May 11, 2012 Recognitions

The “fine dudes” Keith Brown and Brian Cogbill were at it again.

They were nearly overlooked on the meeting agenda, however, they hit the ground running.

Sho Tay was asked why George Fasching was a DOM.  He had no idea, he was not fined.

Mike Hoey was asked to make sure George’s contact lens were working correctly because they kept fogging up because of his surroundings.

Joel Shawn was fined $20 because he was recognized as a “fabulous boss.”  He was also asked to increase the salary of his employee by $1000 per year.

David Hu had his signature hat with him during the meeting. He also had that same hat during the Quatro de Mayo celebration at Matt Dennys last week. He was fined $50 for not having a sombrero last week, but congratulated for being the best dressed person in the room. David told the group that people were mistaking him for Sho Tay during the election. His fine was increased to $100 for the clarification.

Eric Barter, the Arcadia Rotary President to be in July, was fined $50 and recognized for his company, Bad Boys Bail Bonds.

Frank Perini was fined $73 for being 88 years old.

Tony Parrille was recognized as a man of the year, for the price of $70.

Last of all, Roger Grant $25, John Murphy $25, Bruce McCallum $50 and Tony Parrille $25 were fined for their stance, ball, good game day and putting. The pictures used to document the fines were realistic. Really.

The “fine dudes” returned to their seats completing another fine day of fines.

[Roger J Grant]