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Fines & Recognitions by Smith, Ash 02.16.18

Fines: Jim Ryder was called up to front for wearing St. Louis Red. Told a few stories of his time in Hawaii when the false mission launch took place. Fine, $50.

Imy Dulake was asked to stand. Mr. Martinez stated he was going to tell her a number, and she had to try and guess what it was. His number was 47xxxxxxx. She didn’t know, maybe Ernie’s email address? Mr. Martinez stated it was the amount of houses Imy sold in 2017. No fine was collected-or heard.

Dick Martinez came up to quiz the group on the ABC’s of Rotary. He called to stand: Dave F., Chris H., Lucia B. and Ken M. He asked the question in what year was the present gearwheel emblem adopted into Rotary International? Lucia answered 1923, in which the others agreed. Mr. Martinez confirmed that Lucia was correct, 1923. He stated that the question for next week’s ABC of Rotary quiz is: When was the official object of Rotary Medal adopted?



Recognitions – January 5, 2018

In celebration of the first meeting of the New Year, Finemaster Brad Miller conducted a quiz on New Year celebrations.  With rare occasions available to fine Gerard Tamparong, Brad started the questions with him:  When is New Year’s celebrated in the Philippines?  Gerard correctly identified it as January 1 and his fine was only $25.

Next, Matt Weaver, who has done many projects in Thailand, was asked when the New Year is celebrated there.  He guessed February, but was overruled by Finemaster Brad who identified Thai New Year as celebrated in April.  Over his objections, Matt was fined $50.

Ken Chan not only answered the question correctly about Chinese New Year, he elaborated.  In 2018, Chinese New Year will be celebrated on February 16 and it will be the Year of the Dog under the Chinese zodiac.  Ken was rewarded with a reduced fine of $25.

The last recognition was for George Fasching.  Finemaster Brad noted when the historic windmill on Denny’s was first restored at a cost of $100,000, George was fined for a light bulb that was burned out.  The light bulb was subsequently fixed, but in light of the news that the windmill sails have recently toppled, George was called to question.  George maintains that he was associated with the restoration of the windmill but didn’t actually work on its repair.  His argument didn’t save him; he was recognized for $25.

Recognitions – December 15, 2017

Before kicking off the holiday quiz, Finemaster Brad Miller recognized Ernie Aragon for celebrating his immediate family who number 51!  Included in this grand total are 11 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren, making Ernie the patriarch of an impressive tribe.

Roger Grant’s family increased by a new granddaughter that very morning, born at 5 lbs. 2 oz., 18 in.  This brings his family total to 26, including 15 grandchildren and earning him a recognition of $100.

Dick Martinez awarded Mike Real a fine credit of $100 for correctly answering his weekly ABCs of Rotary question.  Finemaster Brad couldn’t let that stand long, so he fined Mike $100 to use up that credit quickly.

The holiday quiz focused on Hanukkah whose eight-night celebration began Tuesday evening.  The first question was directed to Tom Miles: Name a traditional Israeli meal at Hanukkah.  Tom didn’t guess correctly, nor did Brent Forsee, but Aaron Rose correctly answered “Doughnuts,” naming the jelly-filled sweets that are traditionally served.

Rosie Mares was given a multiple choice question:  Hanukkah is a big deal because a) Jews are a majority in the US, b) public schools are closed, c) it’s close to Christmas, d) there are lots of Hanukkah specials.  Rosie correctly answered “C” and no fine resulted.

Dave Freeman correctly answered the number of candles on the Hanukkah menorah (nine) for no fine, but all was not lost.  Bob Harbicht earned a fine of $100 for heckling Dave and for refusing to take a photo with Teri Muse and Dirk Hudson at a recent event.

Recognitions – October 6, 2017

Deputy Finemaster Dick Martinez led the club in the latest round of “Arcadia Rotary What’s My Line?” with mostly successful results:

Ray Bushnell and Mike Hoey started us off on the right foot by both knowing the other’s business:  Ray’s business, RBI Systems, Inc., provides direct mail and data processing services, Mike is a Doctor of Optometry and owns Hoey Optometry.  Neither were fined since they provided the correct answers.

Next, Gil Stromsoe and Frank Hall continued the streak:  Gil is a CPA and partner of Mark Schaefer Associates (and prepares Frank’s tax returns), Frank is a retired banker and corporate fundraiser, currently President of Arcadia Rotary Foundation.  Again, no fines for either one.

Eric Barter and Jack McRae were close:  Jack correctly identified Eric’s business as bail bondsman with Bad Boy’s Bail Bonds – he works with criminal defense attorneys, while Eric got partial credit for his guess of police officer and attorney.  Jack is an attorney and also a reserve deputy sheriff.  Eric’s fine was also partial at $10.

Bob Harbicht and Mike Ojeda landed a little farther apart:  Bob guessed Mike was in the escrow business – Mike’s in the title insurance business with Equity Title Corp, and Mike correctly identified Bob as former Arcadia mayor, but missed his being retired from owning a marketing research company.  Both were fined $25.

Last up, Ken Chan and David Freeman finished off with style:  Ken correctly stated David’s businesses as tennis bum, real estate attorney, and board member on the Arcadia Board of Realtors.  David, also correctly according to Ken, knew that Ken is a magician extraordinaire and a teacher of magic.

Rotary Installation Awards – June 30, 2017

Arcadia Rotary’s Installation Banquet, held to install Tony Parrille as the club’s new President, included announcing our Club’s annual award winners:

Ernest E. Jensen “Service to Youth Award”

Past recipient Frank Griffith presented the award which was established in honor of Past District Governor Ernie Jensen and is presented for past or present service to youth.  The first award was presented for the 1997-98 Rotary year.  This year’s recipient became involved in Scouting in 2003 as Den Leader when his oldest son was in 1st grade.  He launched the Venture Crew program and was awarded Scouting’s highest award, the Silver Beaver, in 2015.  He is a member of the Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America’s honor society.  He is also on the board of the Greater Los Angeles Council and is a police officer, attorney, and a realtor.  The Ernest E. Jensen “Service to Youth Award” was presented to Jack McRae.

John R. Fee “New Member Award”

Glenn Oyoung, last year’s recipient, presented the award which honors Past District Governor John Fee and is presented to an outstanding new member.  This year’s recipient was born in New York City but has been an Arcadia resident for 43 years.  He graduated from USC and has been a member of Arcadia Rotary for three years.  During that time, he has been active with many club projects including Special Olympics, Arbor Day, Day at the Races, and is the incoming Program Chair.  The John R. Fee “New Member Award” was presented to Jim Pontello.

Alton E. Scott “Community Service Award”

Past recipient Ken Mallory presented this award, since last year’s winner Brian Hall was out of town, which honors Past District Governor Alton Scott and is presented in recognition of outstanding community service.  This year’s recipient likes beer, the Dodgers, and Little League.  His father owns a business on the Rose Parade route and he is the announcer with a special affection for the parade “pooper scoopers.”  The Alton E. Scott “Community Service Award” was presented to John Wilson.

H.T. Michler “Rotarian Award”

Ed Beranek, last year’s recipient presented the award which honors Past District Governor H.T. Michler and is presented in recognition of a history of outstanding work for the betterment of Rotary and the community.  This year’s recipient was born in 1956, graduated from the University of Maryland, and joined Arcadia Rotary in 1990.  He was President of Arcadia Rotary in 1997-98 and has been involved in many aspects of the club for many years.  He has been editor of the High Gear for numerous years, participated in and planned Rotary Amigos, serves on the Rose Float Committee, and has hosted the Rotary International President for the Rose Parade.  He is married to Barbara and has a daughter Nicole.  The H.T. Michler “Rotarian Award” was presented to Ray Bushnell.

Recognitions – May 19, 2017

Congratulations to David Vannasdall on receiving his Doctor of Education in December 2016.  Although Finemaster Bob Harbicht was a little tardy in his congratulations of David, he also had David in his sights to recognize him on the successful passing of Measure A in Arcadia supporting funding for the school district.  Brent Forsee was also included in the recognition, although he had been spotted at the racetrack … perhaps working on “Plan B” for school funding if Measure A didn’t pass?  David and Brent were both fined; David $50 and Brent $75.

Eric Barter was fishing the day after Opening Day at Mammoth Lakes and his catch was featured in Western Outdoor News magazine, including a photo.  Although several Rotary members also wanted him to be fined for recanting on his “open bar” announcement for the upcoming Installation Banquet, he was only fined $70 for his fine catch.