Announcements for 01/12/2018 by Pat Barnes.

  1.  Larry Callahan announced that sign ups are being taken for members and their guests who plan to attend the 4-Way Speech Contest and the Stover Music Contest to be held on Friday 02/09/2018 at Arcadia High School.  A buffet dinner will be served at 6:00 P.M. in the  Cafeteria and the program will be held in the Multi Purpose Room.   This is an annual club project and members and guests are encouraged to attend and show the club’s support for each participant.
  2.  President-elect Pat Dolphin led the meeting and announced that the next club Board Meeting will be held next Wednesday 02/17/2018 at the Mass. Mutual Building, 70 S. Lake Avenue, Suite 800, Pasadena, CA 91101,
  3. Congratulations to the following Students of the Month:  Nicholas Jimenez – Performing Arts, Kyle Rong – Academics, and Hannah Kennedy – Athletics.
  4.  Dick Martinez announced that the following are the Rotary Questions for next week’s meeting:   What are the principal and the secondary mottoes of Rotary?    When and where were they formally approved as the official mottoes of Rotary?


Recognitions – January 5, 2018

In celebration of the first meeting of the New Year, Finemaster Brad Miller conducted a quiz on New Year celebrations.  With rare occasions available to fine Gerard Tamparong, Brad started the questions with him:  When is New Year’s celebrated in the Philippines?  Gerard correctly identified it as January 1 and his fine was only $25.

Next, Matt Weaver, who has done many projects in Thailand, was asked when the New Year is celebrated there.  He guessed February, but was overruled by Finemaster Brad who identified Thai New Year as celebrated in April.  Over his objections, Matt was fined $50.

Ken Chan not only answered the question correctly about Chinese New Year, he elaborated.  In 2018, Chinese New Year will be celebrated on February 16 and it will be the Year of the Dog under the Chinese zodiac.  Ken was rewarded with a reduced fine of $25.

The last recognition was for George Fasching.  Finemaster Brad noted when the historic windmill on Denny’s was first restored at a cost of $100,000, George was fined for a light bulb that was burned out.  The light bulb was subsequently fixed, but in light of the news that the windmill sails have recently toppled, George was called to question.  George maintains that he was associated with the restoration of the windmill but didn’t actually work on its repair.  His argument didn’t save him; he was recognized for $25.

Announcements for Jan. 5, 2018

  1. Larry Callahan announced the details of the Dan Stover Music and 4 Way Speech contests. They will be held at the Arcadia High School on Feb. 9th. Dinner will be served at 6 PM and the contests will commence at 7 PM. Larry will circulate a signup sheet at next week’s meeting. Dinner will be complementary for each member and one guest. We will be DARK that day for lunch.
  2. Mar. 9 is the date for our annual Day at the Races. Sam Falzone has secured the Director’s Room for the event. Tickets will be $50 for Rotarians and their guests. Sam will have more information as we get closer to the date.

Recognitions – December 15, 2017

Before kicking off the holiday quiz, Finemaster Brad Miller recognized Ernie Aragon for celebrating his immediate family who number 51!  Included in this grand total are 11 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren, making Ernie the patriarch of an impressive tribe.

Roger Grant’s family increased by a new granddaughter that very morning, born at 5 lbs. 2 oz., 18 in.  This brings his family total to 26, including 15 grandchildren and earning him a recognition of $100.

Dick Martinez awarded Mike Real a fine credit of $100 for correctly answering his weekly ABCs of Rotary question.  Finemaster Brad couldn’t let that stand long, so he fined Mike $100 to use up that credit quickly.

The holiday quiz focused on Hanukkah whose eight-night celebration began Tuesday evening.  The first question was directed to Tom Miles: Name a traditional Israeli meal at Hanukkah.  Tom didn’t guess correctly, nor did Brent Forsee, but Aaron Rose correctly answered “Doughnuts,” naming the jelly-filled sweets that are traditionally served.

Rosie Mares was given a multiple choice question:  Hanukkah is a big deal because a) Jews are a majority in the US, b) public schools are closed, c) it’s close to Christmas, d) there are lots of Hanukkah specials.  Rosie correctly answered “C” and no fine resulted.

Dave Freeman correctly answered the number of candles on the Hanukkah menorah (nine) for no fine, but all was not lost.  Bob Harbicht earned a fine of $100 for heckling Dave and for refusing to take a photo with Teri Muse and Dirk Hudson at a recent event.

Announcements for 12/15/2017 by Pat Barnes

  1.  The club approved the following members as its Officers and  Directors for Rotary Year 2018-2919:  President – PAT DOLPHIN; President Elect – JOHN WILSON; Vice President – TERI MUSE; Secretary – DAVE TOTTEN; Treasurer – ED BERANEK;  Community Service Director – BRENT FORSEE; Environmental Service Director – GLENN OYOUNG; International Service Director – SAM FALZONE; New Generations Director – KATHY ELLISON; Membership Director – JIM PONTELLO;  Publice Image Director – KAREN McNAIR; and Vocational Service Director – LARRY CALLAHAN.
  2. Teri Muse announced that DIRK HUDSON is in physical therapy and would like to interact with members on Facebook.
  3. Congratulations to STACIE WEARP who has been selected as the Longley Way Teacher of the Year.    She teaches the 5th grade, and has been a teacher for 27 years with the past 17 years  at Longley Way.
  4.  Congratulations to ROGER GRANT for the birth of his new  granddaughter!
  5.   President Tony announced with great sorrow that FRANK PERINI has resigned from the club after more than 50 years of perfect attendance, and Tony said that Frank intends to come to a club meeting in January to personally say “good by”.  Frank has been a great member all these years and he will be greatly missed by everyone.
  6. The club will be dark on 12/22/17 and 12/29/17 for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, and the next meeting will be on 01/05/18..
  7.  The Rotary questions for the  first meeting of the new year is:   In what city was the first Rotary club meeting held?
  8. President Tony announced that the last Board meeting of the year will be next Wednesday, 12/20/2017,  at the office of FRANCINE CHIU.
  9.  This is the last High Gear for 2017 and we wish every member  a  VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY, HEALTHY, AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!  See you next year!

Foothill Unity Center

Betty McWilliams, Executive Director of the Foothill Unity Center joined us today for a holiday update on the recent progress the Center has made caring for the homeless in the area. The Center is currently assembling food boxes at the L.A. County Arboretum to be distributed to needy families. In fact, a thousand boxes for a thousand families, says Betty, with the help of two hundred volunteers this morning and another one hundred volunteers to relieve them this afternoon. Joining Betty was Mary Ann Lutz, a Monrovia Rotary Club past president and current Board President of the Unity Center. Betty and Mary Ann shared that the Center serves eleven San Gabriel Valley cities, serving the working poor, retired, disabled and homeless community. The Center provides food, health services, temporary crisis care and even a pet food bank. Oh yes, they also provide tax assistance to those seniors and others in need. It not only takes a “Village” to accomplish it, last year 6000 volunteers helped make it all happen.

In their current location, they work out of three cramped buildings, two in Monrovia, one in Pasadena, having to conduct daily case management, etc. while other clients are in the same office waiting for service. Recently the Center, Betty, Mary Ann and Raina Martinez, Development Director, along with their Board, made a real estate purchase of one of the vacant World Vision buildings on Chestnut Ave. in Monrovia.  The building is really a solution to the cramped quarters and a dream that is quickly coming true.   The new location is two-story, 28,000 square feet with warehouse space, office space, job training, conference rooms and three kitchens where they plan classes to instruct basic food preparation and nutrition. Even the volunteers will have their own office. “From Dream to Reality” is the new building campaign slogan and rightly so. World Vision generously financed half of the purchase price for the Foothill Unity Center new building while the Center has raised the other half through professional fund raising efforts. We wish the very best of the Holiday Season for our friends at the Foothill Unity Center. Congratulations on achieving your goal and taking it, “From Dream to Reality”.

(Pat Dolphin)

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