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Announcements for August 18, 2018

1. Thomas Andrews , father of Ashley Andrews Smith (now a former Rotarian) has passed away.
The services for Ashley’s father , Thomas Andrews (who loved Rotary) are being held. as follows: August 26th… 2 pm., at the Santa Anita Church (Barnhart School), 226 Colorado St, Arcadia, CA 91007. (per Jeff Johnson.)

2. Thanks to Mike Real, the image on the front of the current Arcadia Rotary roster shows the original founding club members. The founding President was Hudson Procter who was also the founder of the Derby Restaurant (originally known as Procter’s Tavern). We should have a program on the history of the club. (per Jim Helms.)

3. New developments: (a) Arcadia Rotary’s weekly sign-up list includes both orders for flowers and for salads. Salads can be ordered on a weekly or a forever basis. (b) Now a blue badge Rotarian from another club can transfer as such to Arcadia Rotary without once again going through the red badge process. (per John Wilson.)

4. A new version of the basic historical principles of Rotary is being handed out (i.e., “The ABCs of Rotary” by Clifford L. Dochterman). Knowledge of the contents will become the subject matter of weekly quizzes by Sergeant at Arms Brad Miller. Wrong answers will result in fines published in the High Gear. (per Dick Martinez and Francine Chiu.)

5. The Rotary Club of Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake, N.Y. has made a grant of $34,650 to Albany Medical Center in New York state .  The grant funds specialized equipment, supplies, and educational materials for doctors and families at the Center – which serves an area of 15 million people. (per President Tony Parille.).

6. On August 17, 2017 at 9:15 a.m. on KTLA (Channel 5), newscasters Frank Buckley and Sam Rubin interviewed two (of the fourteen) California delegates to the just concluded JDRF Children’s Congress in Washington, D.C., an annual event which includes delegates from every state in the Union. The young delegates were Brec Bassinger, a young actress and Miranda Speirs, the 12 year old grand-daughter of Rotarian Dirk L. Hudson. Brec was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 8. Miranda was diagnosed at age 3. They were interviewed on “the Importance of Renewing Special Diabetes Program”, having met with Congressional representatives on that subject. According to Brec, only one third of the funds necessary to finance the search for a cure comes from governmental grants, the rest depending on the private sector, i.e., JDRF fund-raising. That is the reason for the annual Walk for a Cure which takes place this year at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on October 29. Note: the KTLA interview can be found on You Tube under the heading “Brec Bassinger & Miranda Speirs On the Importance of Renewing Special Diabetes Program” ( ), or go to, enter “You Tube Brec Bassinger JDRF 08/17/17″, (per Dirk L. Hudson)

Future Events:

08/23/17 a District Leadership Training class; Cost is $32. If interested, please contact Tony Parille
09/29/17 – Rotary weekly meeting will be at the Double Tree. (per Brad Miller)
10/06/17 Friday meeting of the Arcadia, Sierra Madre, Monrovia, and Duarte clubs

10/07/2017 – Saturday
LOCATION: The Huntington Library 1151 Oxford Rd., San Marino, CA
COST: $25 Pre-Registration or $35 at the door
STUDENTS: $5 Includes Continental Breakfast

10/13/17 Friday lunch meeting our District Governor’s visit. Raghada Khoury
10/29/17 JDRF Walk for a Cure at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. (per Dirk L. Hudson)

Upcoming Programs:

08/25/2017 – Field of Honor Recognitions / Bob Harbicht

09/01/2017 – DARK Labor Day Weekend
09/08/2017 – Update on Foothill Goldline / Lisa Levy Buch
09/15/2017 – Child Trafficking in San Gabriel Valley / Joan Pera
09/22/2017 – The Toughest Day in Sports / Christopher Dyrek
09/29/2017 – Current Labor Laws / John Goldper


ANNOUNCEMENTS, Friday, August 11, 2017. Dave Freeman

  1. Howell Tyson, who was in Methodist Hospital has been moved to Rehab. He likes visitors, but give him a few days to acclimate first.
  2.  The multi-Rotary Club get together, Rosie mentioned will be at the Sierra Madre Playhouse. Purchase your tickets at the Playhouse, $28 – there will be a menu, with lunch at noon, and the show at 2:30 PM.
  3. Immediate past District Governor, Lou De Silva, is not doing so well, and is back in the Hospital with a severe virus.
  4.  Mt. Lowe Brewing Company, in Monrovia, is the location for our next Social Event arranged by our social director, Mike Ojeda. September 13, 2017,  4:30 – 5:30PM.  A chance for some networking – sharing the services you  can provide and learning those of others.  Free, except for the beer.
  5. New Arcadia Rotary Directories are available. Pick one up at the back table.
  6.  The Next Board of Directors’ meeting will be next Wednesday, August 16, 2017,  at 6:00 PM.
  7. August 25, 2017 – our meeting will honor the Field of Honor Honorees.
  8. We will be DARK  Labor Day Weekend,  Friday, September 1, 2017.
  9. We  will be meeting at a different location September 29, 2017.  See you that day at the Doubletree in Monrovia.

Announcements for August 4, 2017

  1. Member Update: Jim Rider told us about the hospitalization of Howell Tyson. He has been at Methodist since last Wednesday. Howell’s wife, Dorothy, is also in the hospital recovering from a broken hip. We wish both of them a speedy recovery.
  2. Pres. Parrille announced the upcoming Peace Conference to be held at the Huntington Library, Oct 7 from 9AM to 1PM. Cost is $25 for preregistration.
  3. Assistant Governor Rosie Mares said there will be a meeting of the Arcadia, Sierra Madre, Monrovia, and Duarte clubs on the evening of Friday, Oct. 6. Details will be forthcoming.
  4. Friday, Oct. 13, is the date for our District Governor’s visit. Raghada Khoury will attend our normal lunch meeting.
  5. Bob Harbicht gave an update on the Veterans’ Monument. He revealed that the $20,000 donor is Mary Hanson. Also, the city council at their meeting Tues. night decided on the location of the monument.
  6. Pres. Parrille told us of a District Leadership Training class to be held Aug. 23rd. Cost is $32. If interested, please contact Tony for more information.

ANNOUNCEMENTS for July 28, 2017, by Dave Freeman

  1.  Dirk Hudson reported on the Annual Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Meeting that took place July 24-28, 2017, and announced the Annual Walk for a Cure which will take place at the Rosebowl October 29, 2017.
  2. Chris Haddow reported on  the great turnout and success of his band’s first performance, and suggested we make reservations for their next performance at Matt Denny’s Saturday, August 5, 2017 .  You can check Chris and Jeanette out on his facebook page.  She is the lead singer of Route 66 Band.
  3. President Tony introduced and inducted our newest member, Rupak Das and his wife, sponsored by Francine Chiu and immediate past president, Rosie Mares. Rupak’s pursuits and background include energy, chemical and metal science, as well as metallurgical engineering . Welcome Rupak.

Announcements for July 21, 2017

1. Leigh Chavez, a Director of the Assistance League of Arcadia, told us about the League’s “Operation School Bell”. The purpose is to provide needy children with basic school supplies (backpacks, books, etc.), as wall as with clothing items, and even tooth brushes. The League partners with Old Navy clothing store and with three middle schools in Arcadia. It also operates in such surrounding communities as Monrovia, Duarte, San Gabriel, etc. At the end of her remarks, Ms. Chavez received a Speaker’s Gift from President Tony Parille
2. Dirk L. Hudson announced two events relating to the quest for a cure of juvenile (Type 1) diabetes. (a) At the national level the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation “Children’s Congress” is scheduled to take place on July 24 through July 26, 2017. Every two years 150 children with Type 1 diabetes gather in Washington, D.C. to inform members of the U.S. Congress on the impact of the disease on their lives and and on the lives of millions of other children, as well as of the need to find a cure. One of the 14 California delegates is 12 year old Miranda Speirs, Dirk’s grand-daughter (who was diagnosed at age 3). (b) At the local level, every year the Los Angeles chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation holds a Walk for a Cure at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. This year the Walk takes place on October 29, 2017. The 2017-1018 President of JDRF-LA is Miranda’s mother, Maura Hudson (who has previously addressed our club). As the Walk day approaches, we will need to organize a “Team Rotary” representing Arcadia Rotary and other nearby Rotary clubs that wish to participate in raising funds to find a cure.

3. Bob Harbicht announced some significant Arcadia Rotary fund-raising progress towards a Veteran’s Memorial. An anonymous donor recently provided $20,000. Frank Griffith donated $6,200. The total raised to date is $36,000.

4. John Wilson announced that there was a Matt Denny’s $20 gift certificate for Rotarians who wish to volunteer to assist with video presentations.

Jackie Lacey, Super DA

Our own Rotarian Eric Barter introduced Jackie Lacey, vintage 1957 Los Angeles the first African-American to serve as DA since the office was created in 1850.

Jackie, a graduate of the USC Gould School of Law, took good natured exception to John Wilson’s observation that O.J. Simpson, recently out of incarceration, is available for the Athletic Director position at USC.  Jackie gave us a bit of background about her parents who moved to L.A. from Hinderson, TX in 1956.  Her early home life as Southern Baptists consisted of school, church, school, church, school then more church on Wednesday evenings.  Her dad worked many years for the City of L.A. and her mom worked initially in the garment district, then as a cook for the L.A. School district.

Jackie attended Dorsey High School, class of 1975, then moving on to obtain her undergraduate degree  in Social Science & Psychology from Irvine before attending USC where she met her husband.  Jackie determine that teaching was not her love, applying for and getting a job as a prosecutor for the city of Santa Monica.  Jackie then moved to the District Attorney’s office where she met Steve Cooley.  Steve was a wonderful mentor, encouraging Jackie to run for the District Attorney position, which she did.

Since her election in 2012, she has championed training police  officers to deal more effectively with the mentally ill, the reduction of sex trafficking and a conviction review process.  It is estimated that 1 in 4 inmates at the County Jail are mentally ill.  So far 1,100 officers have been trained to be more effective when faced with a mentally ill persons.

Sex trafficking has become the business of Gangs.  Initially the DA focused on prosecuting the children, however, after doing more research on who was benefiting financially, the DA’s office no longer prosecutes the child, but targets the gang members trafficking these women.

Several questions were ask relating to recent propositions 36 & 47 reducing sentences for repeat offenders and certain felonies being reduced to misdemeanors.  Jackie acknowledged that crime has increased and she challenged us voters to dig in and understand the legislation before voting to approve.

Ask what she thought of L.A. becoming a “Sanctuary City”.  She wants the police to investigate the crime and get the cooperation of victims first and foremost.  If you focus on the immigration status of the victim it tends to prohibit cooperation with law enforcement.

GO Jackie!