Announcements – 1/29/2016

Please be sure to join your fellow Arcadia Rotarians at the Day at the Races on Friday, 03/04/2016 at the Frontrunner Cafe at Santa Anita Race Track. The cost is $38 per person, which includes Club House Admission, lunch from a select menu, parking, racing program, tax, and service charge. There will be a sign-up sheet at the next few club meetings. Contact Jim as he already has the tickets. Please note that the club will be dark at the Embassy Suites that day. Please see Jim Pontello for more information.

District 5300 is in need of facilitators for RYLA which will be held from 04/13/2016 to 04/17/2016. Both Rotarians and non-Rotarians can be facilitators, and there must be an equal number of male and female facilitators. If you are interested or have any questions please contact Mike Real or Teri Muse.

Let’s all start selling those flags!!! The Arcadia Rotary Club Field of Honor will be held from 05/21/2016 to 05/29/2016 at the corner of Santa Anita & Huntington Avenues in Arcadia County Park. 1,000 American flags will be flown to celebrate patriotism and those who are or have been special in our lives. The cost is $50 per flag and 1/3 of the proceeds raised being donated toward the building of a veterans’ memorial in Arcadia. Contact Bob for a flag order form. The fundraising committee has raised $40,000 in sponsorships to date and is hoping to raise more. Contact Bob if you are interested in being a sponsor, or if you know of somebody who may be interested

Finally, put on your calendar that the installation of Rose Mares as Arcadia Rotary President for 2016-2017 will be held on Friday, 06/24/2016 at Monrovia’s Double Tree Hotel.

Announcements for 01/22/2016 by Pat Barnes

  1.  Put on your calendar that the installation of Rose Mares as Arcadia Rotary President for 2016-2017 will be held on 06/24/2016 at Monrovia’s Double Tree Hotel.
  2.  Mike Real announced that RYLA will be held from 04/13/2016 – 04/17/2016  and they are in need of facilitators.  Both Rotarians and non-Rotarians can be facilitators, and there must be an equal number of male and female facilitators.  If you are interested or have any questions, you can contact Mike Real or Teri Muse.
  3. Jim Pontello announced that Arcadia Day at the Races will be on Friday 03/04/2016 at the Frontrunner Cafe at Santa Anita Race Track.  The cost is $38/person, which includes Club House Admission, lunch from a select menu, parking, racing program, tax and service charge.  There will be a sign-up sheet at the club meeting.  Contact Jim as he already has the tickets.  Please note that the club will be dark at the Embassy Suites that day.
  4. Bob Harbicht announced that the Arcadia Rotary Club Field of Honor will be held from 05/21/2016 to 05/29/2016 at the corner of Santa Anita & Huntington in Arcadia County Park.  1,000 American flags will be flown to celebrate patriotism and those who are or have been special in our lives.  The cost is $50/flag and 1/3 of the proceeds raised will be donated toward the building of a veterans’ memorial in Arcadia.  Contact Bob for a flag order form.  Bob said that the committee has raised $40,000 in sponsorships to date and is hoping to raise more.  Contact Bob if you are interested in being a sponsor, or if you know of somebody who may be interested.
  5. Bob Harbicht announced that he will be running for Arcadia City Council  with the elections to be held in April.
  6. Congratulations to President Mike Hoey for his recent marriage engagement.
  7. Thanks to George Fasching for spearheading the effort to get the Windmill once again moving at Denny’s Restaurant at the corner of Santa Anita and Huntington.
  8. Congratulations to Jack McRae for being the recipient of the Boy Scout’s Silver Beaver Award.
  9. Congratulations to Grace Sung for receiving the Teacher of the Year Award for Baldwin Stocker Elementary School where she teaches 2nd grade.

Surprise Revelation About Arcadia Rotary History

Last week (January 15, 2016) we listened to noted Arcadia historian Carol Libby speak to us on “The Birth of Arcadia.” After the program we had the opportunity to purchase her latest book on the subject, “Faces and Footprints in Arcadia’s History.” I bought a copy to take home. My wife Sharon was the first one of us to read the book (which she found very interesting). In it she discovered a reference to Arcadia Rotary. On page 105 was a photograph of about 57 gentlemen, mostly in business attire, posed in front of Eaton’s Restaurant located (where Coco’s Restaurant is now) at the corner of Colorado Boulevard and Michilinda. In front of the group is the banner “Rotary Club of Arcadia, California.” The date of the photo is unknown. However, the caption underneath the photograph reads as follows: “A group of businessmen wanted to become better acquainted and formed a club called the Good Fellowship Club in 1926. This group became the Arcadia Rotary Club. It received its charter on October 22, 1927 with fifteen members. Its years of service are impressive and without equal. Rotarians are pictured in front of Eaton’s Restaurant. Date unknown.”

Birth of Arcadia

Programs Report
January 15, 2016
By: Teri Muse

“The Birth of Arcadia”
Carol Libby; historian, author and volunteer took us back in time to 1875 when Elias Jackson Baldwin bought the Santa Anita Rancho for $200,000 and called it “paradise.” She explained how at the same time, Baldwin was building the Baldwin Hotel in San Francisco spending over $3 million. Even though the Santa Anita Rancho was small potatoes compared to the Baldwin Hotel, Carol explained how the Santa Anita Rancho would be the saving grace for Baldwin.

Baldwin lost millions in the stock exchange and savings he had to use to pay the mortgages. The only property he didn’t mortgage was the Santa Anita Rancho. Baldwin saw the opportunity to start developing the Santa Anita Rancho when the railroad starting bringing people to Los Angeles in the 1880’s, he sold 400 lots in 3 days at $400 a lot.

In the 1890’s Baldwin suffered financially throughout the Depression and the Santa Anita Rancho is what kept him afloat. Baldwin spent most of his time in San Francisco, Lake Tahoe and Gnome Alaska mostly developing gambling establishments. It wasn’t until the 1900’s when the Red Car came thru Arcadia that Baldwin gave Arcadia some serious attention. The area was first known as Baldwin and then Live Oak before it finally was named Arcadia and incorporated in 1903. Before becoming incorporated, Baldwin had to overcome many obstacles like overcoming public perception that he was going to turn Arcadia into a gambling town and finding a way to get 500 people to live in Arcadia to meet the incorporation population requirement. The first election was held on July 27, 1903. 39 residents voted. 38 voted Baldwin in as Mayor and 35 voted for incorporation.

Recognitions for January 8, 2016 (by Mimi Hennessy)

Here are the recognitions from last Friday:

Fine Master Glenn Oyoung began by offering to share a Groupon “2 for 1 Vasectomy” offer; oddly, there were no takers, at least during the meeting.

Frank Griffith, Bob Novell, and Ray Bushnell’s excellent work on the Rotary [Rose Parade] Float project cost them each $100; however Frank Griffith incurred a $5 surcharge for his and Bob Novell’s prolonged description of the annual luncheon held at the Huntington Library for the Major Service Club Presidents. They explained at some length the value of this rare opportunity for these presidents, who are on the road about 300 days a year, to talk to others who share their experience as president of a major world-wide organization.

Phyllis Corliss, a long time “top producer” for Crystal Cruises was recognized at their 25th anniversary gala with a new award for the most loyal agent in their 25 year history! This special and unique recognition cost her $50.

Dick Martinez took friends to Santa Anita on New Years Eve, armed with hot tips from George Fasching to guarantee his out of town visitors a winning experience. The 3 sure winners placed 5th, 7th, and “donation to the glue factory” respectively. Perhaps in sympathy for his losses, Dick was only fined $2.

Mimi Hennessy

Announcements for Jan. 8, 2016

  1. Dick Martinez gave us an update on our Rotary Amigos project. A change in the construction schedule has caused us to cancel our original project that was to take place Jan. 25th. Dick and Tom Crosby will make another trip to Tecate to look at another project. The new date will follow.
  2. John Davis announced that 20 wheelchairs have been purchased with foundation money and are being stored at Ray Bushnell’s warehouse until delivery can be made to Tijuana.
  3. Bob Novell gave us an update on a project we are doing with the Flying Doctors of Mercy. $35,000 is being raised for an ultrasound machine and an X Ray machine that will be used in Mexico. $10,000 will come from our club plus matching funds from the District. The remaining $15,000 will come from a source yet to be named. The finances should be in place by some time in March.
  4. According to Jim Pontello we will have our Day at the Races on March 4th. Lunch will be in the Front Runner restaurant. Last year was cancelled due to a very large increase in cost, so it is good to have this popular event back on the calendar.

Program Report: Here to Serve

Program Report by: Teri Muse
Here to Serve
January 8, 2016

Here to Serve was founded by Katie and Silvio Quintas with the purpose of “Lifting burdens of friends, neighbors and loved ones in a medical crisis” after they themselves experienced Silvio and their son Bryan both being diagnosed with cancer within 6 months of each other. They took all the struggles they endured and turned them into an organization that they could have used themselves when they experienced their health crisis. As Katie said, “Here to Serve provides all the support that families pray they could have but don’t know how to get it.”

Here to Serve will take all the families non-medical needs such as housekeeping, meal preparation, communicating medical updates and referrals to support services and create something similar to the central “nerve center” for them setting up a website that will coordinate it all. Here to Serve has a database of over 3,000 non-profit organizations to help families in a medical crisis. These services are all provided at no cost to the family and really help the middle class families who don’t qualify for any government assistance.

Katie lost her husband Silvio a little over a year ago, but her son Bryan is doing great and very active in Here to Serve. This organization is an all-volunteer organization that is hoping to move to paid staff for continuity since volunteers come and go. Here to Serve and the families they help have been spotlighted on many television news programs. Katie is hoping that this year all the exposure will help them raise enough money to be self-sustaining. For more information about Here to Serve go to or call (626) 600-2776.

Announcements – Harry Agajanian

Bob Harbicht reported on the Field of Honor. Our goal for Platinum level sponsorship was set at no more than 3, which we have now gotten. We currently have 4 Silver level sponsors and 3 Bronze level sponsors. Flag sales will begin soon. All members are encouraged to participate in this event. Bob shared that he and Glenn Oyoung met with Time Warner to help with publicity beginning January 2016.

Aaron Rose introduced members of the Arroyo Pacific Academy new internet club who are working hard to help with the homeless women shelter. They asked Rotary for $50 to complete their task. Dick Martinez and John Wilson obliged with a $25 each contribution.

Brad Miller announced the 2016-2017 Slate Officers. Vote was taken and the Ayes were unanimous.
President – Rosie Mares (2016-17). President Elect – Tony Parrille (2017-18). Vice President – David Freeman (2018-19). Secretary – Jack Lamb. Treasurer – Erich Rail.
Membership – Francine Chu. Club Service – Aaron Rose. Community – Bruno Esquivel. International – Tom Crosby. Public Image – Frank Griffith. Vocational – Ken Chan. Youth/New Generation – Teri Muse. Environmental – Jim Pontello. Sargent at Arms – Glenn Oyoung.

Recognitions – December 11, 2015

Finemaster Glenn O’Young began with a photo of the grand opening of the new 38 Degrees restaurant in Monrovia revealing Arcadia Rotarians Matt Weaver, John Wilson, and Mike Ojeda enjoying the event with enthusiasm.  Each of them was fined $25.

Dick Martinez flew back from Oakland with famous USC alum, Marcus Allen (Hall of Fame Raider, this reporter must point out!) and had the opportunity to give him some advice on USC football coaching staff.  The advice was apparently timely, as the next day the staff shake-up took place.  Dick was fined $25 in recognition of his sage advice.

The Rotary International Rose Parade float is an endeavor involving many Rotarians, with our own Frank Griffith at the forefront of the effort.  Finemaster Glenn recognized Frank for all his hard work with a $10 fine.

The Arcadia High School marching band recently participated as Grand Champions in the Pearl Harbor Memorial parade on the USS Missouri.  Principal Brent Forsee was recognized for $25 as he also announced they will be marching in next year’s Rose Parade.

Announcements for 12/11/2015

1. Many thanks to Matt and Denise Weaver for hosting the Partners’ Christmas Party at their home on 12/06/2015. It was a great party and the view of the sunset from their home was spectacular.

2. Past President Brad Miller announced the nominations for the new  officers and directors for 2016-2017 as follows:   Francine Chiu – Membership; Aaron Rose – Club Service; Bruno Esquivel – Community Service; Tom Crosby – International; Glen Oyoung – Sergeant at Arms; Frank Griffith – Public Images; Treasurer – Eric Rail; President – Rosie Mares; Tony Parrille; Vice President – Dave Freeman; and Secretary – Jack Lamb.

3.  Bob Harbicht announced that the Chinese Association is a Silver Sponsor of the Field of Honor.

4.  Ed Beranek is in Arcadia Methodist Hospital with respiratory problems.  We hope Ed has a speedy recovery.  He would love to hear from each of you.

5.  Frank Griffith announced that the Methodist Hospital Foundation and Foothill Federal Credit Union have made contributions to Rotary International’s float in the Rose Parade and in recognition of their contributions Frank presented Rose float T-shirts to Jay Harvill of the Methodist Hospital Foundation and to Brian Hall of the Foothill Federal Credit Union. Frank thanked them for their contribution and said that Rotary  International still needs additional donations for the float.  If you wish to donate, or if you have any other questions, contact Frank Griffith.

6.  Travis Long, principal at Longley Way Elementary School announced that 4th grade teacher Jan Dickson at Longley Way is the recipient of the club’s Teacher of the Year award.  She said that her father had been a Rotarian at the Los Angeles 1 Club.  Congratulations to Jan for this great honor.

7.  Mike Real announced the following as the Students of the Month from Arcadia High School:  Matthew Hatfield – Academics; Nicholas Hillier – Athletics; and Lyndy Gates – Performing Arts.  Congratulations to each of them for this great honor.

8.  Next Friday 12/18/2015 is the Club’s Christmas Party.   Guests are welcome.  Please let Sandra Caldero know if you plan to bring a guest and especially children to prepare Craft Time with them.

9.  The club will be dark on both Friday 12/25/2015 for Christmas and Friday 01/01/2016 for New Year’s Day.


Captain Terry Sheffield Ret. – Cold War Navy Deployment

Captain Sheffield described a Cold War deployment to the Mediterranean in 1988.  His ship was the USS Capodanno (click the link) a 500 foot long, 48 foot wide, 5000 ton armed to the teeth supporting vessel of the 14 ship 6th Fleet which included the Eisenhower aircraft carrier.

The primary mission of the USS Capodanno in the cold war was to track Russian submarines with nuclear capability.  Captain Sheffield described the tools below the  water including  anti-submarine sonar powerful enough “that could it kill half the fish in the Mediterranean” and an array of hydrophone listening devices that was towed behind the ship.  By tracking all the nuclear capable submarines in the world, it was thought that if WWIII occurred,  the U.S. would have an advantage.  He shared that they might follow a sub for a  month at a time.

He explained that the Mediterranean is important to world politics and economics.  90% of the world’s oil passed through the Mediterranean at the time.  The Northern shores at the time were Nato countries. Africa and the Middle East were more complicated (and still are).

He described a plan to enter the Mediterranean, essentially to “sneak” the 6th fleet in so the Russians would not see them despite their satellites. The plan was for the 14 ships to pass through one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world at night, without radar, without communications, and at a top speed near 30mph. that particular night it was raining with 40mph headwinds.  The audience laughed loudly at this plan, however the joke was on us,  it was successful without mishap.

The fleet patrolled then went to port during the first half of 1988 in Palermo, Haifa, Trieste and Mallorca before he was relieved of his command to go to Harvard for graduate studies.

One incident the clearly moved Captain Sheffield was the car bombing of a USO in Naples that killed 5.  Apparently Gadaffi of Libya told the U.S. not to patrol below a certain parallel in the Mediterranean. But we did and bombed some facilities and the USO incident was a presumed retaliation.  Way back in 1988 those that represent our county were at risk.

On a personal note, the Captain was impressive.  He was tall, well appointed and commanded attention with his deep powerful voice, his humor, depth of knowledge and humility.  I easily understood how the 350 compliment of the USS Capodanno would follow his leadership.






Golden Retriever Rescue

Our speaker, Jim Skydell, joined us Friday from the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue. His organization is a certified 501C3 Non-Profit that was established in 2001 to rescue and find homes for Golden Retrievers. The group is staffed by 120 plus, volunteers in seven counties and has rescued 4,300 dogs to date. Jim says the organization operates off of a $300,000 budget which comes from fund raising and that all funds go to help the dogs.


Golden Retrievers (Caris lupus familiaris (Latin) are the oldest domestic animals, originating in 1868 when Sir Dudley Majorbanks Tweedmouth mated a Wavy Coated Retriever with a Yellow Tailed Water Spaniel.   It wasn’t until 1932 that Golden Retrievers received separate status from the American Kennel Club. Retrievers are generally mild mannered, loyal, social, loving and love retrieving. Jim’s organization gets the dogs either from shelters or simply turned in by owners who cannot care for them. Why would people turn in a Golden Retriever? Some have no time for dogs; have financial issues, health issues, etc. Jim says that most of those turned in are 6-8 years old or over, and are colored brown, white, or red like Irish Setters. Once a dog is received they must be house trained, obedience trained, and neutered, as well as vaccinated and micro chipped costing an average of $2000. Before being placed in a home the dog is evaluated for activity level, temperament, special needs, experience with children and if they are animal friendly. Once an adoption application is completed, a representative visits the home for placement and to match the home environment with the dog. Adoption fees are based on the dogs age: 1year=$450, 3-5 years=$350, 6-7 years=$250, 8 years=$200.


Keep up the good work Jim and thanks for sharing.


Pat Dolphin


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