Announcements for April 27, 2012

  1. Mike Ojeda announced the Cinco De Mayo luncheon to be held next Friday, May 4th, at Matt Denney’s restaurant at noon. He encouraged us to bring potential members.
  2. The Arboretum Grow Festival will be held the weekend of May 5 and 6, according to Rosie Mares. She needs more volunteers to help, and has passes for those who have signed up. Please contact Rosie if you would like to help.
  3. Marie Salcido is looking for volunteers to help with the Salute to Seniors luncheon on Tuesday, May 8th. She will need people to set up the tables between 10:15 and 10:45, and servers from 11:15 on and a cleanup crew after the luncheon.
  4. John Murphy said we would be dark at noon on May 18 since we will have our Membership Appreciation Dinner that night from 5:30 to 8 PM. Bring your spouse or significant other to this event being organized by George Fasching. There will be an open bar, dinner catered by The Derby, and music. It will be held in the Celebration Garden at the Arboretum, with easy access from the parking lot near Ayres Hall.
  5. The Arcadia Partners is hosting a brunch and tour of the Chinese and Japanese gardens at the Huntington Library on Sunday, May 20. The tour will start at 10:15 with brunch being served at 11:45. Cost is $60 per person but only $28 if you don’t stay for brunch.
  6. Bruce McCallum announced a popular event that will occur on Sept. 27th; the Taste of Arcadia. The gate will open at 5:30 and tickets if pre ordered will cost $40 and $60 if you get them at the event.
  7. The District Conference will be held Friday, May 31 through Sunday, June 3rd. It will be at the Lake Arrowhead Resort. Ralph Orr advised us to contact Brad, Eric, or Mimi for more information.
  8. Richard Schulhof announced a party at the Arboretum next Friday night, before the Grow Festival Sat. and Sunday. The event will be . from 5 to 8 pm and will be a Celebratation of Things Botanical. There will be live music, complementary hors d’ eurves, and wine and tequila tastings available for purchase. Richard asked that you email him if you would like to attend.

Job Creation and Peace Through Rotarians Helping Others

Our speakers for Friday’s meeting were Ralph Carlson, , Chair of the Vocational Service, for Rotary District 5300 and Arcadia High School instructor Susan Stalling, who teaches a class in entrepreneurship at the high school.
As we approach closure on defeating Polio throughout the world, Rotary’s new focus is shifting to job creation and entrepreneurship. The goal of Rotary is promote entrepreneurial education and training to the end of job creation and a way out of poverty for many millions of the people of the world. The creation of new businesses through learning to create and develop business plans with the help of Rotarians, who will utilize their vocation skills and experiences, in assisting students and young people, will be the goal.
In a study conducted in Sweden, 24% of those who attended entrepreneurial education started their own business within the next ten years and hired on average four employees. Thus, five jobs were created for every five persons trained, all at a nominal cost.
This program started in Poland in 1991, in 1995 in Pasadena and as of 2012 in Nigeria. It has been implemented annually to many nations. In Nigeria, due to the training, over 770 business plans have been created, which will lead to new businesses and jobs in that country. With this education now available, it is hoped to help women support themselves and as an indirect benefit, there has been a lessening of HIV in that country.
Susan Stalling indicated that Arcadia Rotary will have its own entrepreneurial student in a district wide competition in the forthcoming year. In her class at AHS, students learn the means of building a business plan, what an imaginary business will face in competition, estimating annual sales, market share, expenses of operations, permanent and temporary costs of operation and a mission statement. In the class, students learn the need for research, business formation, cost of employment and creating power point presentations. Another aspect is pricing and productivity. She states that many students after graduation and attending her class, have seriously given consideration to starting their own businesses.
In summary, Job Creation & Entrepreneurship is an up and coming activity of our District. There will be opportunities for Rotarians to travel to places such as Cambodia and the Philippines to instruct young people on how to draft and create a business plan that could ultimately result in new job creation. Due to skyrocketing unemployment, helping high school graduates to formulate plans for new businesses will give them new hope and motivation to work for future jobs and employment.

Tom Landes, Band Director, Arcadia High School

Tom has been the distinguished director of Arcadia High School Band for the past thirty-three years.  As a twenty-nine year old teacher from Azusa, he took the leap to the Arcadia Unified School District and the rest, as they say, is history.  He has led the band to numerous national awards and marched in the Rose Parade ten times.  The Apache Marching Band owns more than thirty (30) major championships and is nationally recognized as one of the best bands in the country.  Despite a decline in student enrollment over the years due to the shrinking district, band member numbers fell from one hundred fifty down to ninety, there was a resurgence of students over the years and today they number four hundred strong.

You can see that Tom loves what he does and has a passion for seeing his students achieve perfection.  He says that Arcadia High School students are there to learn because they want to learn and take the steps to help each other achieve.  At the annual Band Camp held in Idyllwild California, Tom has seen students mentoring other students, parent and alumni involvement that helps younger students understand the nuances of the instruments and music they play.  It’s the team concept that is so well understood with the band members.  They all realize that good music comes from practice and an “error free” mentality.  If they are not better than they were yesterday, they have not met the goal.  Tom says everyone achieves at the highest level because the students are motivated and they know they can contribute to the success of the band.

In closing, Tom thanked Arcadia High School, the District and all of those who have supported him and given him the finest experience education has to offer.


Pat Dolphin

Announcements 4/20/2012

1.  The District Conference will be held at the Lake Arrowhead Resort from 05/31/2012 to 06/03/2012.  If you are going make sure you make room reservations ASAP.

2.  The club will be dark at the Embassy Suites on Friday 05/04/2012 as we will be meeting at Matt Denney’s restaurant on that date.  Plan on celebrating Cinco de Mayo a day early. Bring potential members.

3.  Arcadia Partners is hosting a brunch and tour of the renovated Japanese Garden and the Chinese Garden at the Huntington Library on Sunday 05/20/2012.  Be there at 10:15 A.M.  Cost for the brunch and tour is $60/person but if you only want to go on the tour it is $28/person.  Sign up sheets will be going around at the club meetings.

4.  George Fasching announced that the club will be having its Member Appreciation Dinner on Friday 05/18/2012 from 5:30 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. in the Celebration Garden (formerly Sunset Garden) at the Arboretum.  Bring your partner or significant other for an evening of music, dinner (by The Derby), hosted bar and good fellowship.  It’s the club’s way of saying “thank you” to its members.  There will be easy access to the Celebration Garden from the parking lot near Ayres Hall.  Look for the Rotary sign. We will be dark at the Embassy Suites at noon.

5.  Rosie Mares announced that the Arboretum Grow Festival will be held at the Arboretum on the weekend of 05/05/2012 and 05/06/2012 with a special evening event on Friday 05/04/2012.  She still needs volunteers to help  Sunday 5/6/2012.  Signup sheets will be going around at the club meetings. 

6.  The club’s Salute to Seniors luncheon will be on Tuesday 05/08/2012.  Chairman Mary Salcedo needs volunteers to help her at this great civic event.

L.A. Arboretum – Program Report April 13, 2012

Our meeting was held on a very stormy Friday at the Peacock Café.  Our speaker was Arcadia Rotary member Richard Shulhof, Arboretum CEO.  Rosie Mares introduced Richard, and presented him with a donation from the club to help with their program for inner city kids.

Richard began by explaining that today was a busy day.  It was the day that artists were picking up their wood from trees that had been lost in the recent windstorm.  235 trees were lost, some historic, and many quite rare.  The arboretum decided to make this rare wood available to artists for the creation of art works.  This art will then be displayed in an exhibit on December 1st of this year.

He thanked Rotary for the donation.  The Arboretum had teamed up with Wells Fargo Bank and has put together a program which helps inner city kids to experience nature.  The donation from the club would help kids to make that visit possible.

Richard then introduced two of the Arboretum staff, Debbie Andersen and Ted Tegart, who talked about the youth program.  Debbie had been a teacher for 35 years.  She pointed out that one of the 3rd grade standards was plant adaptation.  She and Ted showed us some the plants they used to demonstrate the adaptations of desert plants versus rainforest plants.  When the kids visit, they get to experience nature first hand.  They learn about different plants and plant names.  They also do historical trips and Ted runs the summer camp program.  The children are asked to write a letter to the arboretum when they return to the classroom.  Ted and Debbie distributed samples of some of the letters and Ted read a letter from one of the teachers.  Approximately 16,000 children come through the program each year.

According to Richard there are two problems with getting kid there: cost of buses and standardized testing.  All of the costs of the program are covered except for transportation.  That is why the Rotary donation was so important.  $100 will cover the cost for a bus to bring the kids to the Arboretum.  The standardized test issue is more complicated.  The teacher needs the children to score well on the tests.  There is always a tradeoff between the time required in class and the time spent on an outing.

The arboretum has several new projects in the works.  One is a new vegetable garden which will feature lesser known food species that are grown in other areas of the world.  A major initiative is “harvesting rain”.  Water is a big cost and so they are constructing a cistern to hold thousands of gallons of runoff from buildings and parking lots.  They will be remodeling Ayers Hall next year and the cottage and barn will be getting new roofs that will follow the original roof design.  Finally, they are planning a Korean garden.  Richard will be traveling to Korea to look at various gardens and they are hoping that the Korean government will be interested in sponsoring this project.

In closing, Richard was asked to give us some information on the upcoming Grow Festival since Rotary will have a booth there.  The festival will feature a selection of plants for sale, music, art exhibit, artisanal tequila tasting, a market place, and lot of children’s activities.