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Rotary Installation Awards – June 30, 2017

Arcadia Rotary’s Installation Banquet, held to install Tony Parrille as the club’s new President, included announcing our Club’s annual award winners:

Ernest E. Jensen “Service to Youth Award”

Past recipient Frank Griffith presented the award which was established in honor of Past District Governor Ernie Jensen and is presented for past or present service to youth.  The first award was presented for the 1997-98 Rotary year.  This year’s recipient became involved in Scouting in 2003 as Den Leader when his oldest son was in 1st grade.  He launched the Venture Crew program and was awarded Scouting’s highest award, the Silver Beaver, in 2015.  He is a member of the Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America’s honor society.  He is also on the board of the Greater Los Angeles Council and is a police officer, attorney, and a realtor.  The Ernest E. Jensen “Service to Youth Award” was presented to Jack McRae.

John R. Fee “New Member Award”

Glenn Oyoung, last year’s recipient, presented the award which honors Past District Governor John Fee and is presented to an outstanding new member.  This year’s recipient was born in New York City but has been an Arcadia resident for 43 years.  He graduated from USC and has been a member of Arcadia Rotary for three years.  During that time, he has been active with many club projects including Special Olympics, Arbor Day, Day at the Races, and is the incoming Program Chair.  The John R. Fee “New Member Award” was presented to Jim Pontello.

Alton E. Scott “Community Service Award”

Past recipient Ken Mallory presented this award, since last year’s winner Brian Hall was out of town, which honors Past District Governor Alton Scott and is presented in recognition of outstanding community service.  This year’s recipient likes beer, the Dodgers, and Little League.  His father owns a business on the Rose Parade route and he is the announcer with a special affection for the parade “pooper scoopers.”  The Alton E. Scott “Community Service Award” was presented to John Wilson.

H.T. Michler “Rotarian Award”

Ed Beranek, last year’s recipient presented the award which honors Past District Governor H.T. Michler and is presented in recognition of a history of outstanding work for the betterment of Rotary and the community.  This year’s recipient was born in 1956, graduated from the University of Maryland, and joined Arcadia Rotary in 1990.  He was President of Arcadia Rotary in 1997-98 and has been involved in many aspects of the club for many years.  He has been editor of the High Gear for numerous years, participated in and planned Rotary Amigos, serves on the Rose Float Committee, and has hosted the Rotary International President for the Rose Parade.  He is married to Barbara and has a daughter Nicole.  The H.T. Michler “Rotarian Award” was presented to Ray Bushnell.

Recognitions – May 19, 2017

Congratulations to David Vannasdall on receiving his Doctor of Education in December 2016.  Although Finemaster Bob Harbicht was a little tardy in his congratulations of David, he also had David in his sights to recognize him on the successful passing of Measure A in Arcadia supporting funding for the school district.  Brent Forsee was also included in the recognition, although he had been spotted at the racetrack … perhaps working on “Plan B” for school funding if Measure A didn’t pass?  David and Brent were both fined; David $50 and Brent $75.

Eric Barter was fishing the day after Opening Day at Mammoth Lakes and his catch was featured in Western Outdoor News magazine, including a photo.  Although several Rotary members also wanted him to be fined for recanting on his “open bar” announcement for the upcoming Installation Banquet, he was only fined $70 for his fine catch.

Recognitions – April 21, 2017

Jim Helms was first in Finemaster Bob Harbicht’s sights.  He was recently honored for his 60 year anniversary as a member of the Arcadia Elks Lodge and as First Exalted Ruler.  Jim joined the Elks in 1956 and Bob noted the numerous newspaper articles that touted Jim’s milestone and accomplishments in community service.  All this recognition earned Jim a fine of $50.

A recent new position for Sho Tay was the next recognition.  Sho was selected by the Arcadia City Council as Mayor Pro Tem.  A fine of $60 accompanied the club’s hearty congratulations.

Finally, Bill Gleason was fined $50 for incorrectly answering the question, “How many months have 30 days in them?”  The correct answer, “All except February,” was met with a collective groan.

Recognitions – March 17, 2017

Saint Patrick’s Day fines were short but sweet with substitute Finemaster George Fasching.  He was disappointed that the menu was corned beef and cabbage as he had been looking forward to his favorite, chicken.

Francine Chiu was first on George’s list.  He enjoyed her Craft Talk last week and noticed a very important item she left out – she is a graduate of Alhambra High School, as is George himself.  While disappointed that she didn’t know any of the same teachers, after noting the 57 years between their years of graduation, he admitted it might be understandable.  Francine’s fine was half of those 57 years, $26. (Fasching math seems to be related to Rider math.)

Next up was a photo of a young bikini-clad woman who apparently had wandered into a Rotary meeting in years gone by.  Ernie Jensen was put on the spot to identify the year since he was President in 1991 and has lots of memories – all of which have been photographed by Frank Perini.  Ernie remembered very well that it was a meeting at the Holiday Inn in 1989.  For his excellent and accurate memory, Ernie was rewarded with a zero fine.

Recognitions – February 10, 2017

Even though the meeting slide said “Out of Town,” in fact Finemaster Bob Harbicht was not, so Brent Forsee didn’t escape.  Brent had already given a short recommendation in support of local Measure A funding Arcadia schools which made the Finemaster’s job easier.  Brent was recognized for 45 cents per second times 73 seconds which, after consulting with Jim Rider for some “Rider Math,” was settled at $50.

Helping with fine calculations didn’t keep Jim Rider safe from being the next to be recognized.  He had a long list of opportunities: purchasing a “new” 10-year-old Jeep, purchasing a cabin in Big Bear, his granddaughter turning one year old.  He also gave the Finemaster clues to future opportunities with his daughter getting married on April 1 and a second grandchild on the way.  All those opportunities only earned Jim a fine of $25.

Richard Shulhof was recognized for the Arboretum’s fundraiser in October of 2016 which was covered in a big newspaper spread that Finemaster Bob said he’s been carrying around for a while.  This successful event raised $130,000 gross in support of the Arboretum and Richard was fined 45 cents per thousand.  Rider math calculated this fine as $45.50.

Recognitions – January 13, 2017

Finemaster Glenn Oyoung had an encounter with a cup of hot coffee at a local phô restaurant which was witnessed by John Wilson who made no attempt to help.  Glenn exacted his revenge by calling on John first to recognize him for the outstanding fundraising event, Festival of Trees, held to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of the Foothills.  The Arcadia Rotary sponsored a beautiful tree that blew away the competition.  Per John, the event raised almost $200,000 and he was recognized for a fine of $50.

The next photo showed Mike Ojeda at Flemings in Pasadena with Ash Rizk’s wife.  Mike admitted that it was a Team Ash dinner event and that it might have been on the pricey side.  Accordingly, he was fined $75.

A photo from Erich Rail’s August 2016 vacation to Mt. Rushmore with his son prompted Finemaster Glenn to ask Erich whether he thinks President Trump will be the next face on the famous mountain.  Erich didn’t take a stand either way, but agreed that, if so, it would be “huge.”  Erich was fined $35.

Ken Chan has unfortunately had his email hacked.  He was fined $45 for warning Rotarians to be on the lookout for unusual emails.  One of the offending emails was received by Finemaster Glenn’s wife telling her that he was buying her a carat for her birthday.  This earned Ken a fine of $45.

Methodist Hospital has been honored as being in the Top 2% in the Nation, receiving five stars from Medicare, one of nine hospitals so honored in California.  Jay Harvill was recognized and given the opportunity to remind the club how fortunate we are to have a world-class medical facility in our community.  Finemaster Glenn also noticed that Methodist Hospital is offering a $5,000 signing bonus to nurses.  He offered to split the bonus with Jay in exchange for his corny jokes.  Jay wasn’t interested and was recognized for $100.