89th Annual Installation of Officers and Directors

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By: Teri Muse

The 89th Annual Installation of Officers and Directors was being promoted as not being your ordinary installation and it certainly was not! Aaron Rose began the installation by speaking in Chinese and then asking all of the Directors to help him try out his newly learned Toastmaster’s skills of improvisation. He asked the board members what they needed from fellow Rotarians this coming year and what was their biggest fear in fulfilling their duties. They answered as follows:
Treasurer Ed Beranek said he fears we won’t pay our bills and spend too much. Sergeant At Arms Glenn Oyoung fears he won’t have enough dirt on all of us and asks us to keep dishing it out. Youth Services Chair Teri Muse needs volunteers for the Teen Leadership Camp but has learned from her peers to go to the newbies and already has Bruno Esquivel recruited. Environmental Chair Rick McKenzie is not sure what he is to do, but fears that it will be a challenge since he is an exterminator by trade and probably will need to preserve the environment. Membership John Wilson needs all the current members to stay in Rotary and help recruit new members. Club Service Chair Brian Hall was happy to give membership over to John Wilson.
All of a sudden, the installation was interrupted by a bind man who was weaving in and out of the audience whacking his cane on everyone’s chair, following over everyone and even fell into Pat Dolphin’s lap looking for the eye doctor Mike Hoey. Once he found Mike Hoey and performed the “Service Above Self” prayer over him, he could see again and revealed to us it was none other than the eternal jokester Brian Cogbill. Mike acknowledged his parents who were celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary, his brother who flew in from Kentucky and his son for their support. After a very solemn speech given by our new president, the Miami Sound Machine’s “Everybody Do the Conga” blasted and the entire room got up to do the conga line! What a fun installation… thanks to the incredibly talented Matt Weaver who planned this year’s event.

Annual Rotary Awards – Installation Banquet, June 27, 2015

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In addition to installing our new President Michael Hoey, Arcadia Rotarians looked forward to the awarding of Arcadia Rotary’s annual Rotary Awards.  The awards focus on different service areas and honor Past District Governors who were Arcadia Rotarians.

The Ernest E. Jensen “Service to Youth Award” was presented by the 2013-14 recipient Rodger J. “Coach” Wright.  The 2014-15 recipient is a graduate of UC Davis and a certified scuba diver who has lived in Arcadia since 1998 along with her spouse and children.  An active volunteer in Arcadia, the awardee gave many hours to Highland Oaks PTSA, Rolling Readers, Foothills Middle School, Arcadia High School Music Club, Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, Cub Scout Assistant Den Leader, and the Assistance League.  Despite dealing with medical issues since 2014, the recipient continued to help with band uniforms.  Awardee Nancy Tang was represented by her husband Alex Chang and two sons who accepted the award on her behalf and spoke eloquently of her selfless devotion.

The John R. Fee “New Member Award” is given each year to an outstanding new member of Arcadia Rotary.  Presenter John Wilson, last year’s recipient, began with all Arcadia Rotarians standing then began the process of elimination:  Over 20 years, sit down, never received a reminder call from Dirk Hudson, sit down, never helped with Casino Night, sit down, never attended District Assembly, sit down, never served as President of Icebreakers, sit down.  The awardee Teri Muse remained standing.  As a new member, Teri has jumped into the thick of Rotary service in many aspects of Arcadia Rotary and has made our club richer by her membership.

The Alton E. Scott “Community Service Award” was presented by 2013-14 recipient Aaron Rose.  The award honors community service and this year’s recipient exemplifies this in all aspects of his life.  Married over 60 years, the recipient served our country bravely in World War II and has received high military honors.  A father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, he is now retired from a career as an exceptional salesperson.  A graduate of USC and Pasadena Community College, he is a classic car enthusiast and is often seen driving his Model A through the streets of Arcadia.  Awardee Ken Mallory has actively served Arcadia Rotary in many capacities, including serving on the Board of Directors, and continues to give his time and service to his community.

The “H.T. Michler Rotarian Award” is presented each year to a Rotarian as recognition of accumulated and continued service to Arcadia Rotary for years.  Prior recipient Bob Harbicht presented this year’s award to the “perfect recipient.”  This member’s boundless enthusiasm has energized every aspect of Arcadia Rotary as he has served in every capacity during 28 years of membership.  A list of all the activities and positions of responsibility in Arcadia Rotary would be long and varied.  Richly deserving of the honor, awardee Matt Weaver is an example of what a Rotarian should be as he continues to inspire and lead various projects in our club, including the Installation Banquet.

Demotion of Mike Ojeda

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It was a fabulous demotion for our outgoing Rotary president Mike Ojeda. Brad Miller put together an all star cast of characters and asked Bob Harbicht to emcee the festivities by leading an investigation into how Ojeda became so wealthy all of a sudden after reading the infamous article published in major media about Arcadia’s housing boom. I mean, “come-on”! In his year as Rotary President he sold a house, bought a house, remodeled a kitchen, re-landscaped his yard (a photo appeared showing a pool, spa, lazy river and gorgeous landscape), shopped for a new car (Bentley?), etc., etc. Harbicht asked several people up to the witness stand to answer questions relating to who the single person could be that put all these housing deals together. Tony Parrille was called up and asked to confirm that housing prices have skyrocketed from 7/1/14-7/1/15. Naturally they have. Imy Dulake was reminded to tell “mostly the truth” on the witness stand when questioned about the housing connection and the shady dealings from the mysterious middleman. Terry Earl was called up together with Dave Freeman who introduced their “Earl-Freeman Plan”, which lets sellers stay in their home as long as they want after the sale. And who orchestrated all the escrows for these hundreds of homes being sold? Lizette Freeman of course, from Premium Escrow. When Asked by Harbicht about escrow she responded by the definition of escrow first……..“In French escrow means thief”. The group on the stand was asked how to explain the 125 houses that were sold but not lived in. They all answered together, “It’s all Mike Ojeda’s fault!”

Ana Ojeda called to the stand was asked if she noticed any difference in Mike’s behavior in recent months and she thought Mike could have just been tired, maybe had a girlfriend since he always came home late with a lot of money. Apparently Mike began spending big chunks of cash on a new Post Alarm system from Rob Post, bought a huge generator in case of power outages, even a new boat was mentioned, all very odd when even Ana says one word when describing Mike…”Cheap!” This was so uncharacteristic that Harbicht called Brian Hall to the stand to get to the money trail. Brian said that since 7/1/14 Mike had been making large deposits, just under the $10,000 range to avoid federal reporting, and then several withdrawals as well. Bruce Snell was called up to the stand. Bruce specializes in kitchen and bath design. He said Mike was a good client who always paid in cash. Next was Steve Fong who is the finance manager for Sierra Honda. He was asked if Mike had made contact with him and answered that yes he had but was not interested in a Honda, that he wanted something like the BMW from the lot next door. The highest end 700 Series was available with everything including autopilot for $132,000. Mike wanted to upgrade to a Bentley and no sale was made.


It was determined that Mike was the culprit of the housing bubble and has completed his Presidential year at the greatest Rotary Club in the World. Thank you Mike, for a great year of service.


(Pat Dolphin)

ANNOUNCEMENTS for June 19, 2015

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1. Matt Weaver announced the June 27 installation of officers which is to be held at the Arcadia Community Center and catered by the Derby restaurant. The emphasis will be more on socializing than in the past (i.e., fewer announcements). A sign-up sheet for various tables is being passed around. Since our presence is already paid for (via our dues), there is every reason to attend. Any guests that we bring would be an additional $50 per person.

2.  Taste of Arcadia is coming soon. Time and date to be announced. Bruce Mc. said we could get the early bird price of $55 this month, then the price goes back to $65 per person.

3.  President (He’s been demoted) Ojeda announced and presented, for outstanding performances, the:

a) Membership Chair Award to Brian Hall.

b) International Service Award to Tom Crosby.

c) Environmental Service Award to Richard Schulhof.

d)  Club Service and  VP, to Rosie Mares.

e)  Club Service Award to Erich Rail.

f)  Service Above Self Award for year long outstanding effort and effect, including:

Funding for the Baseball Project

The Youth Experience

International, the Mexico Project


Boy Scouts

Casino Nite Former Chair and constant assistance

Previous Recipient  of the H.T. Michler Rotarian Award, the Alton E. Scott Community                                 Service Award, the Ernest E. Jensen Service to the Youth Award, former President of the                               Arcadia Rotary Club and family man, … to  MIKE REAL.




Paul Johenk Fund

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In addition to the Paul Harris Foundation, many Arcadia Rotarians donate to the Paul Johenk Fund. Moneys from this fund are spent on projects within the city of Arcadia in contrast to the Paul Harris funds which work on world wide programs. For those who are not familiar with the life of Paul Johenk, his family wrote the following about him after his death in 1993.
“The Rev. Dr. Paul G. Johenk was many things to many people, but most of all a man of great faith in God. He retired in 1984 after serving as Resident Chaplain of the Methodist Hospital of Southern California for 26 years. During those years he started daily Church broadcasts, Sunday services via closed circuit television from the Church of the Good Shepherd in Arcadia, and Collegium, a group of people from the healthcare field and members of the clergy who met weekly.
In addition to his chaplaincy duties, he served on the Ethics Committee at the Hospital, was active in Arcadia Red Cross, Coordinating Council, the Arcadia Rotary Club, the Arcadia Public Library Board of Trustees, and
was the Arcadia Citizen of the Year in 1976. He served on the boards of numerous organizations and was named Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in Southern California and Hawaii. He also served on the Los Angeles County Commission of Human Relations.
Paul was on the faculty at several institutions, including Arizona State University, Mt. San Antonio College, Whittier College and Pasadena City College. He was a clinical supervisor to graduate students at Fuller Theological Seminary. Also, fluent in German, one of the highlights of his ministry was in 1976 when he travelled to East Germany to preach and lecture behind the Iron Curtain.
Perhaps more than his accomplishments, Paul will be remembered for his sense of humor, enthusiasm for life and his compassion for others. He always had a funny story to tell, aiming to help cheer, relieve and gain perspective in our daily lives. He would be pleased that a foundation has been set up to honor his service to the Church and the community. It is the Rotary Club’s Paul Johenk Community Fellowship.”
The fund was established in 1994 with the intent of using the first $10,000 to furnish a room at the new Arcadia Public Library. After this project the remaining funds were to be used for charitable purposes at the direction of the Board of Directors of the Club, with the stipulation that the funds be used for projects only in Arcadia. One can become a Paul Johenk fallow with a cumulative contribution of $500 to the fund. As of today there is approximately $50,000 in the fund.

ANNOUNCEMENTS for June 12, 2015

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1. Matt Weaver announced the June 27 installation of officers which is to be held at the Arcadia Community Center and catered by the Derby restaurant. The emphasis will be more on socializing than in the past (i.e., fewer announcements). A sign-up sheet for various tables is being passed around. Since our presence is already paid for (via our dues), there is every reason to attend. Any guests that we bring would be an additional $50 per person.

2. President-Elect Dr. Michael Hoey announced that our current President Michael Ojeda’s Demotion would take place on June 19, 2015.

3.  President (short-timer) Ojeda Informed us that the Rule of 85, which allows older members to miss some meetings without paying for meals during those absences, is being revised. Henceforth, members will only be allowed to miss the meetings, but not avoid paying for the meals. The club is not accepting any new Rule of 85ers for the time being.

4.  Beach Party! Mike Real said to get your beach bodies ready for the event scheduled for July 25, 2015.  More info will be forthcoming.

5.  Relay for Life: Coming August 25, 2015.  We will have a booth, complete with pastrami sandwiches in the infield.  We need volunteers to set up at 10:30 AM and help thru 3:00PM.  The event will run through the night and into the next day. You can learn more at Joe Rotary on Facebook: link: American Cancer Society, Join Team Rotary.

6.  POPS, 2015, Swing, Swing, Swing! Come see and hear the Crosby clan dance and sing at the La Canada Presbyterian Church. Of course there will be a complete cast, but we know who the stars are.  more info to follow.

7. Frank Perini, who’s been a mainstay of the club for 56 years,  with perfect attendance longer than any one else has been in the club (except for Jack Lamb), introduced his lovely daughter, who has been a part of many of our activities. She is a junior at UC Riverside with a GPA of 4.0!!!!

8. Daniel Yohannes received his Paul Harris Fellow from Gill Stromsoe for his continued financial contribution to Rotary.  As Gil pointed out, Daniel has made significant contributions of his time as well.

9.  Matt Weaver recognized all of the past presidents of the Greatest Rotary Club in the World, many of whom were in attendance. Jack Lamb (1971-1972) and John Fee (1984-1985) were the most senior past presidents. And of course two Past District Governors were present: John Fee and Ernie Jensen.

Mike Ojeda Recognitions

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As President Mike Ojeda’s term of office is winding down, he used this week’s program to honor those who have helped make this Rotary year successful. All past presidents of the club stood and were acknowledged for their past service. Mike thanked the members of the Foundation for their continued efforts. Each member of Mike’s Board of Directors was acknowledged and presented with a Four Way Test timepiece and a Light Up Rotary tie. Mike gave a special thank you to incoming president Mike Hoey. He also thanked John Fee for the assistance and counseling he received from him.

DEMOTION – Save the Date: June 19, 2015

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Demotion is one of the most popular meetings – the gentle (or not so gentle) roasting of our outgoing President, Mike Ojeda.

Please join us on Friday for the event chaired by PP Brad Miller and MC, PP Bob Harbicht. A cast of more than a dozen will help us learn more about our outgoing President, facts and non-facts that you may or may not want to know.

This is a fun-filled meeting, perfect for spouses and Rotary guests. Come and join the fun.

Recognitions for June 5, 2015, by Swati Puri

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The first up on the Recognition/Fines Batting Field was John Wilson. George found a recent article titled “Racing to Raise Funds for Boys and Girls Club” with an awesome picture of John and his wife. John informed all of us that 240 people attended the Day at the Races, raising $100,000. After a great big round of applause John was asked how much he played at the charity event. Dishearten to he did not play anything, George asked how much would you bet? John said “$20.” With some calculation George fined John $40.

Next up to bat was President Elect Mike Hoey. Started off by asking if he was nervous about his new position or excited. After a little more leg pulling about the instillation dinner George moved on to the main issue of the recognition/fine. After confirming that Mike does like to strike gold, George asked Mike “How his trip to Ireland was.” Mike denied ever visiting Ireland. On the screen appeared a picture with Mike Hoey’s name on the top of the list at the “Pick Dubai Duty Free Irish Open” and for this he was fined $25.

And the final recognition of the meeting began with a story. On May 8, 2015 a celebration for Veterans Day was in full bloom on the battleship USS Iowa. This celebration was in honor of the 70th anniversary of Veterns Day. Veterans from all around Southern California gathers and 20 serviceman were honored and awarded the French Legion Honor Medal. The award created by Napoleon in 1802 is the highest honor in France. Rotarian Ken Mallory was bestowed this honor. Serving in the US Army from March 1943 to October 1945, he was active in eliminating the German Army in France. With a standing ovation and round of applause we all saluted Ken for his service. However, George reminded us that Glory comes with a price. George began calculating. Ken serviced in the army for 32 months times $3 is $96 nope that too much…how about $.50 times 32…yes $16!

Guarding the Crown Jewels – Andrew Gregson

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The new President of the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce, Andrew Gregson spoke of his previous life in the 1st Battalion Scots Guard, a division of the British Armed Forces.

He joined when he was 16 and was trained both in foot drills (the marching and public presentation) and as a soldier.  Though he guarded castles in England including Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London and performed in many ceremonial duties he was also deployed in the Gulf war. He said their creed was “Soldier’s first.”

He regaled us with stories from his experiences in the public sector.  He explained the guards with their familiar “bearskin” hats are on shift for 2 hours at a time when on this duty.  The small sentry post (pictured) Image result for buckingham palace guards is only used if there is heavy rain and for an emergency.  There is a button on the inside wall that will bring 25 armed guards immediately to the area.

He also showed a short video about the locking up at night of the crown jewels, at 9:53pm, the same time for the last 600 years!

After regaling us with all the pomp and circumstance of the English Military, one of the questions that arose was how did he end up in the U.S. Apparently family built racing Jaguars and asked him to build sales in the U.S.

For more information about Andrew follow this Arcadia Chamber of Commerce  installation link.




Announcements for June 5, 2015

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1. Gil Stromsoe presented Paul Harris awards as follows:

a. David Vannasdall received an initial Paul Harris award;
b. Yvonne Flint received a Paul Harris plus 7 award (i.e., her 8th Paul Harris award);

2. Matt Weaver announced the June 27 installation of officers which is to be held at the Arcadia Community Center and catered by the Derby restaurant. The emphasis will be more on socializing than in the past (i.e., fewer announcements). A sign-up sheet for various tables is being passed around. Since our presence is already paid for (via our dues), there is every reason to attend. Any guests that we bring would be an additional $50 per person.

3. President-Elect Dr. Michael Hoey announced that our current President Michael Ojeda’s Demotion would take place on June 19, 2015.

4. Dr. Michael Hoey also reminded us that long-time Arcadia Rotarians are needed to contribute their memories of past years in the Club to the Arcadia Rotary History Project which is managed by Dan Place.

5. Daniel Yohannes announced the Teacher of the Year Award for First Avenue Middle School. He then introduced Assistant Principal Semeen Issa, Ed. D..

Dr. Issa then presented the award to Mr. Ken Klotzie who teaches both English and English Language Development at First Avenue.

Mr. Klotzie has been teaching for 32 years with 25 of those years in Arcadia Unified School District. Included among his students are those whose primary language is other than English.

Mr. Klotzie holds the following degrees from San Diego State University: B.S. in Business Administration, B.A. in English, and M.S. in Educational Technology. He has previously been awarded two Rotary Mini-Grants and in 2003 was also Teacher of the Year. He is married and has three children of his own.

Mr. Klotzie’s favorite classroom project is “The Coffeehouse” (consisting of students sharing poetry manuscripts and readings).

As for his teaching philosophy, Mr. Klotzie holds that in order “to be a good teacher you need to be a good learner – enthusiastic and dedicated and willing to challenge yourself to grow and not be fearful of change, As a teacher, I want to reflect what I desire to see in my students, namely that they become eager, earnest, self-directed seekers of knowledge and understanding. I firmly believe in what educational philosopher John Dewey said: ‘Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself.’”

Darren Norton on The Salvation Army

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Friday, May 29, 2015 Darren presented Arcadia Rotarians with a fantastic overview and insight into The Salvation Army.  Darren grew up in the UK and at 22 years old moved to Portland Oregon and is currently serving with The Salvation Army in the San Gabriel Valley area.  Darren illustrated the difference between life in the UK and the USA noting that in the US we have a Congress, Johnny Cash, Bob Hope & Stevie Wonder; while in the UK they have a Parliament but no Cash, no Hope and no Wonder!  Great applause was given for this observation. Most recognize the Army Shield Logo, but often people think only of the Salvation Army as a church organization.  They are that, but much more. Founded by William and Catherine Booth in 1865, The Salvation Army is an international organization and evangelical part of the universal Christian church that meets the physical and spiritual needs of people in more than 125 countries around the globe, without discrimination.

The Salvation Army is about Changing Lives and they use the motto of “Doing the most good” by feeding needy people, providing clothes and shelter for people in need, most importantly providing spiritual hope and support for all people.  In the San Gabriel Valley alone they house about 200 homeless people each night.

A question was asked about assistance with drug recovery? Darren explained that the Army provides a solid program for individuals in need that takes over 6 months to retrain people, help them develop new friends, new habits and replace the drug habit with a spiritual foundation. In this area there are recovery facilities in Glendale, Pasadena and Pomona.

A question was asked about funding the organization? Darren explained that they receive donations from many sources and do generate funds with the red kettle and bell that we see outside of business periodically.  Joan Crock (heir of Carl’s Junior) donated $80 million to build a facility in San Diego with first class equipment and furnishings.  Following her death, The Salvation Army was pleased to learn that she donated $1.5 billion to the organization, the largest donation in their history.

David McMonigle is on the Salvation Army advisory board for this area.  Darren noted that the Salvation Army band plays in the Rose Parade each year as well.  A Rotarian ask about opportunities to volunteer with the Salvation Army? One way that groups often volunteer is by sponsoring “a kettle” for a day at a local business, rotating volunteers for an hour each.  Financial gifts and donations can also be made via a will or trust or online and can specifically state the area that funds should be used for.  In comparison to other charitable organizations, a very high percentage of the funds raised go directly to assist people, only a modest amount is used for administration.  In closing Mike Ojeda thanked Darren Norton for his excellent presentation.