Recognitions – October 6, 2017

Deputy Finemaster Dick Martinez led the club in the latest round of “Arcadia Rotary What’s My Line?” with mostly successful results:

Ray Bushnell and Mike Hoey started us off on the right foot by both knowing the other’s business:  Ray’s business, RBI Systems, Inc., provides direct mail and data processing services, Mike is a Doctor of Optometry and owns Hoey Optometry.  Neither were fined since they provided the correct answers.

Next, Gil Stromsoe and Frank Hall continued the streak:  Gil is a CPA and partner of Mark Schaefer Associates (and prepares Frank’s tax returns), Frank is a retired banker and corporate fundraiser, currently President of Arcadia Rotary Foundation.  Again, no fines for either one.

Eric Barter and Jack McRae were close:  Jack correctly identified Eric’s business as bail bondsman with Bad Boy’s Bail Bonds – he works with criminal defense attorneys, while Eric got partial credit for his guess of police officer and attorney.  Jack is an attorney and also a reserve deputy sheriff.  Eric’s fine was also partial at $10.

Bob Harbicht and Mike Ojeda landed a little farther apart:  Bob guessed Mike was in the escrow business – Mike’s in the title insurance business with Equity Title Corp, and Mike correctly identified Bob as former Arcadia mayor, but missed his being retired from owning a marketing research company.  Both were fined $25.

Last up, Ken Chan and David Freeman finished off with style:  Ken correctly stated David’s businesses as tennis bum, real estate attorney, and board member on the Arcadia Board of Realtors.  David, also correctly according to Ken, knew that Ken is a magician extraordinaire and a teacher of magic.


Our own Frank Hall inspired us all when he approached the podium and took us on a tour of his life as a Rotarian.  Frank joined Rotary in 1965 after he had been transferred as an assistant manager of a bank in Alhambra.  Frank had been in the banking business since 1957 and tried to join other clubs but back then the RI bylaws stipulated there was to be only one classification in each club, i.e., real estate, lawyer, banker, etc.  Attendance was mandatory, make-ups were permitted but if you missed four straight meetings you were out.  One time Frank was on vacation in Napa, California and attended a make-up meeting in nearby St. Helena, he shared with us that there were so many vineyard owners that membership had to classify them as Winemaster Chardonnay, Winemaster Merlot, Winemaster Cabernet. He noted that Robert Mondavi, owner of Charles Krug Winery, was a member of the club and during a two year period when his winery was not producing wine the club reclassified him “Vinegar Manufacturer”.  Rotarians having fun!


Frank spent a brief time in San Bernardino where he joined Rotary and then moved to Palm Springs where he opened a branch of Crocker Bank.  Once there he joined the Rotary Club of Palm Springs, about one hundred members strong.  In 1971 the President Elect passed away four months before taking office as President and the club asked Frank to take over as President.  Frank remembers the members and celebrities who made up there were the likes of J.C. Penney (yes, that one) and Liberache’s brother George all the way from South Lake Tahoe as well as Don Wilson, the master of ceremonies for comedian Jack Benny.


Frank spent ten years (1976-86) at the Rotary Club of Newport Beach before moving on to the L.A.5 with its six hundred members. He recalled his involvement with the first Polio-Plus Fundraiser, which raised over $100,000 and the landmark Supreme Court decision that ruled Rotary International could not exclude women from membership to Rotary.  Frank then joined the South Fullerton Rotary for a time but joined the Sierra Madre Club since he lives there.  He was in Sierra Madre Rotary for a total of nine years before joining the Greatest Rotary Club in the World, Arcadia Rotary.  For the last ten years he has enjoyed our club, made numerous close friends, and is currently the President of the Arcadia Rotary Foundation.  We extend our sincere gratitude to Frank for sharing his experiences and service over 50 years in Rotary.


(Pat Dolphin)