Announcements – Installation Banquet 06/24/2016 by Pat Barnes

  1.  The 90th Annual Arcadia Rotary Club Installation Banquet for ROSIE  MARES was held at the Monrovia Double Tree Hotel on 06/24/2016  and was well attended.  The following Past Presidents were in attendance and were introduced:  Pat  Barnes (1991-92), Gil Stromsoe (1992-93), Mike Real (1996-97), Ray Bushnell (1997-98), Ed Beranek (1998-99), Jeff Swensson (2001-02), Bob Novell (2002-03), Bob Harbicht (2003-04), Dick Martinez (2005-06), Frank Griffith (2006-07), Bruce McCallum (2008-09), Imy Dulake (2009-10), Matt Weaver (2010-11), Brad Miller (2011-12), Mimi Hennessy (2013-14), Mike Ojeda (2014-15) and Mike Hoey (2015-16.).
  2. The following are the recipients of the Club’s awards:  Lori Phillipi , the daughter of former member Peggy Allison and a member of the Arcadia School Board, received the Ernest E. Jensen Service to the Youth Award.  Glen Oyoung received the John R. Fee New Member Award. Brian Hall received the Alton E. Scott Community Service Award. Ed Beranek received the H.T. Michler Rotarian Award.  Congratulations to each of you.  You are all very deserving.
  3. Reminder that the ARCADIA PARTNER’S IN ROTARY Installation Luncheon will be held on Thursday, July 07, 2016, at 11:45 A.M. at Cafe Mundial, located at 514 S. Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia, CA.  The cost is $26.00.  You have a choice of chicken or shrimp salad.  Please RSVP with your salad preference by July 01, 2016, to Kathy Swensson by telephone at (626) 357-0629 or by email at

Rosie Mares President’s Address

As David Knight played “Hail to the Chief’, incoming president of the Arcadia Rotary Club, Rosie Mares, stepped to the podium to address her fellow members. She introduced her friends, coworkers and her sister Patricia, who had joined her for this momentous occasion. She thanked them all for their support. Rosie said she is excited to have the opportunity to serve the club and is looking forward to working with the new board, which consists of both new and veteran Rotarians.

When Rosie joined the club seven years ago, she was looking for a way to give back to the community. Having come from humble beginnings, she was wanted to be of service and found that opportunity in the Arcadia Rotary Club. She says, “I found that the more I served, the more I got back from Rotary. My involvement in the Club has improved my leadership skills and helped greatly in the management of my company.”

Rosie’s directions for the Club in the coming year are,
1. To expand the traditional avenues of services the club provides.
2. To expand the image of the Arcadia Rotary Club so that the community can discover what we do.
3. To step out of our comfort zone and enter into new areas and projects.
Rosie is looking forward to a great dynamic year for the Club.

President’s Demotion

It was his last meeting of the Rotary year and instead of being able to relax, President Mike endured  a serious “investigation” of his optometric practices. The lead investigator, Glenn Oyoung had several video interviews with “clients” before and after “treatment” by Mike.

As an example, Eric Barter, (who was Demotion chair) came for his “check-up” and left with a cane for the blind.  These interviews lead to the need for a “fuller investigation” according to Glenn.

Live at the demotion a podium was set-up like a court of inquiry.  Key witnesses included Frank Griffith, Mimi Hennessy, TG Metzger with a more detailed by “examination” in three languages by Dr. Dong Chang.

The witnesses were questioned by Rich Hutton and Glenn Oyoung with Brian Hall acting as Mike Hoey and John Wilson as the bailiff.

MC for the comedic event was Bob Harbicht.


Announcements, June 17

1. The installation dinner for Pres. Rosie Mares and the new officers and directors will be held at the Doubletree Inn in Monrovia, on Friday, June 24 starting at 6 PM. We will be dark at Embassy Suites.
2. Rotary Amigos Project in Tijuana is scheduled for August 27-28, 2016 at an all boys orphanage. Save the date. Details to follow. This is a joint project with two Tijuana Rotary Clubs. MUCHO work and fellowship. Contact Dick Martinez if you can help.
3. John Wilson announced a Scotch and Cigar Tasting event where the proceeds will go to the Boys and Girls Club. It will be held on Thurs. June 23 at Noor, 300 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena. Cost is $150 per person.
4. Pres. Hoey thanked the many people who donated to the Field of Honor. Sunbelt Rentals, the company that supplied the night lighting, was represented by John Pruitt and Dan Autry. Others who received citations of gratitude were Bowden Development, Forest Lawn, Waste Management, Sierra Autocars, Westfield, Methodist Hospital, Dolphin Rentals, Foothill Credit Union, and several others.
5. Pres. Hoey, at his last official meeting, inducted 3 new members. Ashley Smith, Executive Assistant at Foothill Credit Union, is married to Cal and they have 2 young children. Larry Callahan is retired after a 39 year career in public education. He and his wife Marilyn have 3 children and one grandson. Larry is a docent at the Huntington Library and volunteers for school accreditation teams, and attends the Church of the Good Shepherd. Kathleen Ellison, a graduate of Arcadia H.S., is part owner of B-K Electric Wholesale. She has 2 daughters, serves on Methodist Hospital and Foundation Boards, is active at Santa Anita Family Services and Church of the Good Shepherd, and is an avid sports fan and golfer.

Scouting in America

Jack McRae, a Arcadia Rotarian also provides leadership to the Boy Scouts of America organization in several ways. He sits on the Board of Directors for the Greater Los Angeles Area Council and is the District Chairman for the Lucky Baldwin District.

Jack led us in a jet tour of the “State of Scouting”, reminding us that over 3.5 million youth and adult volunteers are involved, including notables like famous eagle scouts Sam Walton & Michael Bloomberg.   Jack told stories about individual scouts (like the one that said that a symptom of ingested poisoning is “explosive diarrhea”!).   Scouting got started in England, migrated over to America, and then took off during the Baby Boom.

Jack gave an overview of the organizational structure which is relatively flat and locally controlled. The ratio of paid, professional scouters to volunteers is about 1:700, which shows a strong level of commitment of adult volunteers to youth.  The Greater Los Angeles Area Council has 10 districts, Jack oversees the Lucky Baldwin District which is made up of the nine cities between Arcadia (western most border of the district) and Azusa (eastern most border of the district). He then explained that Cub Scouts are elementary school aged youth organized into Packs; and Boy Scouts are boys ages 11-17.  And he shared a little known fact: the coveted rank to achieve is not “Eagle”; rather, it is the rank of “First Class Scout” because then that young man is a “complete” scout.  The rank of Eagle is to show what a “First Class Scout” is capable of achieving now that he is a complete scout.

Jack shared the mission of scouting: “to prepare youth to make ethical & moral choices … by instilling the values of the Scout Oath and Law”. He emphasized that “scouting works” and cited two university studies (Baylor & Tufts) that had empirically studied and proven that “scouting” breeds better citizens that make better choices throughout their lifetimes.

The reason that “scouting works” is because it gives young boys a chance to lead, to learn, and to make mistakes & learn from those mistakes in a safe environment. The learned leadership of older scouts teaching younger scouts to lead is the greatest asset scouting has. And by putting scouts in a uniform in the great outdoors, all class, education, poverty vs wealth distinctions disappear.  The uniform and the outdoors is the great equalizer that further helps install values and ethics.

During the years of 2008 thru 2015, scouting took some big hits due to sex scandals, the gay rights issue, and the recession. These led to declines in participation and steep cuts to the budgets.  At a cost of $250/year/scout, every dollar cut had a great impact to each scout being served.

Thankfully, Jack gave us some hope. He discussed several initiatives his district is undertaking: to revive scouting units that have died out and to start units in the underserved communities that can benefit the most like Azusa, Baldwin Park, and El Monte.

Lastly, Jack shared how money was being allocated to some of these communities to hire professional scouters that can deliver an excellent scouting program to those underprivileged youth.  Financially, 84% of every dollar raised goes to delivering scouting programs with only 16% going to “overhead”.  He then called upon us to support one scout for a mere 83₵/day ($25/month).  And if we support two scouts for $1.50/day ($45/month), then we get invited to the Appreciate Reception.  This year’s reception includes a visit to a private classic/exotic car collection and micro-brew tasting at a micro-brewery.

Then Frank Hall announced that the Arcadia Rotary Foundation would do a “challenge match” and match each and every one of the Rotarian’s donations up to a maximum of $1,000.

You can support scouting by going to: and signing up for a recurring monthly donation of $25/month.  Sign ups for $45/month or more will get you an invitation to the Supporter Appreciation Event, including  the visit to the private classic car collection and private taste & tour of a local micro-brewery.  Thank you Jack McCrae for your generous support and contributions to our youth.



Announcements for June10, 2016

  1.  President Rosie Mares’ Installation Banquet and that of the Officers and Directors is scheduled for June 24, 2016 at 6:00PM at the Double Tree in Monrovia.
  2. Rosters – Please make any changes or additions to your entry in the Member Rosters going around during the meeting. They will be available again this friday June 17, 2016.
  3. The Casino night was a great success. Erich Rail, who did a tremendous job putting it on, will update us on the numbers in the upcoming meeting(s).
  4. Teacher Recognition:  Dr. Tom Bruce, First Ave. Middle School Principal, introduced Mike Danielson, the recipient of the outstanding teacher award.  Mr, Danielson conducts two bands,  two orchestras (including a rock band), and a drum line. He turns out exceptional music produced by dedicated students  using a combination of strictness,  love and discipline.  He and his groups have won many awards and acknowledgements.
  5. Imy Dulake, presented several Rotary Club flags to President Hoey from the International Convention in Seoul, Korea, including ones from France, Nigeria and two from Italy.

The Greatest Rotary Club in the World!