Field of Honor 2017 Sponsor Recognition

The August 25th Program was all about recognizing our 2017 Field of Honor sponsors. We were all in for a special treat when Bob Harbicht revealed that our “anonymous” donor for our Veteran’s Memorial was longtime Arcadia resident and volunteer Mary Hansen. President Tony Parrille and Bob Harbicht accepted a $20,000 check from Mrs. Hansen to complete the funding necessary to build the Veteran’s Memorial. Mrs. Hansen’s husband and 5 brothers all fought in World War II and she wanted to see this memorial built in Arcadia to honor all veteran’s. The 92 ½ year old said she wanted to see this done ASAP so she can be there to help unveil the monument. Bob Harbicht promised to fast track the project.

Bob also reminded us why we established the Field of Honor Program:
1) Bring outside money into Rotary for our charities
2) Fund the Veteran’s Memorial
3) Fund more Rotary charities
4) Raise visibility in the Arcadia Community and beyond
All of this has been accomplished in the 2 short years the program has been in existence in Arcadia. The first year we raised $30,000 and the second year we raised $50,000. Plans are already underway for the 2018 Field of Honor and all Rotarians are encouraged to participate.