purchase to support local scouting.

Dick Martinez and Tom Crosby visited the Tijuana Rotary Club. The dates of January 24 and 25 have been set for our club to visit them for a work project at the orphanage. We were thanked for our donation of $1120 for Cabo storm relief.

Save the date of December 7 for the Rotary Partners Holiday Christmas Party.

Announcements – October 17, 2014

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Our Students of the Month were introduced by Brian Hall.

Zenith Hedges is a student with great leadership skills. While participating in both concert band and pep band Zenith also leads the flute section in the high school marching band. She is not only a member of the Spanish (ALAS) Club, she has put her leadership skills to work as the Director of Activities. Zenith’s spare time is spent volunteering at Methodist Hospital and tutoring at Kumon. When not focused on her school activities and organizations, she enjoys baking, swimming, reading, traveling, and of course music. She hopes to attend either Rutgers University or University of Washington to pursue her interests in political science or history.

Danny Li is very active in organizations that require his leadership. He is an eagle scout, patrol leader and junior assistant scoutmaster. He is an assistant director of Base Camp International and volunteers as coordinator, translator at Arcadia Chinese School. Because he enjoys volunteering, he offers his spare time to Foothill Unity Center, Arcadia Teen Recreation and Community Services, and Lions International. He also enjoys reading, soccer, laughing, and ice cream. He hopes to attend USC to further his interest in international relations.

Philip Routa is a member of FCA Christian Club and often volunteers his time helping others. He tutors elementary students and is an active speaker for SoCal Roadrunners Youth Track Club. Philip enjoys playing indoor soccer for the Christian league and values his commitment to his Church’s Youth Group. He loves his family and photography and is currently training for a chance to be State Cross Country Champ. He feels he has a future in nursing and expects to earn a master’s degree.

Congratulations to each of the Students of the Month – – keep up the good work!

Our Teacher of the Month, Joe Franceschini, was introduced by AUSD Superintendent and Rotary member David Vannasdall and Dana Middle School Assistant Principal Jeff Hunter.

Mr. Joe Franceschini, a history teacher at Dana Middle School, has been a leader and mentor to our children for more than 30 years. Joe explained that “teaching is about making connections and developing trusting and caring relationships.” Earning his BA and MS at Cal Poly Pomona, Mr. Franceschini has been involved with teaching in many capacities including teaching Special Education for 10 years. He taught physical education, coached baseball/softball, and for 12 years, he was a LITE Tech.

Arcadia Rotary Club History

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We’ve asked some of the senior members of the Arcadia Rotary to recall some of their memories of the club’s early days. This is the fourth in the series of these recollections. It’s from Dick Martinez who has been a member since 1978.

1. Share some of your early memories of the club.

We had 135+ members representing a diverse list of vocations.
There were business owners and managers representing most of the businesses and professionals in Arcadia and surrounding area.

2. Your most memorable highlights from your years in the club.

Starting in 1978 and for several after, our Rotary Amigos program gave a Christmas party to the poorest of the poor in cities of Tijuana and Ensenada, Mexico. A team of 50+ Rotarians, wives, children, and friends would journey across the border and provide a big lunch with all of the trimmings, drinks, snacks, and a nice gift to all 350-400 children and their mothers. The Tijuana Rotarians would have a team of 20-25 members to help. The highlight for all of the kids was receiving a gift and a Polaroid picture with Santa Clause, who was always a member of our club. For the majority of the children this was the first time they had seen themselves in a photograph. Mothers would ask to take a picture with their child to be used a family portrait. The evening was celebrated with fun fellowship at the home of a Tijuana Rotarian or at a local restaurant. Fun was had by all.

3. What projects, both local and international, were emphasized in the early days of the club?

International Rotary Amigos and matching grants were very popular and created very positive impact in various parts of the world. We had involvement in most City projects and activities plus Club initiatives for the benefit of the community.

4. Compare and contrast the club of the past to the present day club. Was there a difference in time, place and manner in which the meetings were conducted? What fund raising methods were used?

The Club was much more active and most members participated in our activities. Part of the reason was that involvement and perfect attendance was strongly emphasized and expected starting with the Red Badgers.
Fundraisers were large social events similar to our successful Pot of Gold events.

Jim Beinke Special Effects

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Our guest speaker was Jim Beinke who owns his own Special Effects company known as Spectre Effects. Jim grew up in the rural Pond, Missouri and graduated from Lafayette High School. As a student he designed and built sets for Lafayette and Pacific High schools in the St. Louis area. As a hobby he made monster movie masks. Jim attended California Institute of the Arts in Valencia from 1981-1983 studying art direction. While there he realized he could make a living doing what he loved, make-up effects. During the eighties he worked as a scenic artist on many stage productions and into the nineties made specialty props for the Los Angeles Music Center where he was able to work with many famous designers.


Jim made three hundred (300) pairs of hands designed out of clay and made from a plastic mold for the movie Planet of the Apes. He has also made a gall bladder and other body parts out of silicone for the movie Three Kings, staring George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg. One of his claims to fame is his “blood shots”, that’s right, blood that he has made, some splattered, some oozing, or just plain flowing out of a fake gun shot wound or knife wound; done also for the movie Three Kings. Why is his home made blood so much in demand you ask? Because it does not stain like other blood provided by special effects companies. His blood wipes off clean, saving thousands of dollars for filming companies and saving much of the budget for other production costs. Jim has made ghosts, and skeletons for the movie Nomad and even a corps. He even made the cow in the movie Me, Myself, and Irene, which died in the road. He is currently making some Teenage Mutant Turtle costumes complete with shells for a Las Vegas show he will attend. In addition to the movies listed above, Jim has credits in: Haunted Mansion (Art Director, Zombie Supervisor), There’s Something About Mary (Make-up effects sculptor), Dr, Seuss’ Cat in the Hat (fabricator), and many others.


With many film credits for his work he is the current Technical Adviser for a TV show named Face Off, airing on the Sci-Fi Channel. He is also working on a friend’s film called “The Monster Project” for free, in order to gain an Executive Director credit. Thank you Jim for scarring, I mean sharing with us!



Pat Dolphin



Announcements Rotary Meeting 10-10-2014

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  1. John Wilson announced that The Boys & Girls Club of the Foothills is having an open house on Friday 10/17/2014 from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. at their facilities at 600 S. Shamrock Avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016.  Now’s your chance to get updated on the life-changing work with youth and all the exciting new programs happening at the Boys and Girls Club.  Afterwards join them for the after party at the home of Board Chairman Matt Weaver at 873 Ridgeside Drive, Monrovia, CA 91016. where you will sample delicious brews from 38 Degrees Ale House.  The admission is free for both events.
  2.  John Wilson also announced that he is planning a “hidden staircase” hike on Saturday 10/18/2014.  Contact him for more information.
  3. Ray Bushnell announced that Rotary International will have its 36th entry in the Rose Parade on 01/01/2015 and they need volunteers.  He announced that the District Rose Float Committee is selling theme pins for $10.  If you are interested in buying a pin or becoming a volunteer, contact Ray Bushnell. 
  4. New member Swati Puri announced that the project of the Duarte Foundation is to purchase musical instruments for schools.  To help fund this worthy project they are selling raffle tickets for $25 with the chance to win a trip to Rome.  Contact Swati for more information.
  5. Gil Stromsoe presented Bob Hoffman with a Paul Harris + 4 pin, representing donations totaling $5,000 by Bob to the International Rotary Foundation, and Gil presented a Paul Harris + 3 pin to Dave McMonigle, representing  donations totaling $4,000 by Dave to the International Rotary Foundation.  Congratulations to Bob and Paul!

Recognitions – October 3, 2014

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Finemaster George Fasching had time for only one recognition and Tom Miles was the lucky recipient of George’s attention. Once he found where Tom was sitting – George had a little trouble seeing through the new glasses he got from Mike Hoey – George confirmed that Tom and his wife Cece were doing well. They’ve been out of town for a couple of weddings in Minneapolis and Hawaii and for some out-of-town meetings. Next, George and Tom agreed that US medicine is becoming more socialized, giving examples of dinners offered for information on diseases such as neuropathy and diabetes. George even had an advertisement for Viagra, which Tom admitted he has prescribed for some of his patients. In addition, George produced an article stating that Southern California doctors are more successful when Viagra fails. George wondered whether that was due to the “four hour thing” and imagined the fire trucks and ambulances responding to such a 911 call. Tom claimed no part of that problem but was fined $37 anyway.

Dave Ruprecht: Success in Hollywood

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Dave is currently  President of Sierra Madre Rotary when he is in town… and when he is away he is doing The Price is Right Live. He travels the country and folks pay to come to a real show (that is not televised) with a chance to win prizes including a new car.  These multi-week stints take him away from his club but a strong team and several Past-Presidents temporarily step in.

One of Dave’s claim to fame is the 14 years he hosted Supermarket Sweep, considered a long run for a game show.  But he got there with a lifelong passion for the theater arts, and some lucky breaks.

“I was smitten with Hayley Mills in the Parent Trap,” he said. He figured the fastest way to her heart and Hollywood was by becoming an actor.

He was educated at Indiana University and spent a year in England where he said they are much more fastidious in teaching the theater arts.  After college he did theater and commercials and came to Hollywood in 1977.  Since then he has played numerous roles on TV shows and roles in plays and art films.  For a complete listing of all of Dave’s work:

He said there is a critical difference between live theater and TV or movie production.  He said with a play you get instant feedback from the audience.  With a movie or TV production the filming order can be all over the place with the end often filmed before the beginning and you have to wait for the finished production to see the audience reaction.

On the personal side Dave is married to Patti Colombo who has evolved from being a choreographer to a successful director.  For a listing of Patti’s work:

ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR October 3, 2014.

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1.  Arcadia Rotary’s annual Monday Night Football event – one of the most anticipated and enjoyed events of the year – will be held on Monday, October 6th at the home of Paul and Sandra Kalemkiarian at 1827 Rodeo Rd., Arcadia.  Food, snacks, drinks … and football pools will be provided.  $25 per person includes dinner, snacks, beverages, and dessert.  Please bring prospective members to this fun event.  Please contact Bob Harbicht if you need more information. Check it out on the District 5300 web site.

2.  MENTORING FOR VETERANS:  October 18, 2014, there will be a fund raiser at PCC  – the ALL CITY TALENT SHOW,  attempting to raise $250,ooo for  a Comprehensive Care Facility at the Community College for the Vets who are students and can’t schedule the long waits and travel to the Vet hospitals.

3.  ARCADIA ROTARY HISTORY PROJECT:  Senior Rotarians are encouraged to share their memories with the rest of us.  Contact  Dan at to publish your memories.

4.  CABO SAN LUCAS FOOD DRIVE: Dick Martinez thanks all who contributed to the stranded and destitute in Baja, due to the terrible storm.  You can still contribute, contact Ed Beranek.

5.  ROTARY MEETING LOCATION APP: Jack McRae, who returned from Hawaii with two cool flags for Pres. Mike, pointed out a great app for your phone or tablet,  telling you where the nearest Rotary meeting place is.   He found a couple unique ones, including Volcano, where he spent the meeting looking at the great view, and one where they had home-grown Maine lobsters.

6.  Pres. Mike welcomed our newest member, Swati Pudi,  who was nice enough to give each of us nice samples of the product she manufactures: promotional and club (Rotary) pins and broaches.