Thanks from the Boy Scouts!

Thank you Rotarians for sharing your turtles with the Boy Scouts! 

The Great Rubber Turtle Race was even more exciting than I expected! We were able to fit all thousand turtles into three large buckets, and we simultaneously dropped them into the “Amazon Ride”. There is video available to view the start:

The turtles all rushed down river, and several smaller bales of turtles began to separate themselves from the mass. The group passed two waterfalls, and while some avoided the currents, others were dramatically slowed, which caused further separation.

For about two-thirds of the course, one lone green turtle was leading the way; we were sure of its victory. However, at the last bend in the course another bale of turtles rushed by and overtook the lone green turtle, and that last rush made for some close calls at the finish. It was additionally comedic to watch the lifeguards trying to collect all 1000 turtles to end the race.

Thanks again to all the Rotarians, and the friends and family members of Rotarians who helped with this fun little fundraiser for the Lucky Baldwin District. We appreciate your support.

Oh, wait. Did I forget to mention the results? J

  • (Drum roll) First Place: Turtle number 921, purchased by Eric Abe of Pack 333
  • Second Place: Turtle number 932, purchased by Eric West of Pack 333
  • Third Place: Turtle number 205, purchased by Bonnie Wilbur of the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce.

Congratulations, y’all!