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Recognitions – January 6, 2017

Finemaster Brad Miller began the New Year by recognizing George Fasching with thanks for his efforts in getting the windmill at the corner of Huntington and Santa Anita up and running again.  Brad questioned whether there is a budget shortage since some of the light bulbs need to be replaced.  George assured us that he will be looking into it and thus avoided a fine for his recognition.

The four Red Badgers in attendance – Francine Chiu, Ashley Smith, Hsiao Chen, and Larry Callaham – were called on to answer questions about the recent Rose Parade.  None of them knew the theme for the Rose Parade (Echoes of Success).  Ashley was pardoned from the fine by knowing the float theme for Rotary International’s float (Doing Good in the World).  Although none of the Red Badgers knew which prize the Rotary International float won, Ray Bushnell shared that the float had won the Princess Trophy.  Since Ray was instrumental in helping raise the funds for the float, all of which were raised without funds from Rotary International, he wasn’t fined for helping the Red Badgers.

This week’s version of “Rat on a Rotarian” began with TG Metzger.  He avoided a fine by ratting on Ernie Aragon “just to pick on him.”  Ernie ratted on himself first by bragging that he and his wife are expecting their 16th grandchild.  He then avoided a fine by ratting on Terry Earll.  Terry has just returned from a trip to Las Vegas.  His trip to Vegas at New Year’s avoided top rates by staying at the Marriot Suites, but that didn’t save him a fine; he was recognized for $25.

Recognitions for Dec. 2 (recorded by Mimi Hennessy)

Our esteemed fine master Bob Harbicht turned his laser focus first on Brent Forsee seeking information on the Arcadia High School Apaches winning season. Brent acknowledged that it had been a “good year” with a 9-3 record. Bob asked if he was “proud of his role”?  Although Brent responded he wasn’t falling for that, Bob noted that it all comes from the top, and that while some think he (Bob) is a heartless guy, he was giving Brent $10 fine waivers for EACH of those victories! BUT ….before Brent sat down, Bob wanted to talk about the losses. Turns out the losses were to Burbank, Crescenta Valley, and Quartz Hill in the CIF Quarter Finals, but that they beat Burroughs, and that two of the three teams they lost to were playing in the CIF Championships. As result Brent was only fined for two losses at $20 each; think he came out way ahead overall.

Next he turned to Kathy Ellison to ask if she had been taking any big walks lately, since he had recently fined Mimi Hennessy for her walk in Spain. Kathy acknowledged that she had been so inspired by the book Wild that she went on the Pacific Crest Trail. While she didn’t pass any state borders, she had walked nine miles in only a few hours. Bob concluded that since Mimi walked almost 100 miles in 7 days that Kathy would have walked 63 miles if she had kept up that rate for 7 days, leaving her still 37 miles short, so she was fined $1/ mile for 37 miles.

Next on his feet was Mike Real, who had failed to attend an evening meeting, one in a series of alternative meeting formats. Since it was a regular meeting and Mike is a past president, Bob wondered what was the cause of this dereliction of duty? Mike couldn’t seem to recall where he was so Bob reminded him that he was in Palm Springs (the fine master knows ALL). Mike’s memory restored, he allowed as how he was not on business, although he did look at a few dates, and hoping for leniency, noted that he had “made up” the next night at Matt Denny’s. Bob was not impressed but let him off with $50.

Wanting to get in ahead of the statute of limitations, Bob called on Francine Chiu. When asked where she had been recently, Francine acknowledged (after a very long pause) that she had been in Taiwan for 3 weeks. Bob thought that was a nice long vacation and wondered what she had been doing. Turns out she was “traveling around” and that Taifun Maggie had visited the island while she was there, but that she stayed safe in the hotel lobby (bar). The trip cost her $50.

Larry Callahan owned up to being in Iowa for Thanksgiving; Bob didn’t fine him since he had voluntarily confessed, which Bob asked us all to take to heart. BUT Bob wanted to know more about a choir performance at church (which he had missed). Turns out that students at Larry’s former high school, where he has continued to volunteer, wrote a song in his honor and performed it at church. Larry asked Bob if he knew the Bible passage the song was based on: “Walk humbly with your God”? Bob ignored the question and noted that no one had ever written a song for him. Ernie Aragon volunteered that he had a song written about him called “wasted days and wasted nights”, which Larry though sounded more fun that his song. Being honored cost Larry $50.

Recognitions – September 23, 2016

Phyllis Corliss travels for a living, running a tour business.  She has visited over 200 countries, so Finemaster Bob was sure she would know all about the Eiffel Tower, having visited it many times.  Although Phyllis assured him that she had “so many facts in my mind,” she didn’t correctly answer his questions:  When was the Eiffel Tower built? – 1889.  Why was it built? – For the World’s Fair.  It was the tallest man-made structure in the world when it was built.  What had been the tallest before it? – Washington Monument.  What replaced it? – Chrylser Building.  Phyllis didn’t earn a fine reduction with correct answers, so she was fined $50.

A blue ribbon at the Los Angeles County Fair cost Pat Barnes $50.  He won the ribbon with a cross-stitched Christmas stocking that he made for his youngest grandson.

Even though Mike Hoey hasn’t golfed lately, he was still fined $50 for listening to Finemaster Bob’s groaner of a golf joke.  Suffice it to say it involved a skydiving blind golfer and his guide dog … who became the early warning system of the approaching ground at the end of the skydive … groan.

Recognitions – September 9, 2016

The theme for the day’s recognitions was “Where did you go on vacation?”  Finemaster Bob Harbicht called on Pat Barnes first.  Pat and Barbara Lynn were traveling for eight and a half weeks, driving 7,406 miles in their RV.  The farthest away they traveled was Highway 70 in Maryland, visiting their daughter and family in Pennsylvania along the way.  Finemaster Bob enlisted Jim Rider’s help to calculate the fine using “Rider Math,” resulting in a fine of $110 for Pat.

Next, Kathy Ellison was recognized for sending strippers down to help with the Rotary Amigos project in Mexico.  Although, Dick Martinez agreed that “what happens in Tijuana, stays in Tijuana,” Kathy admitted that she actually sent electrical wire strippers from her electrical wholesale business and she was fined $50.

Larry Callaham and his wife were also gone for eight weeks, visiting their daughter and family in Iowa.  They drove there and back, logging many miles and earning a $50 fine.

Not to be outdone, Brian Hall was also in the Midwest for five days – Michigan and Chicago, specifically — attending his nephew’s wedding.  He was also fined $50.

Although Dick Martinez didn’t leave town, he did attend the opening USC football game against Alabama.  They had a great tailgate party with friends and their son, but as soon as the first quarter was over, the nightmare began.  In sympathy, Dick was not fined; attending the game was deemed to be punishment enough.

Tony Parrille celebrated his birthday a couple weeks ago … in Maui.  He said he just needed to use up his air miles and he likes to travel west, but he was still fined $50.

Finally, Erich Rail and his son rode 250 miles on bicycles in South Dakota, visiting, among other spots, the George S. Mickelson Trailhead near Deadwood, railroad tracks turned into a bike trail.  According to Finemaster Bob, who met Erich on a bicycle trip years ago, he is good at finding refreshment spots along the way, so Erich was fined $75.

Recognitions for 8-26-16 noted by Mimi Hennessy

Fine Master Bob Harbicht began by recognizing Jim Pontello, in honor of his mother who will tun 100 this September! The good genes cost him $100.

it was noted that Mike Ojeda had no badge; seems he forgot to take it off and wore it home, then left it on the dresser, so he actually forgot it twice in one week. Bob encouraged him to jog his memory with a note, a string around the finger, or better yet, hang his check book around his neck. The memory lapse cost him $25.

Ash Rizk admitted under questioning that he was taking his “old” ’66 Mercedes convertible to Carcadia on Sunday morning. Such an old car shouldn’t cost him that much, right? When asked if he wanted to talk about how he had fixed it up, Ash said “not really”, but went on to confess that he had replaced a perfectly good top because it was the wrong color and had all the upholstery redone at the MB classic center, in a pricey effort to restore it to its original perfection. Bob was going to take pity, but in recognition of all of Ash’s real estate listings, charged him $100.

Bob next conducted a quiz with five contestants; each was asked to identify something about a famous person and then collectively all were asked what the 5 famous people all had in common.
Tom Miles correctly identified JFK as a US President.
Francine Chiu whispered (because she is so shy) that Neil Armstrong was an astronaut.
Ash Rizk linked Orville Wright to popcorn, then cars, and finally airplanes.
Dirk Hudson identified Prince Charles as an English royal.
And Steve Fong connected Col. Sanders to ….. chicken!
Tom Miles was the first to connect them all as Rotarians, saving himself a fine; everyone else was fined $50 each.

Matt Weaver’s recent absence was noted, and he acknowledged he might have been in San Clemente and that he was going to see Bob Margett’s kid next week. He was offered the option to confess for $50 or be outed for $100 and opted for the latter; however bob took pity and only fined him $50 for being busy.


Fine Master Bob Harbicht called on his first “victim” Frank Perini and asked him if he was aware of a Veterans Memorial that is being built in San Dimas, CA where he Frank is being recognized as a World War II veteran; later Frank asked “how do you know?” then Bob reminded us that “he knows everything”. He continued and informed Frank that he can’t fine him for that…BUT he did say he would fine him $50 for his barbershop being recognized as a Landmark in the City Chambers office.

The second person to “walk to plank” was our gracious host for our annual Monday Night Football events Paul Kalemkiarian, however Paul argued that it wasn’t fair to fine a “Blue Badge Guest”…Bob disagreed in laughter adding that the only reason he was in attendance is because he was our speaker. Soon there after he added that because of his father’s 90th birthday bash he was left without the Tom Crosby scotch, but will re-stock in time for this year’s Monday Night Football event. He was in fact NOT exempt from a fine for being a “Blue Badge Guest” and will have to pay $50 cash (not worth of wine).

Jim Helms was asked to stand up next for the 2nd week in a row and was asked if his it was a mere coincidence that a couple of days after being fined by Bob his licence plates finally arrived to his home after 14 months of waiting; Jim answered that he knows that Bob’s influence probably played a roll in that…Bob agreed and fined him $25 for the favor.

Next, it was the “Ernie Show” where Bob asked Ernie Jensen about his current remodeling ventures in both Big Bear, CA and Hawaii. Included in those ventures is that MOST of the glass for the projects are being provided by…Ernie Aragon. However, when Bob discovered that only most, and not all of his glass needs were being met by Ernie Aragon…Bob rolled over the whole fine of $100 to only Ernie Jensen.

Finally it was Ken Chan’s turn to stand up and explain what he was doing at the Queen Mary two weeks ago. Ken said that he was in a model train event where he didn’t buy, but he did sell. Although Ken quickly said that all the proceeds were already spent by his wife, Bob added that he probably still had enough to pay $50.