Sergeant-At-Arms Keith brown began recognitions with Tony Parrille fining him $50 for a recent vacation to New Zealand where Tony enjoyed visits to Vineyards and attending a Rotary meeting while on vacation. Bruce McCallum’s initial fine of $25 was increased to $35 for telling on Tony about his recent vacation. Not sure why but Eric Barter and Mike Hoey each received $25 fine. Rob Grainger was hit with a $10 fine and congratulatory remarks as he recently became a grandfather. Brad Miller, the president, was fined $100 for “talking back” to Sergeant-At-Arms Keith brown. Frank Griffith was fined $65 for chairing what appeared to be a meeting on “un-American activities”. Nikki Adams and Andy Bundesmann were fined $15 each for winning at Santa Anita race track. Andy was fined additional $15 for recently becoming a grandmother. Last but not least, Sergeant-At-Arms Keith brown recognized Frank Perini for half-century barber service.