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Recognitions – July 22, 2016

Ken Chan was Deputy Finemaster for the day and he introduced the club to a new game called “Simon Says Rotary.”  Frank Griffith, representing Arcadia Rotary Foundation, was called upon to propose fine amounts that would be payable to our foundation.  Erich Rail, as Club Treasurer, was responsible for fines payable to the club and Frank Perini was asked to take photos of the various fine payers as they played the game.

First, Simon Says, all Past Presidents stand.  Those in attendance were:  Gil Stromsoe, Jim Rider, Brad Miller, Eric Barter, Mike Hoey, Ray Bushnell, Jack Lamb, Imy Dulake, and Bob Novell.  All those wearing a Rotary pin or shirt with Rotary emblem were excused and allowed to escape a fine.  The four remaining – Brad, Eric, Imy, and Bob – faced Frank and Erich to receive their fines.  Frank started with $75, but using Rider Math, that was increased to $100 to Arcadia Rotary Foundation.  Judge Bruce Marrs approved the assessment.  Next Erich proposed an additional $5 payable to Arcadia Rotary, again with Judge Marrs’ approval.

Next, Simon Says, all other Rotarians stand.  Again, those with Rotary pins or shirts were excused, leaving a group of about 30 still available to be fined.  Those standing were fined $50 each by Frank for our foundation and $10 by Erich for our club.  Unfortunately, Judge Marrs had to recuse himself from approving the fines since he was one of the group being fined.

New member Swati Puri reminded us that her company sells Rotary pins and offered an Arcadia Special – Buy One, Get One Free.  She agreed to a deal of $10 plus two pins.  Deputy Finemaster Ken will be on the lookout for all Arcadia Rotarians to be properly outfitted at future meetings.

Recognitions for June 10, 2016 – By Mimi Hennessy

Fine Master Glenn Oyoung began by recognizing Erich Rail for his outstanding work on Monte Carlo Night, and Frank Hall for handling the money.  their good work cost them each $50!

Bob Hoffman also distinguished himself at the craps table by offering Glenn his “expert” advice: “keep your money in; the market will be fine!”  Glenn likened the financial advice to the Chinese Mafia, and had similar results.  His generous advice cost Bob $50.

A picture of Mike Hoey’s wife and Glenn’s wife prompted  general admiration for the beautiful wives; However apparently the evening exhausted them as neither Mike nor Glenn was able to take the party home.  For some reason the lack of “action” cost Mike $25 and Glenn nothing.
A Google search for Gerard Tamperong produced a shirtless spread of “single and ready to mingle”; This cost Gerard $100 even though Glenn acknowledged that he could tell this guy wasn’t really our Gerard since he wasn’t wearing leopard underwear.   It was also noted that Gerard shows up at least once a year to collect another Paul Harris Fellow, having received PHF+5 today.
Imy Dulake  was fined $100 for appearing in a big spread on “Influencers and Game Changers” as a Fearless Force in Action, although Tom Crosby earned her a 50 cent fine reduction by noting that the article mentioned her Rotary service.
Prospective member Larry Callaham  has just returned from Ireland and France ….. yeah Glenn went there: I see Ireland, I see France, I see Larry’s … speedos with a big gold Rotary emblem where it will do the most good.  According to Glenn, Larry will have to wear these his entire Red Badge year; in fact Glenn says they are so comfortable he’s kept them on even as a blue badger.
David Vanasdall (who was already gone so Public Information Officer Ryan Foran had to stand in for him along with principal Tom Bruce from First Avenue Middle School, were collectively fined $25 for their numerous educational leadership articles, and most especially for David on the cover of GQ.
Mimi Hennessy

Recognitions – May 6, 2016

 The RYLA team from Arcadia high schools led the meeting, including recognitions.  Team member Bridget did an outstanding job, beginning with her recognition of President Mike Hoey’s recent marriage.  She wished Mike and his bride Jamie 100 years of bliss, accompanied by a recognition of $100.

Sam Falzone has done an outstanding job of coordinating Rotary and other service volunteers to assemble 1,000 American flags for Arcadia Rotary’s Field of Honor 2016.  Four sessions were needed to complete the assembly, all led ably and successfully by Sam.  Sam was fined $20 for his hard work and we look forward to seeing the flags on display beginning May 21, 2016.

Finemaster Glenn Oyoung then stepped in to be sure that Mike Hoey was once more recognized for the occasion of his marriage to Jamie.  Glenn shared beautiful wedding photos to which he had added captions and remarks.  Among others was a photo of the lovely bride having second thoughts after meeting Mike’s Rotarian friends.  The club joined Glenn in wishing Mike and Jamie 1,000 years of happiness and Mike was fined another $100.

Recognitions – April 15, 2016

Finemaster Glenn Oyoung began with a theme of rooftop structures, specifically those that revolve.  George Fasching was recognized for his success in getting the historic windmill turning again atop the building now occupied by Denny’s.  The ceremony to begin the re-turning will be held in mid-June.  George was fined $50 for his efforts.

Next, Jim Helms was questioned about the cross on top of Methodist Hospital which apparently used to turn, as did the local barbershop pole.  Jim bemoaned the city’s decision to stop these signs from moving, noting that he supported their reactivation.  He was recognized for $25.

The Finemaster addressed the Foothill Federal Credit Union group who were attending with Brian Hall, all dressed in matching t-shirts.  Brian didn’t seem too enthused about Glenn’s idea of large golden dollar signs turning on top of the credit union building.  He was fined $100 for turning down this opportunity to potentially increase deposits.

Brian Cogbill and his family were photographed in front of the Supreme Court building, upon which Brian commented that he thought the empty chair was a prime spot for a dental practice.  Actually, they were there to see Brian’s son and daughter-in-law be sworn in as attorneys authorized to practice before the Supreme Court.  Brian was recognized for $100 as a proud father.

An admittedly dated photo of David Hasselhoff from Baywatch days was shown in comparison with a beachside photo of Bob Harbicht.  All efforts to tell the photos apart failed and Bob was fined for $50.

Finally, a photo of David Vannasdall with members of the AHS Key Club required an explanation.  David insists that he is only consorting with Kiwanians in a long-term effort to reel them in for Interact, so his fine was reduced from $75 to $25.

Recognitions – March 11, 2016

Filling in for Finemaster Glenn Oyoung, Bob Harbicht announced that he “had a lot of grudges to settle.”  He was momentarily at a loss for words, however, when Dick Martinez pointed that “we haven’t voted yet.”  So …

First up was Dick Martinez.  He is part of a regular golf group within the club and was questioned about his activities.  After a couple of groaner golf jokes, Dick was recognized for a fine of $50.

Jack Lamb has been a Rotarian for 60 years.  Bob noted that no one is saying that Jack is old, but when he goes out to dinner they ask him to pay first.  Congratulating Jack for his long years of service, Bob fined him $50.

A newer member, Harry Agajanian, has been in the club for less than a year.  According to Bob, when Harry completed his membership application, the space asking him to “Sign Here” was answered with “Sagittarius.”  A fine for $50 was thus earned by Harry.

With 10 years in Arcadia Rotary, John Davis was quick to note that he doesn’t live in Arcadia so there is no voting issue.  Bob responded that except for Dick Martinez, none of the fine recipients live in Arcadia.  Then Bob shared his Rotary memory of John:  At a recent Rotary beach party, John brought his wife in a snazzy wheelchair equipped with big balloon tires to handle the sand.  Car-lover Bob was impressed with the fancy chariot, which earned John a fine of $50.

Next, Bob Hoffman – another non-Arcadian – was recognized initially for $50 for his work as Bob Harbicht’s investment advisor.  Bob Harbicht has a small fortune invested with Bob Hoffman … he started with a large one.  (Another groaner!)  Bob Hoffman’s fine was reduced to $25 because the market was up on Friday.

Finally, a Past President from “a few years ago” – 2012-13 to be exact – Brad Miller was recognized for $50 for his service and … for being another non-Arcadia voter.


Bruce Marrs (LA Superior Court Judge): Somehow Glen Oyoung stumbled upon the Monrovia Insider and to his surprise there was a picture of our very own Judge Marrs on an article called “Deep Space Communication Complex”. After explaining it was an event he and his wife Susan were invited to by the Monrovia Chamber; Glen took it upon him self to change the name of the station from “Mars Station” to “Marrs Station”…however the alteration to the picture will cost Judge Marrs $50…witch later he added he can definitely afford that (Good for you!).

Eric Barder (Attorney): Glen came across a picture of Eric on this Facebook page which had him on a booth with around “$10k worth of SWAG on it”. It happened to be an event that Eric attended (along with 800 more people), so not only did Eric spend ALL of his money on SWAG, but he’ll have to pay a $37 fine.

Bob Harvitz (Councilman): Glen found a nice picture of Bob with the Arcadia Fire Department, which can only mean that Bob will be Mr. December on the upcoming Arcaida Fire Fighter’s Calendar. Like Glen added “I don’t know how your election will go, but these calendars are going to sell like hotcakes” which translates into a $50 fine for Bob.

Imy Dulake (Real Estate): As Glen pointed out he came across a “half Caucasian, half Asian actor” and immediately imagined it was Imy’s talented actor/son which in fact it was. Imy added that her son did in fact write/act in an up and coming picture. Soon after, Glen also pointed out that in Imy’s monthly newsletter included $37MM worth of Real Estate inventory…which caused Glen to look for adoption papers. Her success will cost her a historical fine of…$1000.