Annoucements for April 11, 2014

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Members Update:

1. Ed Butterworth is recovering from pneumonia at home . He would appreciate getting cards and phone calls.

2. Ernie Jensen’s mother Susie passed away recently, and there will be a memorial service on May 10th at 4 PM at Church of the Good Shepherd. Please keep Ernie and Gail in your thoughts and prayers.

3. Denny  Gearhardt is not doing too well, and would also enjoy your thoughts and cards. he is in a convalescent home.

4.  David Vannasdall, the new Superintendant of Arcadia Schools was wearing a coat and tie – Joel was not.

Upcoming Events: 

1. The Installation Dinner will be held on Saturday, June 28th, at Santa Anita Park. The club will be dark on Friday, the 27th.

2. Rosie Mares is in charge of the new roster and asked all members to update their information. A copy of the current roster was circulated at the meeting . Please make any changes on the copy. The new roster is scheduled to be available in early May.

3. Bryan Earll, of the Monrovia Rotary Club announced their upcoming fund raiser at the Monrovia tennis club.

4.  George Fasching announced the 27th  Annual Rotary Salute to Seniors coming up tuesday May 13, 2014. Still need about 12 people to serve and set up. Around  10AM to 1 PM. Contact George if you can help.

5. Isylfie Taylor announced his Non-Profit Golf tournament to raise money for the kids to go to a Basketball Camp. The tournament will be May, 15, 2014.  He’s been doing this for 14 years.

6.  Ernie Jenson recognized May 15,  to be a good day for golf tournaments, and announced the Rotary District Conference Golf Tournament to be on the same date at the Hilton Palm Springs, the day before the conference begins.

7. John Wilson announced the Boy Scouts fund raiser at the Santa Anita,  “Kentucky Derby Day,” Saturday, May 3, 2014.  There will be a live auction, drinks, etc.

8. Gene Calvert, our Fiji Rotarian, announced the ambitious goal of bringing certified virgen coconut oil to the market, therby making use of the potentially produceable, but unsold portion of the gourmet coconut oil from his home islands.


     A) The winner: Luz Moreno for her splendid essay , ” A Single Decision Can Change Your Life.”  How people’s definition of ethics can vary from person to person.

    B) Camilla Leonard: “Ripples.” Ethics change by corruption of others. Every thought, word  and action is a drop, causing a ripple  accross the ocean.

   C)  Julia  Kong,  for her essay on Human Nature, Group Pressure and wanting to be included – effect on ones ethics.


    A)  Celeste Utly : Athelete of the Month, although with her grades she could be academic  as well (3.95 GPA).  Soccer, Track and Field and too  many activities to mention. Going to UCSB to major in behavioral psychology.

    B) John (“Jack”) Heer, Academic student of the month (4.0 GPA). Varsity Soccer,water polo, and many other sports. Plans on going to Duke, majoring in Biology.

    C)  Alana DeBlase: Performing Arts Student of the Month: Drama, planning on attending UCLA majoring in musical theatre.                                                                                                                                          

Rotary Photos for 11-Apr-2014

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Recognitions – April 11, 2014

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First of all, a BIG THANK YOU to Finemaster Bob for helping this reporter out when she missed the meeting she was supposed to report on!  The following is plagiarized (OK, copied directly) from the notes he most kindly sent me.

A picture taken at opening day at Dodger Stadium showing Matt Weaver, Dave McMonigle, John Wilson and Mike Real was shown. In their defense, Mike told a long involved story which the Finemaster (nor anyone else in the room) could figure out how it applied. Each was fined $25 for being at opening day, plus an additional $25 for missing Rotary to be there.

Another picture (a “selfie”) of two bald heads, which at first glance appeared to be a picture that was not fitting for polite company turned out to be Dave and Matt sitting close together.

Ramon Oseguera told how the Westfield mall had announced a $20,000,000 upgrade this morning. Bob opined that if he had that much money, he could spare $50 for Rotary.

The Finemaster got Jim Helms up and related a story of how St. Peter and Satan were arguing over who was responsible for maintaining the fence between heaven and he’ll. Finally Satan filed a lawsuit and had a legal brief delivered to St. Peter stating his case. St. Peter replied that they would accept responsibility for the fence because he didn’t have access to legal counsel. Jim was fined $50 for listening politely to the story.

Mike Real was again addressed and asked about the old car he was seen driving. He informed us that it was a 1964 (?) Chevrolet station wagon that has been in his family since it was new. Since Steve Fong was not in attendance to hook Mike up with a new car, he was allowed to slide on this one.

Bruce Marrs was asked about the picture of him getting his head shaved in the paper for the St. Baldricks event. Bob fined him “only” $50 since he felt most people didn’t notice that what little hair he had was gone.

Announcements for April 11, 2014

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1. Birthdays (per Mimi Hennessy):
a. April 13 – Erin Delawari
b. April 15 – Denise Brown
c. April 17 – John Davis

2. Anniversaries (per Mimi Hennessy):
a. April 13 – Bob Hoffman
b. April 13 – Brian Hall
c. April 15 – Jim Kuhn
d. April 17 – Steve Pelletier

3. Member Updates (per Mimi Hennessy):
a. Ed Butterworth – recovering from pneumonia, and was released from Methodist Hospital. (He would appreciate getting cards and phone calls.)
b. Denny Gearhart – had heart attack; is now in Santa Anita Convalescent Home

4. Current and Coming Events:
a. Current: The Membership Roster is being updated. (per Rosie Mares)
b. April 16 (Wed.) at 5:30 p.m. – Board Meeting at the Foothill Federal Credit Union, (30 S. First St., Arcadia; entrance on side). (per Mimi Hennessy)
c. April 25 – Arbor Day at the Arboretum (dark at Embassy). (per Mimi Hennessy).
d. May 3 – Boys & Girls Club of the Foothills is having an auction at Santa Anita Race Track. (per John Wilson).

5. Past (albeit still relevant) Announcements about Current and Coming Events:
a. April 11 and 12: Arcadia Invitational Track Meet; seeking volunteers to work one hour shifts (contact: Tony Parrille)
b. May 10th at 4 PM at Church of the Good Shepherd, memorial service for Ernie Jensen’s mother Susie who recently passed away
c. June 28 (Saturday), at Santa Anita Park, Installation Dinner (Note: the club will be dark on Friday June 27.

Future of the Auto – Gale Banks

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Gale Banks has been improving the performance of vehicles since he was 14; now the CEO of a 100+ strong company based in Azusa.  He says about himself:
“I’m a futurist. My entire career has been about what’s next. Through the decades, we at Banks have opened new markets in marine engines, turbocharging, truck and motor-home power systems, turbocharged tuner cars, diesel power systems, electronic tuners, and exhaust brakes. Plus, I’m proud to have worked for many major car and engine manufacturers in defining their future products.”
He said California, particularly Southern California has been shaped by the automobile and as there are too many cars and now not enough roads, vehicles have to get smaller.  This mandate is co-driven by our U.S. government demanding higher average corporate mpg.
“I use racing to find the limits of engine design,” Gail said.   The armed forces is the single biggest user of oil in the U.S. and Gail is helping to get more efficient.  He said the military is looking for a common fuel for all military applications and has selected HP8, high performance jet fuel can work also in diesels.
As far as other fuel alternatives he said Hydrogen has no practical value because it takes 4 times as much energy to create the Hydrogen from water. He said it would only be practical if you could the Hydrogen fuel for nothing.
He like diesel fuel and its applications.  He said a Bosch study looking at diesel vs. gas noted a higher residual value if the vehicle is owned for three or more years.  There is better fuel economy with diesel which can be in expensively from natural gas.  Diesel offers the highest energy density per gallon.  Natural gas has currently the lowest cost per unit of energy.
Natural Gas has applications as long as there is easy access to refueling (e.g. truckstops) and plenty of room to store it on the vehicle e.g. trucks.  He  suggested trucking would be a great application for natural gas and save alot too.
One are of Gail’s expertise is turbochargers; a device that uses waste energy to produce more energy when we need it.  In this way the engines can be smaller and when needed the turbocharge ramps up to provide temporarily much power.
Electrical only vehicles have challenges. Gail said that TSLA is only profitable because carbon credits (provided by the taxpayer) allow it to be so.   Electrical vehicles have limits of practicality, i.e. their range.  Another challenge is the that Lithium batteries work best at 75 degrees. Higher or lower temperatures reduce the power available.
The Hybrid is Gail favorite.  He is working with the military to upgrade the Humvees to Hyrbid.  Part of the efficiency comes from dynamic braking – capturing the energy of braking to charge the battery.  He like the hybrid that has a small gasoline engine as a backup if the battery charge runs low.  This extends the range and reduces the limitations of all-electric vehicles.  Bosch and Siemens are the main players of hybrid technology.
Ten years from now Gail foresee autonomous vehicles using the very accurate GPS already available and the cheap radar, also available now.

Rotary Photos for 4-Apr-2014

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Recognition March 28 2014

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Byline: I may be late but that doesn’t mean I forgot….
Bob Harbicht reminded Joel Shawn of the time, while working as a teacher, a student turned a test in to Joel with a crisp $100 bill. Seeing that Joel was mystified, the boy explained it was for “$1.00/point’. Joel took the money, graded the test and gave the kid $64 in change. I’m guessing that kid thought ‘Gee, Mr. Shawn is the dumbest man on the planet’. Goes to show you how much that kid knew. In Joel’s wisdom, after his short lived life as AUSD Superintendent, has chosen to retire as of June 30, 2014. A sad day in Arcadia  . But HOLD ON…. Party on July 1st!!! All worth $100.00 to Joel.
After that, Bob told Dong Chang that he has been missed. Bob then questioned Dong as to whether he had been gone. Dong wasn’t sure. After that confusion was cleared up, Dong admitted going to Turkey and liking it too! Dong and Betty stayed 12 days @ $5/day. A total of $60.
Ed Beranek was recognized after returning from a long absence. Ed blames old age. He can’t remember which day Rotary meets! He does remember selling his house, after 25 years, and moving in to a condominium. Clearly he has made some profit in this transaction. Ed was welcomed back to the Club at $50.
Ben Goland admitted to Bob that he had recently gone to the Monterey Jazz Festival but did not drink wine while there. Ben didn’t have to, because 2 months ago he toured Napa Valley. His son-in-law did the chauffeuring so Ben could drink as much wine as humanly possible. Ben should never have admitted that. Not only did he get charged $25/trip, Bob levied an additional chauffer fine of $25. A total of $75!
Bob finished up with a very disjointed conversation with Matt Weaver. (To be expected). Simple as it seems, Matt was being recognized for being married to the newly inducted President of Arcadia Chamber of Commerce. Denise has been very busy attending city functions; breakfast with Bob, ribbon-cutting with Bob etc. Before Matt could figure out that Bob is spending more time with Denise than he, Bob quickly drug Brian Hall into the picture. Bob stated that Brian Hall has fallen into bad company with Matt, as the mountain biking photograph last week proved. Matt quickly stated that it is Brian who is corrupting him. Not being swayed, Bob recognized Matt for being the only 50 year old that needs to be on Ritalin. Clearly Matt is the ring leader down the path of personal destruction. The honor for that is $50.

Announcements for April 4, 2014

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Members Update:

1. Ed Butterworth is recovering from pneumonia at Methodist Hospital. He would appreciate getting cards and phone calls.

2. Ernie Jensen’s mother Susie passed away recently, and there will be a memorial service on May 10th at 4 PM at Church of the Good Shepherd. Please keep Ernie and Gail in your thoughts and prayers.

Upcoming Events:

1. Tony Parrille advised that the Arcadia Invitational Track Meet is looking for volunteers to work 1 hour shifts. If interested in working at this most prestigious high school track meet, contact Tony. The event will be held Friday, April 11 and Saturday, April 12.

2. The Installation Dinner will be held on Saturday, June 28th, at Santa Anita Park. The club will be dark on Friday, the 27th.

3. Rosie Mares is in charge of the new roster and asked all members to update their information. A copy of the current roster was circulated at the meeting and will be available next Friday. Please make any changes on the copy. The new roster is scheduled to be available in early May.

4. Pres. Mimi praised all who participated in the Fort Trask refurbishing project, and said there were 8 Rotarians from the Monrovia club who participated as well.

5. Mark Ramos, Sylvia’s husband, was recognized for his participation in the Fort Trask project. Pres. Mimi is starting a new tradition of honoring the spouses of Rotarians who have shown exemplary service to the club. Mark received a pin for his efforts.

Teacher of the Month:

David Vannasdall, the unofficial replacement for Joel Shawn who is retiring from his Superintendent job, introduced Tom Bruce, Principal of Hugo Reid Elementary School. Tom announced that Christine Morris was our Teacher of the Month. Ms. Morris, a 24 year veteran, was honored for outstanding service to the district. She thanked Rotary for her award and its support of the Arcadia school teachers.


“The Syrian Enigma” by Dr. Brice Harris, Jr.

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Dr. Brice Harris, Jr. has been a Professor of Middle East History and is now retired. He was a professor at Occidental College. He earned his B.A. at Swarthmore College and his M.A. and Ph.D at Harvard University. He also was involved with the American University in Cairo, Bahrain University College, King Faisal University and President, Pasadena Area Liberal Arts Center.

Today, his talk to us was about Syria, which is a mighty big subject and hard to contain in a short 30 minutes.

“The Syrian Enigma—What’s Happening and What to Expect”

Dr. Harris as he started his talk told our club that when he was in High School the local Rotary Club sponsored a contest, and he won! He was presented a check for $5.00. Our club members chuckled and Dr. Harris said very quickly “Well, today it would be worth $50.00.”

Syria and the formal name for this country is Syrian Arab Republic. It is located in Western Asia, bordering on Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea to the west. Turkey to the north, Iraq to the east, Jordan to the south, and Israel to the southwest. Its capital is Damascus and is the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in the world. This is home to diverse ethnic and religious groups, including Alawite, Sunni and Christian Arabs, Armenians, Assyrians, Druze, Kurds and Turks. Sunni and Christian Arabs make up the largest population group in Syria.

Syria is about the size of North Dakota and the total population is 16,730,000. The major languages are: Arabic, Kurdish and Armenian. Religion: 74% Sunni Muslim; 16% Alawite Druze, and other Muslim sects; 10% Christian and Jewish.

He then started his talk and he said “Syria is not an enigma – and it is not a puzzle. It is not as complicated as it seems.”

#1 He brought up the subject of the Arab Spring, of which I was glad to finally get an explanation of this horrible happening in the Mid-East. The Arab Spring was caused by the people and especially the young people revolting against the elitist rule. It actually started with a young man in Bahrain who through a peaceful revolution tried to start a revolt. It turned to many being killed not only in that country but throughout the Mid-East. The first country to stall the onset of the Arab Spring was in Libya.

Primarily this all happened as the young people are a majority in most Arab countries. By comparison, in the United States the under 30 age group accounts for 41 % of the population. The young people in the Middle East are frustrated.

The big difference in Syria is the fact that the people there support the Government and they identify with the government.

#2 The Sumi Muslims are the businessmen and make most of the rules. They are 60% of the population and support the Syrian regime.

#3 Christians are 10% of the population. However they are better educated and have smaller families. They have benefited from these actions. They do not like Asad. Primarily they have freedom of religion and fear what might replace the regime.

Opposition is more hostile. Retribution in exchange of the regime.

Entities from at least a dozen countries are helping supply the Syrian regime and military with various levels of support, enabling the Syrian government’s war machine to continue functioning.

Russia has provided military equipment, military advisors, diesel fuel, gas oil and financial assistance.

Iran has provided military equipment, advisors, and personnel, diesel fuel, and financial assistance.

North Korea has provided missile technology, other arms, and technical assistance.

Venezuela and Angola have sent, or contracted to send, diesel fuel.

At one time the U.S. provided much help, but has declined in recent years.

These groups do not get along. The Kurds in the north eastern area of Syria are 10% of the population. The Kurds are not Arab. Their problem is that they do not have a land of their own.

No one will win. Asad is doing well. But cannot defeat the opposition. It is a stalemate and will continue for awhile.

The U.S. supports but more in diplomacy.

1. We think we should help, prestige is there. 2. Russia wants us to fail. 3. Israel is primary factor. 4. Israel vs Asad. Why?

Kurds are a different ethnic group and they do not speak Arabic. Lebanon has 17 different ethnic groups.

So many differences. In a tiny area of Syria. Devastation of Syria and it also could be a success story—like Yugoslavia.

Syria, an easy country to understand? How can it be with so many factions.

Dr. Harris brought our club new ideas of an area of the world that is full of major problems, of different people trying to live together. Could it be like Yugoslavia?

Only the future will tell.

(Phyllis Corliss)

Thank you Program Committee for bringing us Dr. Brice Harris. In a short 25 minutes he brought a new persuasion of thought on the Mid-East.

(Phyllis Corliss)

Bay Delta Conservation Plan

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Richard Atwater, Bay Delta Conservation Plan

Mr. Atwater began the presentation by showing an excellent diagram of California illustrating the locations of our major water sources.

  • The Sacramento Delta
  • Sierra Mountains
  • State Water Project
  • Colorado River
  • Local Groundwater

The Metropolitan Water District is made up of 13 cities and was formed after the major drought of 1934.  Droughts are a fact that California faces and can have devastating impact on our food supply.

California is the #1 Agriculture State in the nation, very dependent on good water sources. On questioning, Mr. Atwater was asked about:

Recycled water; a growing potential, but the infrastructure in not fully developed.  Asked if development and housing make the problem worse; yes increased population and development puts additional strain on the water sources.  As a general goal, people need to conserve water and be careful how much they use.

Asked if desalinization of seawater was a solution; in his opinion it is not cost effective yet.  Asked if importing water from the mid Sates where they have flooding is feasible; no it is not cost effective as water is not like oil or electricity.  Mr. Atwater indicated that we need to live within our means with respect to water, not using what cannot be replenished.  For more information see:

Submitted by Brian Hall

Rotary Photos for 28 March 2014

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Arcadia Rotary Thanked for Mini-Grants for Teachers

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Writing on behalf of Arcadia’s Board of Education, on March 14, 2014, Dr. Joel Shawn, Superintendent authored eight letters to Arcadia Rotary, thanking our club for its support of the students of the Arcadia Unified School District via Mini-Grants for teachers.

The eight schools receiving these grants are as follows.

Site: Longley Way Elementary School
Donation Amount: $270
Usage: Mini Grants for teachers

Site: Hugo Reid School
Donation Amount: $864.94
Usage: Mini Grants for teachers

Site: Holly Avenue Elementary School
Donation Amount: $579.04
Usage: Mini Grants for teachers

Site: Highland Oaks Elementary School
Donation Amount: $283
Usage: Mini Grants for teachers

Site: First Avenue Middle School
Donation Amount: $544.65
Usage: Mini Grants for teachers

Site: Dana Middle School
Donation Amount: $300
Usage: Mini Grants for teachers

Site: Baldwin Stocker Elementary School
Donation Amount: $419.90
Usage: Mini Grants for teachers

Site: Arcadia High School
Donation Amount: $339
Usage: Mini Grants for teachers