Recognitions – March 17, 2017

Saint Patrick’s Day fines were short but sweet with substitute Finemaster George Fasching.  He was disappointed that the menu was corned beef and cabbage as he had been looking forward to his favorite, chicken.

Francine Chiu was first on George’s list.  He enjoyed her Craft Talk last week and noticed a very important item she left out – she is a graduate of Alhambra High School, as is George himself.  While disappointed that she didn’t know any of the same teachers, after noting the 57 years between their years of graduation, he admitted it might be understandable.  Francine’s fine was half of those 57 years, $26. (Fasching math seems to be related to Rider math.)

Next up was a photo of a young bikini-clad woman who apparently had wandered into a Rotary meeting in years gone by.  Ernie Jensen was put on the spot to identify the year since he was President in 1991 and has lots of memories – all of which have been photographed by Frank Perini.  Ernie remembered very well that it was a meeting at the Holiday Inn in 1989.  For his excellent and accurate memory, Ernie was rewarded with a zero fine.

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Rotary Meeting 03/10/2017 by Pat Barnes

  1.  Matt Weaver just returned from Thailand and reported on his newest water project.  He said it was life changing for the village he visited.
  2.  Matt also reported that next Wednesday 03/15/2017 from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. the club’s RYLA committee will be interviewing students from the Junior Class at Arcadia High School to attend this year’s RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) weekend.  If you are interested  in helping, contact Mike Real for more information.
  3. President Rosie announced that on Saturday 03/18/2017 members of the club will be going to Tijuana, Mexico to deliver wheelchairs to needy persons and also to visit various orphanages in the area for future Rotary Amigo projects.
  4.  Sam Falzone announced that 66 club members have signed up for the Arcadia Rotary Day at the Races set for Friday 03/24/2017, but he would like to have a total of 75.   The cost is $40/person, which includes parking, entrance fee, racing program, and lunch at the Frontrunner restaurant.  The gates at the racetrack open at 11:00 a.m. with the first post at 1:00 p.m.  As always, George Fasching will be handicapping the races.  The club will be dark at the Embassy Suites.
  5.  The District Assembly will be held on Saturday 04/22/2017 at the Sitting bull Academy in Apple Valley, CA.   All board members should attend.  See President Rosie for more information.
  6.  The club’s annual Casino night will held on Saturday evening 04/22/2017 from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the Arcadia Community Center.  This is one of the club’s main fundraisers and it should be a fun evening.
  7.  In celebration of Arbor Day, the club meeting on 04/28/2017 will be held at the Peacock Cafe at the Arboretum.  The club will be dark at the Embassy Suites.
  8.  Bob Harbicht announced that the club’s 2nd annual Field of Honor will be held at from 05/20/2017 through 05/30/2017 at Arcadia County Park with the opening ceremony to be held on Sunday 05/21/2017 at 1:00 p.m.  Bob announced that we now have 25 sponsors totaling in excess of $35,000. in donations.   Let Bob know if you know of any potential sponsors from $500 to $5,000 and his committee will contact them.  Over 1,000 flags will be displayed at a cost of $50/flag., and he urged all members to contact friends and family members to buy   a flag to honor a friend or family member.   In addition to Casino night the Field of Honor is the club’s major fundraiser
  9.  John Wilson announced the following club socials:  (1)  on Saturday 03/25/2017 we will ride the Metro and stop at various pubs, and (2) on 04/03/2017 there will be a party at Matt Weaver’s house to watch the finals of the NCAA.
  10.  Membership Director Francine Chiu reminded us that the program for Friday 04/07/2017 will be someone from the Pasadena Tournament of Roses and she asked all club members to bring prospective new members that day.
  11.  Past President Eric Barter announced that the club’s installation dinner will be held on Friday 06/30/2017 at the San Gabriel Country Club.  We will be dark at the Embassy Suites that day.
  12. The following were awarded as the Students of the Month:  Academics – Beverly Fuerte (she plans to attend UCLA),  Athletics – Kate Nigolian (she plans to attend UC San Diego, and Performing Arts:  Samuel Cui (he plans to attend MIT).   Congratulations to each of you.

Hsiao-Chin Chen – Craft Talk

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Hsiao is the youngest of three, a brother and sister.  Hsiao graduated from National University Taiwan in 1999 with a Bachelors degree in Economics.  Hsiao’s life has taken some unexpected turns, first with her dad being diagnosed with liver cancer.  Hsiao’s father started their jewelry business in 1967, which Hsiao later was ask to lead and carry on the family business.

Hsiao met her future husband in 2001, while working in the telecommunications industry in San Jose, Ca.  Hsiao moved back to Taiwan after working in San Jose for better work and because she missed her family.  She began helping with the family business and was carrying on a long distance relationship with her future husband, and that was very difficult.

The family traveled to Trinity College in Cambridge MA in 2006 for the graduation of her sister.  About that time her father was also having surgery for liver cancer.  Hsiao was married to William that same year and began their life together.  Hsiao has two lovely children, a boy and a girl and now lives in Arcadia, where she is responsible for the jewelry business, which she named Trinity Jewelers.  Hsiao told us that her father passed away just 1 month after her wedding, which was very emotional for her, then and now.  While Hsiao composed herself, she suggested that we stare at her lovely legs, which many Rotarians did, tastefully of course.

We watched a lovely video showing the elegant jewelry that Trinity Jewelry makes; including intricate carvings, jewelry and diamonds.  The business was named after Trinity College where Hsiao’s sister attended.  Hsiao has developed the business through some of the auction houses and had their first successful jewelry sale in 2015.

In 2008, Hsiao was invited to join the Taipei Lily Rotary club as a way to develop her business and professional skills and she did.  Taipei Lily is a club for women and Hsiao was very active in that club for many years.  In 2015, Hsiao was transferred to the Taipei Lily Satellite Club which meets on-line via WebEx, as a way to stay connected.

Since then, Hsiao joined the Arcadia Rotary Club in 2016 and is quickly getting to know the other members and working to develop her business and professional skills. She is eager to give back to the community through her service and is a great addition to the Arcadia Rotary Club.

Sheen Hwei (Francine Chiu)

Told in 3rd person, The Story of Sheen Hwei, born in Formosa, (Taiwan) to Charles and Debbie (Daddy & Mommy) the oldest of 3, counting “the accident”, her youngest brother.

We were told that Francine was traumatized in school at a young age because her name was so difficult to  write in Chinese, as compared to her brothers name consisting of 1 & 2 lines.  Because of this and each student being required to write their name before leaving class, Sheen Hwei missed out on the snacks, cookies and fruit.  This obviously has left some emotional scars.  Being resourceful, however, Sheen Hwei asked her mother if she could change her name and was told NO.

Not only did Sheen Hwei attend school during the week but on weekends, she attended another school to learn her ABC’s.  This was not that fun, so being the smart resourceful kids they were, they decided to go to the park and play on weekends instead of going to school.  When asked by mom what they learned on week 1 she said “How are you”. On week 2 she said “Fine thank you, and you?”  Mom subsequently called the school and the fun was over, grounded for life…

In 1977, the family moved to Alhambra, CA, United States of America.  School was very difficult, Sheen Hwei did not really understand what was being said by the teachers or students.  If English were your second language, imagine trying to figure out the difference between Patriotic and Pediatric.  Being resourceful, she brought a tape recorder, English & Chinese dictionary and lunch to class every day, wanting to speak perfect english.  Lunch became important, as one of her classmates, Billy sat next to Sheen Hwei and he got peanut butter & jelly sandwiches every day, while Sheen Hwei had rice and noodles.  Mom not wanting her daughter to get a sugar high and crash, initially resisted giving Sheen Hwei PB&J sandwiches, but eventually did figure out that it would not hurt her.  When Sheen Hwei showed Billy the PB&J, she learned what a High Five was!

About that time, middle school, Sheen Hwei decided to pick a simpler name and chose Francine to the delight of the American kids and the confusion of her Chinese friends.  Francine went on to be the valedictorian of the 8th grade and High School classes, wow!

Francine worked her way thru university modeling and as a dental assistant, graduating from the University of Irvine (Ant Eaters).  Going to work for Century 21 and becoming the number 1 sales person, Francine often received flowers, lots of them, bunches of them, vases, bouquets, arraignments… at one point her co-workers wondered who had died and noted their condolences for her “loss” or who ever had died…

Francine married, briefly, and then became Happily Divorced.  Francine subsequently became a star at Rose Hills, then hired away by Forrest Lawn to serve the Asian Community, again doing a wonderful job, then moving to Mass Mutual doing very well again with her talent and beauty.

Francine enjoys her family, especially the nieces and nephews of her brother, “the accident” and his wife.  At this point Michael Hoey unsuccessfully tried to speed up Francine.  Francine is very involved as Chair of the Arcadia Chinese Association and enjoys Travel, Yoga, Cycling and Cooking.  She keeps her Karma in check daily and closed by noting that Life is Good!  Thank you Francine for being an important part of the Arcadia Rotary.




Charlie Gallagher, Executive Director

Building our future leaders now….that’s the message Charlie Gallagher from the LEAP program brought to our meeting. This week-long, award-winning motivational leadership program for 15-25 year old students takes place on the UCLA campus each Summer. Charlie is an alumni of the program when it first started in 2008 and returned to take over as Executive Director after working in Australia in Advertising.
LEAP teaches real word skills like study skills, time management, financial management, effective communication, goal setting, working with mentors and networking. Students must apply for the program and scholarships are available. The cost for the week-long program is $3,000.
Two key components that LEAP students leave the program with are access to real life mentors in their career field and motivated peers who are friends for life, serving as a support system. The program offers a track for high school students who are excelling in high school but need help getting into their ideal college. It also offers a college/career prep program to help students transition into the real world and succeed in their first job. Many graduates of the LEAP program return to mentor the students each year and past speakers include Mayor Eric Garcetti, Actress Eva Longoria, Olympic medalist Apollo One, NFL Hall of Famer Michael Strahan and singer, dancer, actress Paula Abdul.
For more information call (877) 855-5327 or visit

ANNOUNCEMENTS for March 3, 2017, Dave Freeman

  1.    On Saturday, March 8, at the Rotary Club of Tijuana, wheelchairs will be distributed to those in need. (per President Rosie) Check with Dick Martinez, if you would like to participate.
  2. On March 24, Embassy will be dark. Instead, Rotarians will meet at Santa Anita Race Track’s Frontrunner Restaurant for a Day at the Races. (per Sam Falzone).   See him to pick up your tickets.
  3.  On April 7 , the program will be the Tournament of Roses,  and the speaker will be the President of the Tournament, Lance Tibbet. (per Francine Chiu).
  4. On Saturday evening, April 22, at the Arcadia Community Center. Arcadia Rotary will host Casino Night. (per Jim Pontello).  Sign up, and consider being a sponsor and/or donating an auction item.
  5. On April 28, Embassy will be dark. Instead, Rotarians will meet at the Arboretum in celebration of Arbor Day (per Jim Pontello).
  6. On May 20 through May 30, Rotary will set up the Field of Flags. The cost of a flag is $50. Sponsorships are available from $500 to $5,000. (per Bob Harbicht). Encourage others to purchase a flag or to be a sponsor.
  7. District Assembly is scheduled for April 22, 2017.  Everyone who is interested in Rotary leadership should attend, as well as Red Badgers who wish to get credit, and network with others from different clubs.

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