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Recognitions – May 6, 2016

 The RYLA team from Arcadia high schools led the meeting, including recognitions.  Team member Bridget did an outstanding job, beginning with her recognition of President Mike Hoey’s recent marriage.  She wished Mike and his bride Jamie 100 years of bliss, accompanied by a recognition of $100.

Sam Falzone has done an outstanding job of coordinating Rotary and other service volunteers to assemble 1,000 American flags for Arcadia Rotary’s Field of Honor 2016.  Four sessions were needed to complete the assembly, all led ably and successfully by Sam.  Sam was fined $20 for his hard work and we look forward to seeing the flags on display beginning May 21, 2016.

Finemaster Glenn Oyoung then stepped in to be sure that Mike Hoey was once more recognized for the occasion of his marriage to Jamie.  Glenn shared beautiful wedding photos to which he had added captions and remarks.  Among others was a photo of the lovely bride having second thoughts after meeting Mike’s Rotarian friends.  The club joined Glenn in wishing Mike and Jamie 1,000 years of happiness and Mike was fined another $100.

Recognitions – April 15, 2016

Finemaster Glenn Oyoung began with a theme of rooftop structures, specifically those that revolve.  George Fasching was recognized for his success in getting the historic windmill turning again atop the building now occupied by Denny’s.  The ceremony to begin the re-turning will be held in mid-June.  George was fined $50 for his efforts.

Next, Jim Helms was questioned about the cross on top of Methodist Hospital which apparently used to turn, as did the local barbershop pole.  Jim bemoaned the city’s decision to stop these signs from moving, noting that he supported their reactivation.  He was recognized for $25.

The Finemaster addressed the Foothill Federal Credit Union group who were attending with Brian Hall, all dressed in matching t-shirts.  Brian didn’t seem too enthused about Glenn’s idea of large golden dollar signs turning on top of the credit union building.  He was fined $100 for turning down this opportunity to potentially increase deposits.

Brian Cogbill and his family were photographed in front of the Supreme Court building, upon which Brian commented that he thought the empty chair was a prime spot for a dental practice.  Actually, they were there to see Brian’s son and daughter-in-law be sworn in as attorneys authorized to practice before the Supreme Court.  Brian was recognized for $100 as a proud father.

An admittedly dated photo of David Hasselhoff from Baywatch days was shown in comparison with a beachside photo of Bob Harbicht.  All efforts to tell the photos apart failed and Bob was fined for $50.

Finally, a photo of David Vannasdall with members of the AHS Key Club required an explanation.  David insists that he is only consorting with Kiwanians in a long-term effort to reel them in for Interact, so his fine was reduced from $75 to $25.

Recognitions – March 11, 2016

Filling in for Finemaster Glenn Oyoung, Bob Harbicht announced that he “had a lot of grudges to settle.”  He was momentarily at a loss for words, however, when Dick Martinez pointed that “we haven’t voted yet.”  So …

First up was Dick Martinez.  He is part of a regular golf group within the club and was questioned about his activities.  After a couple of groaner golf jokes, Dick was recognized for a fine of $50.

Jack Lamb has been a Rotarian for 60 years.  Bob noted that no one is saying that Jack is old, but when he goes out to dinner they ask him to pay first.  Congratulating Jack for his long years of service, Bob fined him $50.

A newer member, Harry Agajanian, has been in the club for less than a year.  According to Bob, when Harry completed his membership application, the space asking him to “Sign Here” was answered with “Sagittarius.”  A fine for $50 was thus earned by Harry.

With 10 years in Arcadia Rotary, John Davis was quick to note that he doesn’t live in Arcadia so there is no voting issue.  Bob responded that except for Dick Martinez, none of the fine recipients live in Arcadia.  Then Bob shared his Rotary memory of John:  At a recent Rotary beach party, John brought his wife in a snazzy wheelchair equipped with big balloon tires to handle the sand.  Car-lover Bob was impressed with the fancy chariot, which earned John a fine of $50.

Next, Bob Hoffman – another non-Arcadian – was recognized initially for $50 for his work as Bob Harbicht’s investment advisor.  Bob Harbicht has a small fortune invested with Bob Hoffman … he started with a large one.  (Another groaner!)  Bob Hoffman’s fine was reduced to $25 because the market was up on Friday.

Finally, a Past President from “a few years ago” – 2012-13 to be exact – Brad Miller was recognized for $50 for his service and … for being another non-Arcadia voter.


Bruce Marrs (LA Superior Court Judge): Somehow Glen Oyoung stumbled upon the Monrovia Insider and to his surprise there was a picture of our very own Judge Marrs on an article called “Deep Space Communication Complex”. After explaining it was an event he and his wife Susan were invited to by the Monrovia Chamber; Glen took it upon him self to change the name of the station from “Mars Station” to “Marrs Station”…however the alteration to the picture will cost Judge Marrs $50…witch later he added he can definitely afford that (Good for you!).

Eric Barder (Attorney): Glen came across a picture of Eric on this Facebook page which had him on a booth with around “$10k worth of SWAG on it”. It happened to be an event that Eric attended (along with 800 more people), so not only did Eric spend ALL of his money on SWAG, but he’ll have to pay a $37 fine.

Bob Harvitz (Councilman): Glen found a nice picture of Bob with the Arcadia Fire Department, which can only mean that Bob will be Mr. December on the upcoming Arcaida Fire Fighter’s Calendar. Like Glen added “I don’t know how your election will go, but these calendars are going to sell like hotcakes” which translates into a $50 fine for Bob.

Imy Dulake (Real Estate): As Glen pointed out he came across a “half Caucasian, half Asian actor” and immediately imagined it was Imy’s talented actor/son which in fact it was. Imy added that her son did in fact write/act in an up and coming picture. Soon after, Glen also pointed out that in Imy’s monthly newsletter included $37MM worth of Real Estate inventory…which caused Glen to look for adoption papers. Her success will cost her a historical fine of…$1000.


Bruce Marrs ( LA Superior Court Judge) began by outing himself with a shameless political solicitation for nominating signatures for his reelection bid, aided and abetted by his wife Susan Motander. Not sure what it will cost him but will be plenty!

Bob Harbicht (the once and future? councilman) stated that in replacing Glenn Oyoung (turn3 Creative) at the last minute he was trying to make a mountain out of molehill…… Not entirely sure what he meant by that. Think he also said he was reluctant to take money from his friends, which may not meet the four way test.

Ramon Oseguera (Westfield) ponied up $50 for his Blue Badge, turning in a long cherished red badge in the process.

John Davis (Mt. Sierra college VP) was asked how many ridges on a dime; his wrong answer (52) cost him $52. John used the opportunity to announce that reports of his Dad’s death were mistaken- it was his cat, inadvertently transposed. His office move to new digs on Mountain and Royal Oaks cost him another $48 for an even $100.

TG Metzger (State Farm) was asked if he had anything to admit to and reported that there was nothing noteworthy, although his dad had been here a month and his daughter tore her ACL. He was fined $50 for a boring life. I just hope he doesn’t have a cat.

[Mimi Hennessy]

Recognitions – February 5, 2016

Finemaster Glenn O’Young first recognized Bruce McCallum, Arcadia Chamber of Commerce’s Citizen of the Year.  Bruce is involved in many Arcadia organizations and projects.  Arcadia Rotary has long known what an outstanding citizen Bruce is and is happy to join in celebrating his service … along with a fine of $25.  Jim Helms earned a related fine of $10 for nominating Bruce.


Brad Miller is responsible for great PR for Arcadia Rotary.  An article about Rotary’s project of providing Shelterboxes to Pakistan flood victims, although a bit dated, was just one example and opportunity to fine Brad $20.  More currently, Brad and his wife, Julie, traveled to New Zealand.  Photos of spectacular scenery and a joint selfie were evidence of their enjoyment and Brad was fined an additional $20.

A newspaper clipping of the Methodist Hospital Foundation’s Thanksgiving Brunch showed two Arcadia Rotarians, Ernie Jensen and Jim Helms.  Both are past Chairman of the Foundation and have served on the board.  Both were recognized $30 for their community service.

Tom Crosby’s photo with Dick Martinez at a recent Rotary meeting reminded Finemaster Glenn of a familiar photo of comedians Cheech and Chong.  Comparing the photos, the club agreed and both were fined $15 plus the weave and brownies for a total of $25.

Further on the theme of celebrity doppelgangers … A photo of John Wilson at the Foothill Boys and Girls Club’s Kentucky Derby event honoring Monrovia’s Mary Ann Lutz along with LA County Supervisor Mike Antonovich was claimed as evidence of John’s likeness to actor Owen Wilson.  Although Owen was shown sans shirt in the comparison, the resemblance was striking.  Surprisingly, no fine ensued.

Recognitions – December 11, 2015

Finemaster Glenn O’Young began with a photo of the grand opening of the new 38 Degrees restaurant in Monrovia revealing Arcadia Rotarians Matt Weaver, John Wilson, and Mike Ojeda enjoying the event with enthusiasm.  Each of them was fined $25.

Dick Martinez flew back from Oakland with famous USC alum, Marcus Allen (Hall of Fame Raider, this reporter must point out!) and had the opportunity to give him some advice on USC football coaching staff.  The advice was apparently timely, as the next day the staff shake-up took place.  Dick was fined $25 in recognition of his sage advice.

The Rotary International Rose Parade float is an endeavor involving many Rotarians, with our own Frank Griffith at the forefront of the effort.  Finemaster Glenn recognized Frank for all his hard work with a $10 fine.

The Arcadia High School marching band recently participated as Grand Champions in the Pearl Harbor Memorial parade on the USS Missouri.  Principal Brent Forsee was recognized for $25 as he also announced they will be marching in next year’s Rose Parade.

Recognitions – November 6, 2015

Bill Gleason was the first to be called upon by Finemaster Glenn O’Young with an announcement about an important life event.  Bill has recently retired from his career as a banker and financial consultant.  Congratulations, Bill!  Enjoy the years ahead!

In a round of Rotary Jeopardy, Ken Mallory was called upon to answer:

  • In which battle did Napoleon die? (He didn’t die in battle.)
  • Where was the Declaration of Independence signed? (At the bottom.)
  • What is never eaten for lunch or dinner? (Breakfast.)

These groaners were well-known to the Rotary crowd and the round ended with Finemaster Glenn taking a fine on himself for $50 for “messing up.”

A photo of the Rotary courtyard at the Chamber of Commerce building was shown and Bob Harbicht was called upon for comment.  He invited everyone to the opening of a time capsule on Thursday, 11/12, at 11 am.  The time capsule was buried 50 years ago and will provide an opportunity to celebrate Rotary’s community involvement over the decades.

Finally, Rob Post and his sister, Gina Franco, a former member who was visiting the club, were both recognized for Rob and his wife’s thoughtful birthday celebration for their nephew’s (Gina’s son) sixth birthday.  The youngster was home sick on his birthday and is lucky to have an uncle and aunt who showed up with decorations and cupcakes.  Rob was recognized for $100, an extra $50 being added for the SC flag on the house.

Recognitions – October 30, 2015

Our fine master Glen Oyoung AKA “Chinese Peter Pan” (self-imposed) decided to surprise us all with his costume, green tights and of course some fines. Frank Hall was the first to fall on the fine train, because of his winnings on last week’s Monday Night Football party. However, when Glen fined him $75 Frank interrupted Glen by sharing that a good amount of his winnings were already on their way to the Rotary foundation. Good for Frank!!

Our second victim of this week’s fines was Bob Harbicht. When Glen asked if he had anything to share with us, Bob shared that he was running for city council again after a couple of years for his 6th term. Short thereafter Glen jumped and the opportunity and took a picture with Bob and is now blackmailing/fining for $100 or the embarrassing picture of him with the “Chinese Peter Pan” was going public…we’re all sure he’ll pay the fine. Congratulations to Bob and best of luck!!

Last but not least, Glen from the corner of his eye could see Brian Hall (we all could) because of his bright colored golf attire. Brian shared that his office was all dressed up to have some fun for Halloween. However, his bright lime green outfit is going to cost him 75 dark green bills.

Recognitions – October 16, 2015

Bob Harbicht, Finemaster Emeritus, filled in for Glenn O’Young today with only one recognition.  It was in the form of personally delivering a letter to our President Mike Hoey from the Rotary International President K.R. Ravindran.  It has come to the attention of the RI President that Arcadia Rotary is being referred to regularly at club meetings as “The Greatest Rotary Club in the Universe.”  He points out that the Rotary Club of Claremont claims to be the “Greatest Rotary Club in District 5300” and the Rotary Club of Placerville lays claim to being the “Greatest Rotary Club in California.”  In light of these competing, although unproven, claims, and in the interest of discouraging “hyperextension,” President Mike is warned that RI is contemplating legal action.  In so doing they are looking for an Arcadia Rotarian willing to take on the case “pro-Sonny Bono.”

Ignoring the not-so-veiled threats, as well as numerous word syntax and usage issues with the letter, President Mike vehemently declared that we are indeed the “Greatest Rotary Club in the World” and he will brook no argument.  The club responded with loud and supportive approval of our President.

Recognitions – September 25, 2015

Glen after thanking everyone for “ratting” each other out and making his life a lot easier as Fine-Master; proceeded to ask Yvonne Flint to stand up and inform us all why she had a Wonder Woman as her profile picture on Facebook. Yvonne later made us all like her picture, since it was in support of raising awareness of Childhood Cancer…Glen’s cold heart still proceeded to fine Yvonne $25.

Glen later continued with his duties calling one of the most seasoned members of our Rotary Frank Perini (member since 1959) and asked him: What percentage of Rotary’s money goes to do good versus administration costs? Frank answered 10% good (90% administration costs), which made us all chuckle and hope that is not the case. The correct answer was 92% good (8% admin costs)…sounds a lot better. Frank was fined $10.

He then asked that George Fasching stand up and asked if he knew the origins and meaning of his last name; George answered German but didn’t know what it meant, immediately someone yelled – Car wash! – We all laughed, but that was not the answer. For not knowing George was fined $10.

The next trio of victims were supposed to be John Wilson, Matt Weaver and Mike Real, however only John didn’t get the memo for the no-show last Friday and was fined his share of the fine $50 for having a fun time at Lake Havasu.

Finally, Glen remembered to congratulate and fine Dr. Victor De Los Santos for marrying Cookie, though we all wish them well, he will be fined (reverse wedding gift) $75.

Recognitions – September 11, 2015

Filling in for Finemaster Glenn Oyoung, Bob Harbicht’s first task was an attempt to sell four tickets to the next day’s Angel’s baseball game, courtesy of Teri Muse.  Even with the proceeds going to support Arcadia Rotary’s Field of Honor project, there were no takers.

Then Bob launched into his famous (infamous?) counting game, beloved by one and all.  Dan Place, with counsel from Jim Helms, recited the first four – one good duck, two cackling geese, three hens, and four plump partridges – with varying degrees of success and creative wording.  Tony Parrille joined in only for five limerick oysters then passed along to Tom Crosby.  Tom took on six pairs of Don Alfonso’s tweezers and seven Macedonian horsemen in full battle array, passing on eight brass monkeys from the sacred sepulchers of ancient Egypt to Bruno Esquivel.  Luckily for Bruno, time ran out on nine lyrical, spherical somethings (which this reporter missed the first time through).  Tom and Bruno were fined $50, Tony was fined $75, and Dan garnered the largest fine at $100.