Recognitions for June 16, 2017

The fine-master for this meeting was RYLA’s Brandon Georgian:

1. Bob Harbicht was not present, but nevertheless was recognized for wearing shorts in a recent photo, as well as for a recent trip to Holland. His aggregate punishment for both was a $ 25 fine.

2. Mike Ojeda was recognized for his daughter’s graduation from St. Lucy’s. His penalty was $17.24 (thereby compelling him to check his obscure coin collection).

3. John Wilson was recognized for allowing a photo to escape showing him out in public with his hair cut short. This cost him $22.34 (resulting in additional metal hitting the ground).

4. Swati Puri was recognized in a separate part of the meeting for the related facts (a) that she was recently married, and (b) that as a result she was moving to Seattle to be with her new husband,  (c) requiring her to leave Arcadia Rotary (no longer within range of a practical commute). This mixture of events and related sentiments neutralized any potential fine.